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ADM Ukulele 21″ Soprano Wood Starter Kit Reviewed



If you’ve been in the market for a new ukulele starter kit, you’ll be happy to read our review of the ADM Ukulele starter kit. The guys over at E2E were kind enough to send over their product and have us thoroughly review it. Below, you’ll find a detailed review of the different aspects of this Ukulele starter kit. To be fair, we’ve never played the Ukulele before, so our review may be more towards the noob side and not as technical. Without further ado, let’s get into it!


Initial Unboxing

When the Ukelele starter kit arrived at our office doorstep, we found ourselves quite excited. we’d previously been quite meticulous in regards to sifting through previous customer feedback, so we had a general idea what to expect. Upon initial appearance, the box seemed to offer the correct dimensions and nothing seemed too out of the norm. We brought the package in and started to inspect what was inside the box.

We were happy to find everything carefully wrapped and padded to ensure no damage was gained during its transportation. We removed the contents of the box and inspected everything to ensure that there was no damage. we found zero damages or cosmetic marks. Whoever designed the box and its contents did a great job. Everything was packaged properly and safely and there is actually a ton addon that comes inside the box. Everything was in the box that should be. There were zero surprises (which is a good thing!).


Ukulele Quality

The Ukulele was built with high quality and has a glossy finish. It fits nicely in the palms of my hands and the starter pack does come with an included shoulder strap if that tickles your fancy. The strings were nice and didn’t cause any pain or issues when learning to play. It was easy to adjust the strings to ensure that they were all in tune. The starter kit also comes with an included tuner so its stupid easy to figure out which string should sound like. This tool additionally helps those who don’t have a trained ear for sharp or flat strings. Long story short, we were quite impressed with the overall quality of this Ukulele. Truth be told, we had the bar set quite a bit lower due to the price point but found ourselves optimistic due to positive customer feedback.


Included Extras

As with any starter pack, you’d expect many extras to help shorten the learning curve. This Ukulele starter kit is no exception and provides all add-ons needed to pick up the Ukulele in a fast and efficient manner. Not only did we get the ukulele, shoulder strap, electronic tuner, we were happy to find stickers, quick-start instructions, replacement strings, picks for playing, a case, and more.

The included extras were thoroughly thought through and are built to equally high standards as the ukulele itself. Typically, we’re rather skeptical of included extras due to the fact that they’re generally built to a lower standard than the main product. Thankfully, this ADM ukulele starter kit proved us wrong. This is what I like to call a no-fluff starter kid. Essentially, everything you’d need to learn to play ukulele is included without any random, non-helpful addons being included.


Overall Thoughts

Overall, we’re extremely happy with the contents and presentation of this Ukulele starter kit. If you’re looking for a cost-efficient way to pick up the ukulele with ease, you simply can’t go wrong with this ADM starter kit. Taking everything into account (previous customer feedback, quality of products/add-ons, customer photos, and price), we have no problem recommending this product. It works, fits great in our hands, and exponentially shortens the learning curve thanks to the included extras in this starter kit.

If you’re serious about learning how to play the ukulele, we highly recommend this starter kit. you simply cannot go wrong with it.


Our Rating:  5/5


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