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Airocide Review

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Airocide is a company that produces air purifiers. More specifically, they have a single model which has two variations at different price levels. Since it introduced Airocide APS-200 in 2013, the company has attracted a lot of attention due to the one of a kind technology developed by NASA.

Ideally, the technology behind APS-200 which cleans the air without using any filters is a great remedy for people who suffer from respiratory illnesses. Of course, it does not heal allergies and other sicknesses, but it relieves symptoms by removing nearly 100% of all pathogens from the air.

Below, you can find a complete explanation of how their famous APS-200 works, in addition to a comprehensive website review.


Airocide APS-200

The original technology behind this device was created by NASA when they were planning a manned mission to Mars. It is easy to guess what the major problem for such a mission was. The only way for the crew to survive was to grow their own food on Mars. Although this has been portrayed not once in movies, in reality, it is not as easy. Therefore, NASA created this technology in order to have a device that would clean the air entirely without using too much power.

Through Airocide, this technology is available for anyone to use at home, at a certain price. While over a few hundred dollars may not seem affordable, the majority of customers have been left with nothing but great results. In order to give you a chance to decide for yourself, you are entitled to a 60-day risk-free trial. This means that you still have to pay in advance but you can return the machine during the first two months for a full refund.

More on the product itself, APS-200 has no filters which make it the only such product on the market. In addition, the interactive and stylish design will have people asking you weird questions. It really does look more like an expensive speaker rather than an air purifier.

It filters air through the process of oxidation which is completely safe. Although during oxidation ozone is used, you will not be breathing in any of it. Therefore, it is completely safe. The same process is being used in hospitals and hotels to sanitize equipment.

Airocide is built to work 24/7. Air at your home does not remain the same. It needs to be cleaned over and over again. The good thing is that Airocide is economical and it does not use too much energy. In addition, you have three modes to choose from.

The low operation mode is quieter but not as effective. If you want 100% effectiveness, keep the machine at high operation mode. Besides that, you can simply use Auto which will react to light in your room and turn itself to low power mode as soon as it gets dark and you go to sleep. It really is a revolutionary machine that encompasses high technologies to deliver customer satisfaction.


About The Airocide Website

The Airocide website is simple yet interactive. After all, you cannot expect any complexity when there is only one product to focus on. The first thing you will see on the front page of the website is a massive banner which offers a discount.

I think we all know these simple marketing strategies. According to the discount, you can use a code and instantly get $150 off your first APS-200 air purifier. With my experience as a sales agent, this usually means that this discount is not exclusive but will actually be active whenever you visit the website, even a year from now. Furthermore, such discounts are possible when the manufacturer increases the base price just in order to put a discount on it later. In the end, you will not find a lower price for this machine than the discounted one on the original website, therefore always purchase it from there.

Below the discount banner, there is a very interactive section with a picture of the Airocide APS-200. From there you can see the positives of the machine. Place your cursor on one of the summarized pros and you can read in detail about each one of the achievements.

Overall, the whole front page is dedicated to raise awareness about how amazing the air purifier is and to convince you to try it with reviews from News platforms like CNN. You can go further in-depth with the machine and technologies from the different sections available in the main access bar on top.

The first one goes under Airocide Air Purifier. You can learn about all the features and benefits, as well as the installation and 60-day money-back guarantee. In the second section, you can read all about Life With Airocide. There are four different pages which are dedicated to the ways the machine will improve your life. These include killing allergic symptoms, removing the smell from animals in the house, and protection for newborn babies.

The next couple of sections are dedicated to the technology behind Airocide and the original NASA story behind the development. You can read about how it works and how the design came to be the way it is. To be fair, the Nasa Science is truly worth stopping by. You will not only learn new technological facts but also dive into the studies and problem solving during aerospace research.

The last couple of sections are Support and Blog. Needless to say, you can get assistance either from the FAQs or directly from a representative of the company. In the Blog section,  you can read a variety of articles on the Airocide Air Purifier.


Final Thoughts

The Airocide Air Purifier is the best option for anyone that wants to clean off the air at their home. The creators claim that it will remove nearly all pathogens from your whole home, not simply the room you keep it in. It really does an exceptional job with this but you have to remember that it does not react to non-organic particles. You will have to clean dust and all other physical pollutants by yourself. Purchase this machine if you suffer from allergic or other respiratory illnesses.



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