15 Minute Manifestation – Complete Review

What is life all about? It’s about happiness. Everyone is in the pursuit of happiness. It’s the one thing every human being has in common. But how do you achieve satisfaction in a world that has become so rough and demanding? This is one question that we all are searching for an answer to and the reason why people have spent thousands of dollars to try and get results. Unfortunately, there are many programs out there that have proven to be a complete waste of money. However, there is one that shows lots of promise, so you might want to pay close attention to this 15-minute manifestation review.


What is a 15 Minute Manifestation?

The program entitled “15 Minute Manifestation” helps people achieve happiness by getting whatever they desire in life, whether it’s love, health, or wealth. It is gaining recognition due to its proven success. It is a potent manifestation tool that helps important parts of your brain work together rather than apart like they normally do, which is what stops many individuals from living their dreams and becoming successful. Continue reading this 15-minute manifestation review to learn more.



Who Created 15 Minute Manifestation?

Eddie Sergey is the creator of 15-minute manifestation. Although Sergey was not a scientist, a doctor, or a psychologist, in fact, he didn’t even have much of an education. He was able to produce this program that everyone is starting to talk about, due to his own experiences. When he was just nine years old, Sergey was diagnosed with rare brain cancer and told he was going to die soon. His family was poor and couldn’t even afford to eat, let alone pay for expensive medical care. Then, Sergey found a way to not only cure his cancer but also to change his reality. Fortunately, Sergey decided to share this miraculous method of manifestation with the world so that everyone can also benefit by using it, and he soon became a financially abundant, self-made entrepreneur.


Features of 15 Minute Manifestation

  • The program doesn’t require any education, reading, or learning
  • All you need is a simple pair of headphones to take advantage of this remarkable program
  • It helps by updating the software in your brain


How 15 Minute Manifestation Works

To better understand the program, we included in this 15-minute manifestation review, how the program actually works. This program helps transform your life into the reality of your fantasies dramatically. You create your own reality with your attention by turning a subatomic particle into what you currently have in your life. Your reality is based on three things that direct your attention:

1. the story you tell to yourself and others
2. The limit to your beliefs
3. Your judgments or your fear of consequences.

We can consider these three things as the editor of your subconscious programming as it edits whatever you learn and limits what you can do by distracting your attention. Truth is you will never have what you really want until you learn how to manipulate the editor. This editor can actually be reprogrammed. Reprogramming your brain and changing the editor will allow you to automatically get what you want and reside in your natural abundance.

This works by changing the frequency of your brain with soundwaves that synch together with your hemispheres so both sides of your brain will team up and work together. The whole concept consists of neuroscience, also known as brain science. You listen to these sounds 15 minutes a day for 21 days, and all your limitations will be miraculously removed, leaving you with unlimited possibilities of what you can achieve.


How Does This Program Differ From Other Manifestation Programs?

Other programs are similar to the 15-minute manifestation program, but they only work on getting your subconscious mind to accept a new reality when this is hard to do without first updating your brain, removing your old reality, and preparing for a new one, which is what 15-minute manifestation does first before finally allowing you to write your own new story of abundance.


Push Button Manifestation

This is a 3 step progressive program that consists of a set of audio tracks created with specific sound vibrations and frequencies to help unlock the potential of your mind.

Sculptor3 Affirmations Software

This is an affirmational software that gives you the motivation to set goals and achieve them. It assists in personal growth by improving your physical and mental health.


What We Thought

In this part of our 15-minute manifestation review, we will add what we liked and disliked about the program. Any program that claims to promote gains like this that are backed by scientific research should be considered for use, which is why we committed to this 15-minute manifestation review. In our search for evidence that this program really works, we have found that many individuals find it to be very helpful in fulfilling their lives with happiness as it helps them to get what they desire. In fact, some of the great reviews we found online about the program shocked us, and there is scientific evidence that does prove that manifestation of the brain can be accomplished with soundwave frequencies.

What We Liked

For the most part, it is very easy to use as all you have to do is download and listen to the sounds played through headphones for 15 minutes each day. We also liked the price as most programs similar to this one can be quite costly, but the 15-minute manifestation program was actually affordable at around $50. When you think about all the money people have spent on other manifestation programs that claim to help change your reality, this is very cheap. We also love the fact that you can use the program for 365 (1 year), and if you are not completely satisfied with the program within that time, you can return it for a complete refund. That’s the best guarantee I have ever seen. This is what makes us believe in the program since no seller would offer such a guarantee if he didn’t truly believe that it works.

What We Didn’t Like

What we didn’t like about the program is how it is presented; nobody wants to sit through a one-hour presentation these days… most people won’t spend more than 5 minutes listening to an advertisement. They should just get to the point and let people know what the program can do for them and let the people decide whether or not they want to buy it, but to drag out the same story over and over again is just a waste of time. However, the good thing is, you don’t have to actually watch the entire presentation to purchase the product. All you have to do is scroll down past the video part where you will find the button that you can click to buy it now.



I hope you enjoyed this 15-minute manifestation review as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. All in all, this program really seems to be on the up and up, and everyone should at least give it a try; you got nothing to lose but a few bucks and everything to gain. After paying for it, you can download the frequency tracks and start using them right away to change your life for a better reality. It is definitely worth a try, especially with a guarantee that gives you one whole year to get a full refund if you are not satisfied with the program.




Frequently Asked Questions

What does a subatomic particle do?

It holds the secret to reality containing everything you want and doesn’t want.

What are the two main forms of energy in quantum physics?

According to quantum physics, there are two main forms of energy; the particle and the wave. The particle is your current state of reality, and the wave is everything that can possibly exist.

What manifests your reality?

Your attention manifests your reality.

How can the 15-minute manifestation program help me change my reality?

The program will help dissolve the beliefs that limit you and replace them with empowering unlimited positive results without having to learn anything new.

What tone of frequency is used by this program?

The tone of frequency is called Theta. It acts like the same portal you use to speak with your subconscious mind directly.

Why does the program take 21 days to work?

That’s how long the brain takes to complete its upgrade and change your core habits and beliefs or for your brain to get rewired.

What are the program tracks called, and how do they help?

  • Track one: “Your Natural State.” It helps to open your mind to unlimited abundances and stop pushing away what you really want. It actually will reset your brain to the natural state you had at birth.
  • Track two: “Your New Story.” Out with the old and in with the new. This track tells your mind you have a news story that will become your new reality.
  • Track three: “Moving Towards Abundance.” This track allows you to begin playing with your new thoughts of experiencing a different reality. It helps reverse the cycle of scarcity and negativity and focuses more on your new story of prosperity and abundance.

What’s the difference between Delta and Theta frequencies?

While theta frequencies help to gain abundance, Delta works on gaining sleep, peace, and relaxation with soft, calming tones.

Is the 15-minute manifestation program based on research?

Yes. It is backed by research conducted by the London College University as well as quantum physics facts that are well established. In addition, studies on the same tones featured in the 15-minute manifestation review were conducted by many professionals around the world.


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