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10 Best Paper Shredders of 2018

Securely Dispose of Unneeded Documents with a Paper Shredder!

Derrick Zinj



Paper shredders are vital machines used to cut used paper into small particles or strips. They minimize chances of leakage of confidential information to unwanted parties and prevent identity theft. If you’re looking to upgrade your privacy and effectively get rid of sensitive paperwork you no longer need, you’ll enjoy the recommendations on this page.

We’ve taken a considerable amount of hours researching the most popular online marketplaces selling paper shredders. We kept a keen eye on what previous customers liked and disliked about certain products. We also took into account a number of factors described below.


Features to Consider When Buying a Paper Shredder

Choosing the correct paper shredder is critical as it affects its working efficiency.. There are crucial features to consider, these include;

  • The type of shredder
  • The security level of the shredder
  • Number of papers machine can shred
  • Kind of items to be shred
  • Safety of the shredder
  • Noise production
  • Mechanical oilers
  • Presence of casters
  • Warranty of the shredder Type of manufacturer

There are two types of paper shredders; cross and strip cut. Cross-cut shredders are superior to strip-cut shredders because of shred papers into small particles. It is impossible to put the documents back together. Strip-cut shredders cut paper into strips, the materials reassembled and the vital information retrieved. They are readily available, and many retailers are selling them in their shops. Choosing the best type of paper shredder is essential to ensure excellent performance.

The security level of the shredder to purchase is vital. There are six levels of security to consider. Level 1, cuts paper into large strips and are limited for use on paper that does not contain vital or private information. Level 2 and three shredders produce slightly smaller pieces. Level 4 allows for cross cuts that are small in size and are more secure for secret documents. Level 5 and 6 are the most secure and are used to shred the most sensitive documents leaving no room for recovery.

The number of papers the machine helps to know which shredder to purchase, for example, for an office one can buy an office. You can buy an industrial shredder in the case of shredding as many as 100 papers to ensure high performance of the shredder.
It is essential to consider the type of items to be shred, for example, a paper shredder may not efficiently shred cardboard. Multimedia shredders can be used to get rid of compact disks.

The safety of the shredder is vital as they can be potentially dangerous. While shopping check for a paper shredder, ensure to check for one with an interlock and a sensor to only limit it to personalized use.

Noise production of the shredder, the lower the noise, the better to avoid inconveniencing other people working in the same environment.

Mechanical oilers are essential to ensure proper working of your machine. Oiling reduces friction and improves machine performance.
Casters are essential as they allow for mobility of your machine from one location to another.

Warranty of the paper shredder should be at least one year to let you consult with the seller in case you encounter any problems. In the event of poor performance or machine breakdown within the time of warranty, repairs or replacement of the machine will be well within your rights.

The manufacturer, as well as the brand to be purchased, needs to be well known to ensure you get good value for your money.


Popular Paper Shredder Brands