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5 Best Baseball Gloves for 10-Year-Olds

YOuth Baseball Glove

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Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Glove

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Teaching your child or young loved the one about the exciting sport of baseball can be both stressful, yet rewarding. One of the quickest ways to help your youth pick up the sport of baseball is to provide them with durable and easy-to-use equipment. More specifically, if you’re looking to help your child or young loved-one the sport of baseball quickly, you should consider getting them a popular and highly effective baseball glove. Today, we’re taking a closer look at which baseball gloves work best, are most popular in the marketplace, and offer the biggest bang for your buck.

Best Baseball Gloves for 10-Year-Olds


Youth Baseball Glove (10-year-olds) Shopping Guide

Baseball is one of America’s favorite sports, and certainly one of the most well-known. As it is, we usually harbor a love for a sport by playing it at a young age, and to allow our children the best opportunity to play and enjoy any game, we need to outfit them in quality gear designed to fit and support their growing frames. Baseball is not without the need for required equipment just like any sport; however, it does not require a massive investment as other sports require. One of the biggest purchases your little one will need is a baseball glove. There are many on the market, from many well-known and trusted brands consisting of different materials and designs.

Your child will benefit greatly from a youth baseball glove as opposed to a regular size as the smaller size and fit will allow them to comfortably and confidently get a grip of the game, without cumbersome gloves impeding their style. To allow beginners a good start in learning the game is providing them with great memories that may result in a lifelong love of the game, and they are bound to cherish that tatty looking first glove they owned more than some signed ball like so many others have.

When shopping for a youth baseball glove, there are so many baseball gloves on the market that it may be difficult for you to know where to begin. To make it a little easier for you, we have done the research and produced this article which outlines the basic elements of a baseball glove that you can choose from, such as what material the glove is and of what basic design. This shopping guide will list the advantages and disadvantages of a few of the more familiar brands and styles of youth baseball gloves so that you can make an educated decision on what is the best glove you’re your little baseball star.

The Basics:

A youth baseball glove is dissimilar to an adult-sized baseball glove in several ways. Youth gloves have narrower and shorter finger stalls as well as smaller wrist openings which cater for their smaller hands. This allows for more control. Since youth baseball players are beginners at the game and are still learning the game and its positions, most youth gloves have been designed as utility gloves that work for all positions. This flexibility allows your child to try any position they wish on the field before deciding what one they best.

Keep in mind when you are purchasing a baseball glove for your child what hand they throw the ball with. A right-hand thrower will wear their glove on their left hand, whereas a left-hand thrower will wear their glove on their right hand.

Material and Design:

The material of the glove is one of the more obvious decisions you must make when choosing a glove. The more common material choices are cowhide leather, pigskin leather, mesh or synthetic materials. Traditional cowhide leathers are more durable but take a longer time to break in. Mesh gloves are more flexible which in turn provides more control and for absolute beginners, a synthetic material is beneficial for its lightweight and maneuverable qualities.

As we said previously, most youth baseball gloves are quite universal in their design allowing for all positions on the field to be played. However it is useful to know so that you can take a look at the pocket size of different gloves; in general deeper pockets are designed for players to further outfield and a shallower glove allows for those in close to pick up the ball and throw with faster precision. Pocket padding should also be an element to consider. Padding reduces the sting of the ball when it comes in contact with your palm, for players close to the batter, more padding is desirable.

There are eight different styles of webbing that you can choose from, depending on the level of control you wish to have. The biggest difference in styles of the web would be the choice between open web and closed web gloves. Gloves with open webbing have the advantage of allowing one to see through the glove to catch pop-flys, and gloves with closed webbing are great for providing added support.

The following is a few great quality youth baseball gloves available on the market today that provide a range of different aspects that we have mentioned today:

Additional Popular Baseball Gloves for the Youth

Nokona Alpha Select S-2.

A mid-tier quality baseball glove of this brand outperforms even top quality gloves from other brands. A new brand on the market, Nokona pride themselves in superior construction and quality materials. This glove is designed for children from 10 through to adolescence and the design is styled to perform at even the highest levels of competitive youth play. Made from buffalo leather that has been pre-broken-in and oiled, this glove is game ready and you can find this glove available online for around $465USD.

Wilson A2000

Arguably one of the favored gloves on the market, the Wilson brand continues to deliver great quality gloves at affordable prices. With added padding protection technology, expect a somewhat long break-in times for such quality leather. There have been some reviews stating after a year the glove has begun to break down even with proper maintenance, however general comments have been overwhelmingly positive. These gloves are available for $250 or less on sales.

 Franklin Sports Field Master Series Baseball Gloves

Coming in at a wonderfully affordable price of $25 (+P&P), the Franklin Sports range is specially designed for youth players and interestingly is one of the few manufacturers that offer the same style of glove for all different sizes available. Available in both left and right-hand throw configurations, it is exceptionally lightweight due to being made of polyurethane. However, due to this, the glove will break down rather quickly. The lack of padding combined with the lightweight polyurethane rather than leather will also mean that your young one will feel the sting of each throw a little more.


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