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Top 5 Best Carpet Rakes

If you have carpeted the floor of your apartment or room, you will require a grooming tool to clean your carpet and prevent its tear so they keep on adding to the aesthetics of your apartment or room.

A carpet rake is one grooming tool which can help you to rejuvenate your carpeting. Regular use of carpet rake prevents the carpet fibers from mating down.  They are strong and can dig deep enough into the carpet without breaking to remove the dirt, food stains, pet’s hair, dust particles and other particles affecting the look of your carpet.

A carpet rake can be used while washing the carpet during the pre-washing and post- washing session. Similarly, this versatile tool can also be used before and after vacuum cleaning the carpet. Though a carpet rack is available in a different size generally a carpet rake is similar to a brush with less dense bristles and a long handle of about 2 to 3 feet in length. This grooming tool is available at local stores and also can be purchased online on janitorial supply websites or any e-commerce website.


Top 5 Best Carpet Rakes

Some Common Features of Carpet Rake

There are many carpet grooming tools available in the market but a carpet rake is a versatile tool which can be used for cleaning, washing and vacuum cleaning of your carpet or rug. It is similar to a carpet brush but the bristles are less dense so that it doesn’t damage the carpet fibers during cleaning. A long wooden or metal handle is attached with the rake so that it can be used without sitting or bending much.

There are carpet rakes which are made up of plastic which are lightweight but are not suitable for heavy purposes. The bristles are mostly made up of nylon or some other softer material which helps to give the carpet original cleaned up look after washing or vacuum cleaning. Most of the carpet rakes are 12 to 15 inches wide so that they cover a bigger surface area while cleaning.

Modern carpet rakes are flexible and sturdy and can be assembled and disassembled easily. However small pieces of carpet rake must be kept away from the reach of the children which can cause choking. It can be used both before and after washing the carpet. The rake can be both used to widen the fibers of the carpet and to give the carpet a uniform look after washing or vacuum cleaning.


What is Carpet Rake for?

Grooming is necessary for every carpet whether it is a carpet in your living room or a carpet on heavy traffic entrance to keep the carpet clean and to prevent its wear. Simple vacuum cleaning or washing cannot remove the dust particles, food stains, pet hair, etc. which are present deep down the fibers of the carpet. For this purpose, a carpet rake is used.

A carpet rake is similar to a brush in appearance but with lesser dense and firm bristles which are used dot remove the dust particles by applying some pressure on the carpet. This versatile product can be used during both the pre-washing and post-washing. Before washing use the rake to loosen the fibers of the carpet by moving it all over the surface of the carpet. When the fibers are loosened, the embedded dirt particles and other particles will easily be removed during washing or vacuum cleaning.

After washing or vacuum cleaning use the rake for grooming to give the smooth or two-toned looks as required. The bristles are made up of softer material so that it may not damage the surface of the carpet and its look.


Things to look when buying a carpet rake

There are many choices available in the market when you are going to buy a carpet rake which makes the selection process quite difficult. However, the following are some things which will help you to make a decision when going to buy a carpet rake:


A carpet rake is available in different sizes. Normal carpet rakes are 2-3 feet long and 1-1.5 feet wide. They are suitable for use in homes and offices as they cover an average surface area. For office carpets and outdoor carpets, big carpet rakes are available in the market which is of the same dimensions in length but are wider to cover a large surface area.

Bristle material

Bristles of a carpet rake are usually less dense than that of a carpet brush. However, the material of bristles may differ depending upon the type of usage. A carpet rake with metal bristles is used for carpets in offices, entrance or gateways where traffic is huge. Carpet rake with nylon bristles is used for carpets and rugs which are used in homes.

Ease of usage and storage

Some carpet rakes are flexible and can be used to clean carpets in corners or other places which are difficult to access. Similarly, some carpet rakes can be assembled and disassembled which makes it easy to store when not in use. Thus do look for this factor when going to buy a carpet rake.


Price is another deciding factor when buying a carpet rake. Some rakes are made up of substandard material and do not account for their price. Thus do look for the price and standard of the grooming tool when buying one.

Do remember the type of carpet rake you are going to buy will help to bring back your carpet to the original look. Thus always look for the type of usage and then decide the size, material, etc. of the carpet rake accordingly.


Final Thoughts

Thus a carpet rake is relatively cheaper to bring back your worn-out carpet to original shape whether it is being used in your home, office or entrance door. It is an important tool to groom your carpet and to increase the aesthetics of your room or office entrance. The versatility of carpet rake and its ability to be used with vacuum cleaner makes it one of the most useful product.

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