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7 Best Alarm Clocks for 5-Year-Olds

One of the first steps to helping your child grow up is to be responsible for themselves and their actions. One of the first things to be accountable as a child is getting up on their terms. Some argue that the most effective way to teach your child responsibility is to get them an easy-to-use alarm clock. This helps them get up on time and informs them of essential skills that will last them a lifetime.


5 Best Youth Alarm Clocks for 5-Year-Olds

My Tot Clock

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This cute gender-neutral design is easy enough for kids to interact with but has parental controls tucked away for settings such as time, brightness, and sounds. It features both analog and digital time faces and five different colors to represent different times of the day as the company states: Blue for Bed Time, Yellow for Wake Time, Cyan for Nap Time, Green for Fun Time, and Red for Thinking Time. This alarm clock plays bedtime music, lullabies, white noise, and fun wake-time music. With interchangeable faceplate designs from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Princess, you are bound to find one that perfectly suits your little one.



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Perfect for little ones who don’t like to get out of bed in the morning, set Clocky on the nightstand and in the morning it can jump down, and away it rolls beeping an incessant sound that not even the most stubborn of snoozers can ignore so that your little one has to get up to catch it! 


Pam the Penguin Clock

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A friendly companion for your child, Pam, the Penguin helps your child to fall asleep independently and educates them for when it is alright to wake up in the morning. It is a night light, Bluetooth speaker, and sleep trainer all in one. The digital clock is easy to adjust, and you can change the colors from multicolor, pink, blue, white or red


Telly the Time Telling Clock

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This friendly face has both analog and digital options and helps your child learn to tell the time by asking them to turn the hands of the clock to the required times in quiz mode. The bright digital display keeps your child company at night. Conveniently available in-store at Bed Bath and Beyond rather than usual online outlets.


Mella from Little Hippo

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This successful Kickstarter project is dedicated to offering the best alarm clock available to children today. The cute face goes to sleep with your child, remaining a calming white to serve as a nightlight, with its digital eyes closed. Half an hour before wake up, a cheeky grin appears with eyes half open, and the light turns to a warm yellow, signifying quiet play before a green light appears, and Mella is fully awake, telling your child it is OK to get out of bed. With peaceful sleep sound options such as white noise and ocean as well as options for a child-friendly alarm sound, the research and technology that has gone into this clock is astounding. Check them out here.


OK to Wake Clock

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One of the leading mainstream children’s alarm clocks on the market today, the OK to Wake clock is an adorable character that also serves as a nightlight. The soft yellow background turns green when it is OK to wake up and is coupled with child-friendly alarm sounds to wake up the heavier snoozers. A convenient USB cord for frequent charging and easy-to-use programs is a simple yet effective alarm clock that serves its purpose well.


MomKnows Galaxy Clock

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This wonderful invention project stars onto the ceiling for a unique and captivating nighttime experience. Your little one will happily stay in bed listening to your own choice of music or some inbuilt white noise or womb simulating sounds while watching the stars zoom across their ceiling. In the morning, they can be awoken by nature sounds or a more typical alarm clock sound. The clock also features a temperature monitor so that you can ensure conditions are perfect for sleep.


Big Red Rooster Puppy Training Clock

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Man’s best friend is again here to save the day. This puppy’s glowing ball helps kids learn when it is the right time to wake up. Just pat him on his paw to stop the alarm and turn off the glowing ball. A simple yet effective design runs on rechargeable batteries but can be left stationary on the battery charger, so you do not have to worry about him running flat.


LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper Light Up Alarm Clock

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A whole host of LEGO alarm clocks out there made to please any young child who is also a LEGO fan. With moveable arms and legs to set this Stormtrooper into a more realistic feel, this clock doubles as a figurine that will do well in any Star Wars fan’s room. It functions perfectly as a simple alarm clock and has a light to brighten up a dark room at night.


Other Youth Alarm Clocks to Look At

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Youth Alarm Clock Shopping Guide (For Children Aged 5+)

As your child approaches the age where they understand the need for routine and are enjoying a little bit of independence, you start to look for ways to harbor their growing perceptions positively. Perhaps they are getting geared up for heading to school or have just begun enjoying school time already. Introducing an alarm clock is a fun and exciting way to encourage their independence and that responsibility for themselves as well as to help them understand the importance of going to sleep earlier so that they get enough sleep, as well as for waking up on time rather than too early or too late.

Interestingly, children don’t generally understand the concept of time until they are about eight years old. Still, they can correlate colors, sounds, and facial features to perceive a yes or no to whether they should be asleep or if they should wake up. Children’s alarm clocks are designed to educate and interact with your child, providing sleep training, and allowing a better night’s sleep for the whole family. We have compiled a great list of alarm clocks available, especially for your 5-year-old that is fun, interactive, and useful when it comes to bedtime and for waking up. We hope that you enjoy some of our top picks.


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