The 5 Best Bacon Cookers

best bacon cookers

Bacon is one of the most loved dishes all around the world, especially in breakfast. The urge for properly cooked crispy bacon can never be satisfied. Most people like to cook bacon at home according to their taste buds, but cooking bacon in the frying pan is messy, and the removal of oil from this salt-cured meat is another problem that attracts people bacon cookers. A bacon cooker is designed to prepare healthy and tasty bacon, whether it is made up of pork meat, beef, turkey, etc.


The bacon cooker is used for cooking bacon to make it sweeter and crispier as your taste buds like. The grills in the bacon cooker enable the strips to be elevated in the perfect cooking zone so that the meat either not gets too much tender, not too much chewy, keeping it at a between level of crispiness and chewiness. There are different models of bacon cookers available that operate on electricity or natural gas for perfect cooking. The ease of usage is making many bacon lovers adopt this innovative cooker, which is less messy and can cook classic bacon strips for your family members, friends, colleagues, etc.


5 Best Bacon Cookers to Buy

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Comparison of different bacon cookers

There are a variety of bacon cookers available now as this product is becoming popular among consumers. But the most common types of bacon cookers are the ones which can be operated electrically and the ones which require microwaves for cooking bacon. Every kind of bacon cooker has its advantages and disadvantages which are discussed below:

Microwave Bacon Cooker

The microwave bacon cookers are most readily available in the market. They are not a considerable stove or pan but a small plastic tool with slots for hanging the bacon strips. The hanging requires a bit of effort, but once you have mastered hanging the pieces in the slots, there is no best feeling in the world because you will get rid of the messy frying pans. The plastic slots are then placed inside the microwave oven for cooking the bacon strips. The plastic slots are not just slots, but they are specially designed so that the bacon fat doesn’t splash on the microwave tray.

The usage of a microwave bacon cooker is as easy as defrosting food in a microwave. The plastic material is totally BPA free and is certified to be used for cooking purposes. The main advantage of microwave bacon cookers is their price, which is negligible. Secondly, the microwave bacon cookers remove the excess fats from the bacon, which makes it crispy and sweet enough, which will definitely fulfill your urge to eat bacon.

But the problem with microwave bacon cooker is its utility. They cannot be used without a microwave oven; thus, portability is an issue. Another issue with the microwave bacon cooker is its design. Some are designed with insulated handles to take out the cooked strips easily. While some cookers lack this feature and taking the grilled strips out is an issue.

View microwave bacon cookers here.

Electric Bacon Cooker

Electric bacon cookers are the most modern bacon cookers which are available in the market. They don’t require any external oven for cooking of this mouthwatering dish. It consists of nonstick steel grills that are present inside a container and need a switch to be used. The steel grills can accommodate about 6-8 strips of bacon, simultaneously solving the problem of cooking capacity. The pieces can be hung vertically or horizontally over the steel grills for cooking. The electric bacon cooker contains a pan under the steel grills to collect the dripping fat. This pan can easily be removed and washed after cooking.

The temperature knobs can be used to adjust the cooking temperature according to the required crispiness. The lid of the bacon cooker prevents the splashing of bacon fat on nearby surfaces. The cover is also detachable, which is another advantage of an electric bacon cooker. The only disadvantage of an electric bacon cooker is its price, which is a bit expensive as compared to the conventional microwave bacon cookers.

 View electric bacon cookers here.


Bacon cooker is the most popular appliance among bacon lovers. The bacon lovers are always looking for an upgrade in the already modern appliances and looking for betterment. Some of the bestselling bacon cookers in the market are discussed as below:

Nostalgia Electrics Bacon Express

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This electric bacon cooker is an appliance with massive demand in the market. The cooking time of this appliance is the differentiating point of this cooker from other devices of the league. The nonstick cooking grills are an added advantage that prevents the bacon strips from sticking. The dip plate is made up of specialized material which can sustain the heat of dripping fat and can easily be removed for cleaning purpose.

Nostalgia Electrics Bacon Express can accommodate about six thick-cut or regular cut bacon strips on its nonstick steel grills. It can cook them in about 15-20 minutes depending upon the cooking temperature.


  • It can be used for cooking both thick and regular cut bacon strips
  • The lid of the cooker prevents the bacon fat from splashing
  • The tray is made up of high-quality material to sustain the heat of the dripping fat


  • The product doesn’t feature any lights to notify the cooking process
  • The components are difficult to be attached after detaching them

Smart Planet Bacon Master

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It is another bacon cooker that is in massive demand by bacon lovers. Its steel grills are designed so that the bacon is hung vertically on the racks extracting the maximum fat from the strips, making it sweeter, healthier, and crispier. The lid and the large collecting tray is made up of high-quality plastic resins which can sustain high temperature without melting. Smart Planet Bacon Master only weighs about 4 pounds, which makes it easy to be carried from place to place.


  • The dimensions and weight of the product makes it portable
  • Steel grills allow the bacon to be hung vertically to drain the maximum fat from the strips


  • This product takes a bit more cooking time than other bacon cookers
  • The absence of a temperature controlling knob is another issue in this product


Concluding Remarks

Bacon cooker is in massive demand by bacon lovers. The introduction of electric bacon cookers has almost eliminated the messy frying pans. People now love to cook healthy and hygienic bacon strips at home either by using a microwave bacon cooker or an electric bacon cooker.