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top 10 best alarm clocks of 2018top 10 best alarm clocks of 2018

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Top 10 Best Alarm Clocks of 2018

Wake Up in Style With a New Alarm Clock!

Derrick Zinj



Although alarm clocks are inherently simple devices, its amazon how effective and useful they are. Hypothetically, could you imagine a world where alarm clocks didn’t exist? Alarm clocks keep the world moving whether in your personal life or in the business world. When shopping around for a new alarm clock most people simply want a device that can accurately tell the time and can notify you at a given time in the future. All alarm clocks have this functionality, as this is what an alarm clock is meant to do. However, as technology rapidly advances every day, we’re starting to see some alarm clocks that are offering some uniquely awesome features that make waking up a little bit easier and using the alarm clock more user-friendly. Furthermore, some newer alarm clocks offer some awesome addon features such as charging your electronic devices, showing the weather and much more.

Above you’ll find a list of some of the most popular alarm clocks on the market. These have a high amount of sales, a high rating from previous customers, and offer some perfect features that you may need or want. Be sure to read through the entire product page if you do find an alarm clock that strikes your interest.


Featured to Consider When Alarm Clock Shopping in 2018

Buying Alarm Clocks is very rare these days. People have a smartphone, so its really
inconvenient to have an alarm clock to set time and to set alarm and above all to make sure alarm set right. On the other hand, having a cell phone will solve all the problem and get rid of other small gadgets like a stopwatch, timer, and calendar. Definitely, if alarm clock has good features, then people will consider and will try to show some interest in the Alarm Clock. Therefore, Alarm Clocks manufacturers have to make their product more attractive and noticeable in public eye. There are many other gadgets that are available in the market which are very simple but nowadays those are also getting high tech. These days advancement is growing in every field, that’s why a common person adopts gadgets which are user-friendly and more efficient than other simple products.

There are some features in my mind that people should be looking into the alarm clock such as:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity – It should connect with Apple, Android, Google home and other devices like that
  • Internal Battery – Internal battery means in case of light out but alarm clock gives the right time
  • Glow in the Dark – Should see time in the dark
  • Voice Activated Censor – Operation can be done by single or multiple people’s voices. Also, a person can assign some kind of name to call the device, like Siri or some kind of phrase to wake up alarm clock
  • Motion Active Screen – A device that can activate with a movement of the hand or a person. In night or daytime with hand or movement clock wake up so we can see time
  • Showing Weather – After clock wake up showing time and then showing weather
  • Mobile app – The mobile app can be used to set alarm, to manage weather and to set our location
  • Enhanced Alarm Functionality – The clock also has the function to set alarm and to set time from clock manually
  • Maintain Accurate Time – The main function of the tells us right time, which is can be set by the clock manually. Time can be set by phone with the app also set the time zone
  • Ability to Call an Emergency Contact and/or 911 – This function will allow connecting with phone line so 911 can get the location of the emergency house or apartment with a single button as well as, can talk with 911 agent
  • AM and FM Radio and Satellite Radio  – Ability to set both AM and FM plus international radio channel
  • CD player single or multi – Should play a cd and mp3
  • Stopwatch – The stopwatch functionality is very helpful
  • World Clock – Also should  have ability to add cities and countries with different zones
  • Daylight Saving Time Censor – self-programming for daylight saving
  • Memories of previous Alarms – Save alarm as many as we want
  • Internet Connection Availability  – Also should have wifi connectivity

Of course, there are a wide array of other features found in alarm clocks sold around the world. However, these are the most requested and most talked-about features and felt it would be beneficial for you to see them in a list to help you decide if you need/want any of them in your next alarm clock.