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5 Best AGPTEK MP3 Players


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AGPTEK A05ST 16GB MP3 Player

What We Liked
  • Wide array of modern technologies integrated into the device, large amount of memory for all your music, fast shipping, and extremely affordable.
What We Didn't Like
  • Overall it felt like we were limited on the number of customization options.

It’s crazy how music can change our moods. If you’re looking to rock out to your favorite music while on the go, what better way to do it then with an Agptek MP3 player!? we’ve sifted the web and found some of the most popular and favorite MP3 players from agptek that we’re sure you’ll enjoy. Not only do most of these MP3 players offer an impressive battery-life and build quality, but they also offer expandable memory as you increase your music library size over time.


At-a-glance: Important Features to Consider

There are a number of things you should consider, which are outlined below. However, it’s best to consider what unique features you’re looking for as well to ensure you get the product that will actually be what you want.

  • Price – AGPTEK MP3 players are generally not expensive in the mobile media market, but there are quite a few models that range in price. Be sure to think about how much you’re willing to spend on a new AGPTEK MP3 player before entering the market.
  • Design and Colors – In today’s day in age, MP3 players virtually come in all types of sizes, styles, colors, and designs. If you find yourself being pulled towards a certain design, it may be something to consider.
  • Integrated Technologies – It should be no secret that technology changes quite frequently. If you’re looking for an MP3 player that offers some uniquely new technological features (such as expandable memory, touch screens, or BlueTooth 4.0), be sure to consider this before spending your money on a new MP3 player.


Best AGPTEK MP3 Players


In-Depth: AGPTEK MP3 Player Shopping Guide

as phones became larger, then smaller, and now larger than life again we have got used to them packing more punch than just offering us calls and texts. These days, we have grown accustomed to using our phones to listen to music, surf the web and even pay for our coffees. It wasn’t so long ago that we all had with us an MP3 player. Times before that; boom boxes were gracing our streets. As our desires and trending fashions come around about again, we are seeing the demand for MP3s on the rise.

Perhaps it’s the practicality of being able to plug your MP3 player into a stereo, allowing you the freedom to be the DJ and track your pizza delivery at the same time. You might be attracted to the longer battery life that simpler devices have, perhaps extending the battery life of your phone by not using it as an MP3 player. With talk of damaging wireless radiation and the problem with being forever ‘connected’, the appeal of taking a walk without your phone is simply more and more in vogue.

But it has either been years since you’ve looked into MP3 player availability or maybe you have never owned an MP3 player before. Are they still developing new technology? Or have they faded away like the cassette tapes and analog radio of old. What new technology is available? What should you look for in the MP3 players of 2019? If you have no idea where to start when looking to purchase an MP3 player then we have everything you need to know to so you can know the basics and make sure you are getting the best your money can buy.

Take note of the amount of space the MP3 player has

As with any digital product such as a laptop, smartphone or tablet, you need to consider how many gigabytes your MP3 player should have. An average 3-5 minutes song will be on average between 7 to 10 MBs (megabytes) each. Of course, if you decide to download or burn a lower quality version of a song the resulting size in MBs will be less. The same applies if you download a higher quality, the song file will be larger. Take into account the number of songs you wish to hold on your MP3 player and judge accordingly how large you want your player to be.

Some MP3 players allow for you to expand the holding capacity with additional SD card slots. These MP3 players are highly recommended because they give you the freedom to interchange your music hassle-free. You will undoubtedly pay a little extra for this convenience, but not as much as you would think. Budget models are available at under $30 USD on Amazon.

Check the battery capacity

The last thing you want is a large and flashy MP3 player that can’t hold its charge. Unless you are using the device through a speaker, you are rarely using an MP3 player when connected at home; it is for music on the go. So make sure you look into how the MP3 player is charged and what the promised battery life is. Most MP3 players today come with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. New models today can boast a whopping 30 hours of continuous playback battery life, whereas a standard and significantly cheaper model can provide you a modest 8 hours.

How much should an MP3 player cost me?

Good question. The sky can really be the limit here, with some examples of outstanding MP3 players breaking the bank at $3,500. When you are serious about your collection and the quality in which you experience it, then the price is little to pay for such superior craftsmanship. You can comfortably purchase a quality MP3 player for well under $100 however with prices continually coming down to even under $20. There is an MP3 player out there for anyone, at any budget.

Sound quality

If you have invested in buying quality MP3s or have a large collection of lossless audio files, make sure you invest in an audiophile player that can play these MP3s at their best. Headphones and speakers to play a larger role in this factor, and if you have bought most of your MP3s through iTunes or similar, then a standard MP3 player should suffice.

Consider where you will use it most

Will you be using your MP3 player mostly at the gym or running through the park? Look at MP3 players that have add-on features that cater for sport, such as armbands or sleeves. Do you want your MP3 player to be accessible to the rest of your family, including little ones? Then look for models that also have hardy protective skins or waterproof covers available. Some models are the size of a standard iPhone whilst others measure but an inch. You can even find MP3 players available today such as these, a simple headphone design, leaving you without the need to hold onto anything. This is the future and anything is possible. Alike to Bluetooth headphones in which you have connected to your phone, but has the benefit of simply being an MP3 player.

When you are considering buying an MP3 player, keep in mind your budget and when and how you want to use the MP3 player when choosing a model that best suits you. Make sure you look at the capacity of the MP3 player as the legendary iPods do not allow for any size upgrade. Other models can allow for an additional SD card to be inserted giving additional storage space. Make note of the battery life, generally speaking, the longer the battery life, the more expensive the MP3 player will be. There are many extras and add-ons that you can purchase with many models in order to customize your MP3 player to suit you. Consider where you will use your MP3 player the most and have fun to outfit your MP3 player to make it yours.


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