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5 Best Affordable Wigs of 2019


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FUHSI Kanekalon Lace Wig (Realistic)

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  • It's a little more expensive than other wigs on the market.

While some of us have the unfortunate genetics that yields us with hair loss or thinning hair. Thankfully, wigs exist to help us look at how we want without having to compromise. Due to the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of different wigs sold around the world, it can often time be confusing and frustrating trying to find a reliable, realistic, and affordable wig that fits your style.

Today, we’ve reviewed some of the most popular and best-selling wigs on the market. We’ve taken a multitude of factors into count not limited to the average review rating, the number of reviews, customer satisfaction, and price. We welcome you to join the conversation and tell us your experiences with the below products or even recommend other products!

If this is your first time purchasing a wig, we recommend watching this below video to get you started. This video can be an awesome resource that will help you narrow down your selection as well as help you decide what to look for.


5 Best Wigs of 2018

At this point, you should have a general idea as to the style and features you want to consider. Here are some of the most popular wigs currently in 2018.


Wig Shopping Guide

You would be surprised with the amount of people who wear wigs these days. The cap can blend in seamlessly leaving you with a confidence you wouldn’t believe possible, offering you a discreet style change or cover up that won’t leave you disappointed. People are not shy to talk about wigs these days, Khloe Kardashian and Jessica Simpson both show off their wig collections proudly on Social Media, allowing for a new age of understanding to come forth.

If you’re not sure where to look when buying your first wig, take these few tips from me. As my mother went through chemotherapy this year, we spent a bit of time together researching and getting outfitted in a few styles. The tasteful and inconspicuous wig that she chose really helped with her self-esteem and inspired her to get out of the house on good days. Whether you yourself are looking for that self-esteem boost because you are losing your hair, are simply wishing to experiment with different looks, or you are looking for an alternative to expensive root touch ups, this shopping guide for wigs will have you scratching your head (no pun intended, new models have really turned up on the comfort factor) wondering why you didn’t invest in a wig years ago.

Try before you buy

Whether you chose to buy a wig in an online shop or a local retail outlet, it is best to try how different styles suit your face so you can see how they look like before you buy. There are programs available that allow you to upload your photo and view different wig styles when shopping online, and these are great for a quick reference or guide, but they are nothing quite like the real thing. Perhaps you are a little hesitant to be pressured into buying a wig when going in to try, alike to those makeup counters, but be firm that you are only interested in looking at your options and you will find the information and advice they provide immensely helpful.

Wig manufacturers generally only produce a set of styles and then offer these styles in a selection of colors. So you just need to find what style of wig suits you and then you can shop around online for variations of that style. When you shop at a wig store, there is usually an option for your wig to be trimmed or cut to allow for your individuality, something that you will not receive at an online store.

Decide what material you want your wig to be made from

You can choose between the more popular and substantially cheaper and easier to care for synthetic hair or a longer lasting real wig hair. The benefits of a synthetic hair wig are that you do not need to restyle it when you wash it and it needs minimal adjustments from the day you receive it. It can however become damaged in hot steamy conditions (such as opening the dishwasher) and only lasts between 3 to 6 months, depending on how you care for it. Real hair has the benefit of lasting twice as long, but aside from the cost, needs to be restyled often, as real hair does.

Learn these terms to know what you are ordering.

Wigs, as with any topic or niche, comes with its own unique set of terms and phrases that you should familiarize yourself with should you want to be an expert wig shopper. They are as follows:

Monofilament top

This describes a wig that can be parted in several places, allowing for ultimately hundreds of different styles to be achieved. It also provides a more natural look, as the hair can fall in a more natural way.

A lace front

These wigs come with a fine mesh around the front with tiny hairs sewn in to it mimic a natural hairline. This allows you to pull the wig into an up do or pull it back away from your face. They are widely available and look and feel extremely natural.

Heat resistant

A heat resistant wig is one that you can style on a low heat. Do not us any more heat than necessary however because all synthetic wigs are not designed to withstand high heat. Technology is constantly improving with this, as more and more heat resistant wigs are becoming available.

Buy a wig cap to wear underneath your wig

Many places may neglect to tell you, but a wig cap is essential to keep your wig in place, to keep your real hair away and hidden and to minimize on any uncomfortable feelings you may feel with an itchy scalp. It is difficult to avoid getting a little hot, so be sure to invest in a breathable cotton or bamboo fiber.


A natural looking wig is definitely going to be an investment. There is a lot of time and technology going into the production of realistic looking wigs with natural hairlines and wigs that can be swum in, worn on the beach, played sport in and in many extremely realistic colors. That being said, shopping online once you have figured out the style that suits you can help reduce the price considerable. Expect to pay in store for a synthetic wig between $250 -$400 for a similar item online at around $150. For first time wig buyers, the information you receive in a wig store may very much be worth that higher price tag.

For human hair wigs, expect to pay a minimum of $1000. There may be cheaper out there, always consider the ethical sources when considering to buy human hair.

As my mother was undergoing chemotheraphy, she received a voucher that all cancer patients could receive to subsidize the cost of a wig. You may also be able to purchase a wig on prescription depending on the reason and conditions that have brought you to consider a wig. Check with your doctor or insurance company.


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