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AMIClubwear Review

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Appearance has never before been so important to people. Nowadays, we want to look good even in the most unusual places. Women, of course, but more time and effort into their appearance than men. For this occasion, you should check out Ami Clubwear.

Ami Clubwear is based in Los Angeles and aims to follow all the latest trends with their clothing. They bring out new products weekly and you can find practically everything – from unique clubwear, through swimwear, to costumes and clothing for every occasion. The best part is that everything is extremely affordable.


Is AMIClubwear a Legit store?

If you search online, you will find so many mixed reviews regarding AmiClubwear and the most obvious question would be whether it is safe to purchase from them. Fortunately, it is as they are a registered U.S. trademark and everything is official.

If you spend some time reading reviews, you will see that people occasionally say that the products they received are of low quality. This, however, happens rare and you need to know that their customer service is excellent; therefore, you will receive the necessary assistance.


Website & Products

The AMIClubwear website is extremely easy to use and grants an excellent shopping experience. Every product section has an abundance of sub-categories which makes it really easy to immediately find what you need.

Their products cover absolutely every aspect of a women’s life. There are clothes for any occasion, stylish swimwear, and even boots. Nevertheless, AmiClubwear is mostly famous for their variety of costumes. You can find a wide range of intimate costumes, character costumes, and even Halloween costumes.

The brand does, in fact, have clothes for people of all sizes. There is a special separate section named “Plus Size” which means that you shouldn’t worry if you are not slim. There is also a section for all kinds of accessories with many sub-categories, a special “Under $20” section, and a “Clearance” page.

As mentioned above, the brand always follows the latest trends in fashion and among celebrities. They list new products weekly and try to give their customers the opportunity to dress like Hollywood stars without the risk of going bankrupt.


Positive & Negative Sides of Shopping from AMIClubwear

To begin with, we will start with the only negative thing we managed to find after reading many reviews. Of course, there are thousands of reviews and we cannot read them all. However, here is what we found.

The Negative

The one and only problem mentioned in many reviews have been the shipping policy. Apparently, many people order without checking the shipping information and are then frustrated with the long delivery time.

What you need to know in advance is that AmiClubwear processes orders only on business days. In addition, there is an in-depth list of holidays during which they do not work. It is all written there but people seem to miss it.

Therefore, it often takes long before you receive your goods but this shouldn’t frustrate you. Understandably, everyone would want their order to be delivered fast. However, the company makes its own policies and you shouldn’t order if you need the items on the next day.

Nevertheless, they usually process the orders and ship them in two business days. If you are smart about your shopping, you can easily make an order a few days earlier and it will still come on time.


The Positive

  • Before anything else, people are mostly happy with the incredibly low prices on everything. Go to one or more other brands of this type and you will see for yourself.
  • Quality is definitely not sacrificed for the low prices. Normally, people assume that quality comes with a higher price and in most cases that is true. However, AmiClubwear has worked towards improving this aspect and you can see that it was a success from the latest customer reviews.
  • One of the first things you will see once you open their webpage is the coupon code for free shipping. Of course, it cannot be used for every order, only when you pass $50. Still, they do not hide it and it is clearly visible on their front page.

If they have any other discount codes, they also appear at the top and usually on the front page as well.

  • AmiClubwear always follows the latest trends and this clearly is one of the main reasons for their success.
  • The fact that AmiClubwear is literally a one-stop store makes it the perfect place to find everything you need at once without the need of ordering from a large number of locations. They cover practically every type of clothing, from underwear to sweaters and jackets.
  • The “Under $20” gets updated weekly and always has great offers for any style.


Return Policy

Like the majority of the online fashion stores out there, AmiClubwear grants its customers a 30-day guarantee on all orders. Shopping online has its negatives and it could happen that you are unsatisfied with your product or it simply does not fit you. In this case, you have 30 days to return it for a full refund.

To do so, you have to contact their customer service and request an RMA number which then has to be written on the return box for them to be able to know that this is your order. Otherwise, it will be troublesome to receive your money back.

One thing to know is that they accept the returns only if there are completed in this 30-day period. However, you can always inform them that you weren’t able to do it on the first days and request an extended period. All in all, you should not have any problems with their customer service.


Final Thoughts

AmiClubwear is the perfect online store for people who want to be trendy and stylish without paying a fortune. It has a wide range of products in all the categories you can think of but are mostly famous for their sexy costumes.

Everything on their website is priced lower than any of their competitors but that does not mean that it is low quality. On the contrary, they have significantly improved their products lately and you should not worry about it.

In the end, if you are unsatisfied, you have 30 days to return your goods for a refund.



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