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Best 60-Inch LED TVs By Sony in 2018

Upgrade your TV!

Derrick Zinj



Looking to pick yourself a nice little TV upgrade? Good for you. This page focuses on Sony specific 60-inch TV’s. Because the company makes so many different makes and models of TV’s, you might find yourself a little overwhelmed. Thus, we’ve created this page to help you easily find some of the most popular, best-selling, and highest regarded 60-inch Sony tv’s sold on the web.

Note: Remember, when you purchase a tv on an online marketplace (such as Amazon), you’ll get the TV shipped to your door which is more convenient for you!

The 60-inch TVs from Sony come in a wide array of different styles, integrated technologies, and features. Below, we’ve listed a few features you may want to consider before picking up your new TV. With that being said, you can generally expect the traditional functionality across all these televisions including (but not limited to), remote control integration, adjustable TV settings, inputs, channel changing, and more.


Features to Consider When Buying a Sony 60-Inch TV

  • Price – Do you want to spend a few hundred dollars or do you have a much larger budget? Consider this before shopping around. This will get you started and will help you decide your wants vs needs when selecting your next TV.
  • Refresh Rate – The refresh rate is something that some TV enthusiasts really care about. As a general rule, the faster the refresh rate (higher # of hertz) the more smooth the motion will look.
  • Color & Design of the TV – Do you want the TV to match a certain style you have at your home? Do you care about the design pattern or stand aesthetics? Consider these things. Even though these don’t really change the functionality of the TV itself, its something that previous consumers seem to have considered.
  • Digital Antenna Integration – Do you want your TV to be able to scan the air for local channels or do you want to connect a digital antenna to do this for you? This is something to think about for sure.
  • Resolution of TV – higher resolution causes a greater picture but tends to cost more (so there are tradeoff’s). Do you have a specific resolution in mind?
  • Number and Types of Ports For Accessories – Do you plan on hooking up a large number of accessories such as a sound system, HDMI cable, DVD player, Xbox, PS4,  or something else? Some TV’s don’t offer many ports so be sure to take a closer look at what type of ports the TV offers to you.
  • WiFi & “Smart” TV technology – Smart TV’s have started to hit the market, which makes it easy to stream to your TV without having to connect any cables. In short, the TV comes equipped with the technology to connect to the internet and stream your favorite
  • Energy Efficiency – Consider the amount of money it will cost (in electricity). Some TV’s are more energy efficient, while others are more energy-hungry. This is something that was mentioned by previous customers.
  • Sound Quality – Visual is half of the experience. Many people questioned the overall sound quality from the TV speakers including the direction of the speakers themselves, the drivers, sound clarity, and overall sound quality.