4 Unique St. Patrick’s Day Gift Ideas

st Patrick's day gift ideas

Although St. Paddy’s day isn’t considered a massive holiday, it’s celebrated around the globe by millions of people. Many people use this holiday as an excuse to get together, share delicious food, or have a few too many drinks. If you’re preparing for St. Paddy’s day weekend and are looking to pick up some unique gifts to either stand out from the crowd or give to someone you love, we’ve arrived on the right page. Below, we’re going to take a close look at some of the best St. Paddy’s day gifts you can get during the St. Paddy’s day weekend.


St Paddy’s day apparel

Although this might sound pretty common-sense at first glance, you might be surprised how endless the choices are in terms of what type of St. Paddy’s day apparel you can find. Virtually any type of apparel fashioned with a theme of St. Paddy’s day can be found in your local stores or online, say on Amazon.com. additionally, there are thousands of different designs to browse through, ranging from traditional styles to more progressive and aggressive designs.

If you’re planning on celebrating out in public with a group of friends you could get your team a matching set of t-shirts, bandanas, stickers, temporary tattoos, socks, or even sweatshirts to celebrate as a group.

St. Paddy’s Day Beer Koozies

There is a strong correlation between drinking and St. Paddy’s day. If you’re interested in getting an affordable koozie for you or your small group of friends, a koozie is a perfect (and affordable) solution. There are literally hundreds of designs you can find online and I’m confident you can find some St. Paddy’s day koozies in your local stores as well.


Nine times out of ten, celebrations come with food. If you’re looking for a creative way to show your excitement for St. Paddy’s day and want other people to enjoy it as well, a home-made dish is a no brainer. Everyone loves free, delicious food! A quick recommendation for you is to start searching online for Irish recipes. You’ll quickly find a wide array of options, ranging from easy to difficult. Pick one that you think your family or friends will enjoy and run with it!

Beer or Irish Whisky

Most people understand that alcohol is an important part of Ireland’s history. Since St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration of Irish heritage and culture, it makes sense to bring alcohol into the party. If this is something you want to pursue consider getting Irish style alcohol such as Guinness or some Irish whiskey like Jameson.


Above is a list of some unique gift ideas to provide or bring with you while you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Of course, there are millions of other ideas but we felt that these four unique gift ideas would point you in the right direction and get you down the right path.