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Apt2B Homepage
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Apt2B is a popular online furniture store that successfully combines selling stylish affordable products, offering exceptional customer service, and achieving customer satisfaction. It is a company that is often considered superior to its competitors in the marketing niche. Their goal has been to deliver more quality and style for less money.


About the Company and its Marketing

Since their creation in 2011, Apt2B has set a goal on themselves to create a special kind of service and leave a mark. As mentioned above, they strive to create simple furniture that is beautiful and stylish with its own character and put an extremely affordable price on every piece.

A significantly distinctive feature of the Apt2B marketing strategy is its shipping fees. In fact, there are no delivery costs. On every order, you get the shipping costs lifted from your purchase. Who doesn’t love free deliveries?

In terms of price point, Apt2B is priced lower than the average of their competitors, which once again puts them ahead. The company offers a lot of other perks and services which will be listed below:

  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Stain-resistant fabrics
  • Easy assembly
  • Pet-friendly materials and fabrics
  • Free shipping
  • Free returns
  • Free exchanges
  • Money-back guarantee upon returning items
  • Furniture assembly options

To find out more about the Apt2B website, products, and services, continue reading below.


About the Apt2B Website

The current Apt2B website is extremely vibrant and interactive. All products have been divided by type or style, and are available through the quick access bar on the top of the main page. Below, there are sections with information on basically everything available.

Starting with a quick access button to the NEW arrivals in the store, you continue through quick access buttons to special product groups – Best Sellers, Outlet (up to -50% sale), etc.

Following the product sections, you can take a look at customer reviews and customer photos on Instagram, and finally, you can see some of the appraisals that Apt2B are famous for.

No matter the page you open, on the bottom, there are additional links to useful pages on the website. They are divided into three categories that go under the following names:

  • Customer Care
  • What We Do
  • Join The Family


Available Products

As you already know, Apt2B is a furniture brand. We already mentioned that products are separated into categories on the main page. We will now explain the different categories one by one to make it completely understandable for you.


The product section begins with the New arrivals, of course. While we cannot say exactly how many products there are here, be sure that they are in the hundreds. If you want to be a part of the newest trends before anyone else, scroll through this category and you will surely find something made exactly for your taste.


The products in this category are divided into eight sub-sections. It is important to mention that there are about 70 colors available for sofas. This means that every sofa will have a variety of different colors that you can purchase it in. Of course, do not expect to find every model available in 70 colors, but you can still choose from twenty or more on each one.


Next, to the huge catalog of sofas, we get to Sectional sofas. In case you can’t remember what this type of furniture is, sectionals are usually longer sofas that have an L shape and are placed at the corner of the room, covering two walls. Of course, there are countless options, some of which with unusual shapes.

Apt2b offer a wide range of sectionals and once again, they are available in a variety of colors that will match any style and requirements.

One last note before we continue to the next category of furniture, Apt2B offers a wide range of Modulars. This gives you the option to customize the sectional you choose by adding extra space.

Sleeper Sofas

In this category of furniture, you will not find too many unfamiliar products. It simply divides all Sofas and Sectionals that have the option to turn into a bed in sub-categories. They are the following:

  • Sleeper Sectionals
  • Quick Ship Sleepers
  • Queen Size Sleepers
  • Full-Size Sleepers
  • Twin Size Sleepers
  • Reversible Chaise Sleepers
  • Futons + Urban Sofa Beds

Chairs & Tables

While these are two separate categories on the website, these two types of furniture usually go together. Once again, Apt2B offers a wide range of styles and in a variety of colors. Tables for every sort of use are available, including dining tables, console tables, desks, etc. As for chairs, you will find unique pieces for any needs.


Having too many belongings does not need to be a struggle if you have the perfect storage space. Apt2B gives you just this chance, to choose between a wide range of unique furniture for your personal belongings. You can choose between the following sub-categories:

  • Bookcases
  • Credenzas
  • Media Stands + Consoles
  • Buffets + Sideboards
  • Bar Carts + Wine Racks


Apt2B does not disappoint with their bedroom furniture as well. It is admirable how many styles and variations for beds there are on their website. There are simply dozens of collection that you can browse from. There is absolutely no way that you will not fall in love with at least a few beds. In addition, they offer anything else that you might need in your bedroom.


Possibly the most interesting section of the website is the decor collections. If you want to add a few special touches to your furniture, Apt2B once again has everything that you can imagine. What exactly they offer as decors you will have to find out by yourself, but to have a better idea – here are the sub-categories available on the website:

  • Decorative Objects
  • Pillows
  • Rugs
  • Throws
  • Lighting
  • Art
  • Wall Sculptures
  • Mirrors
  • Clocks
  • Paint


The last product section available on the Apt2B website is the Outlet section. Here, you will find furniture and items that are from previous seasons and years. Basically, everything in this section is on clearance, therefore it is always on sale.


Final Thoughts

Apt2B is one of those companies that stands out. Their goals are clear and their success is justified. It is not only surprising how many products they manage to put out, but the variety of styles in each collection is respectable.

Whether you need new furniture or not, give Apt2B a look. Not only will they surprise you with quality, but their customer service and addendums will make you a part of their satisfied customer family.



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