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painted bench using airless paint sprayerpainted bench using airless paint sprayer

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Best Airless Paint Sprayers of 2018

Make Painting Less of a Chore With an Airless Paint Sprayer!

Derrick Zinj



An airless paint sprayer can help you paint faster than ever before. By pumping paint through the sprayer at extremely fast rates (usually thousands of psi) and sprays the paint evenly out of the tip. By utilizing an airless paint sprayer, you can expect to save a considerable amount of time, have an even coat of paint across your entire canvas (whether it be a wall, wooden cabinet, or something else), and an overall reduction of dripped paint.

Often times, first-time users are confused as to how an airless paint sprayer works. However, the reality is that the machine works very similarly to a pressure washer, offering many similar components. For example, most airless paint sprayers offer a spray gun handle, a filter, suction and priming tubes, a motor to pump the paint through the sprayer, and a paint container, and an on/off switch. Although there are actually quite a few more components of a traditional airless paint sprayer, these are the main ones.

Upon arrival, one should assemble the sprayer and follow the provided instructions. Once completely set up, the paint sprayer is a few short steps away from being one of your new favorite tools. Simply fill the container with your desired paint color, plug in your paint sprayer, and begin. As a note, be sure to read through the provided instructions on assembly, maintenance, and operation.


Features Considered When Buying an Airless Paint Sprayer

  • Price – It seems that one of the most important factors considered when shopping for an airless paint sprayer is the overall price. People who were shopping for said product spent a considerable amount of time comparing prices. If the price is an important factor, we recommend sifting through quite a few different airless paint sprayer models as the prices vary greatly.
  • Pressure & Nozzle Customization – Since this tool is expected to be used more than one time in the future by potential customers, people seemed to be curious as to how customizable the overall airless sprayer actually was. For example, is it possible to change the pressure of the paint expelled? How about the ability to attach different nozzles? These may be questions you want to consider when shopping for one of these tools.
  • Mobility of the Sprayer – Quite a few questions regarding the size, weight, and mobility were asked regarding various airless paint sprayers. This makes sense, as people are curious as to how easily the sprayer itself can be moved and if it can be brought along easily for jobs that are at a distance. Generally speaking, most of the sprayers mentioned above are considered to be light-weight and are, in fact, quite mobile.


Top Airless Paint Sprayer Brands