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5 Best Computer Vacuums

A computer vacuum is a small-sized vacuum cleaner that is capable to create airflow strong enough to blow off the dust from sensitive parts of computers, laptops and other electronic components of your home.



Top 5 Best-Selling Computer Vacuums

What’s a Computer Vacuum Used for?

Dust can be really harmful to your computer whether a laptop or a desktop in your home or office. The dust particles accumulate mostly in a keyboard or the areas around the fan including the fan blade and grill. This can affect the passage of air through these parts and can cause your valuable computer to overheat. Overheating will cause malfunctioning and can cause sudden failure of many mechanical devices of the computer.

If you take this malfunctioned computer to a repair specialist, he will charge you with his hefty fees for just removing this dirt which can be easily done at home. Similarly, the accumulation of dust particles in the keyboard will affect your typing, gaming, coding, etc. Don’t worry because now you don’t have to carry your computers and laptops to repair specialist for mere service. With the introduction of various models of computer vacuum, you can remove all the dirt and clean up your valuable accessories at home.

A computer vacuum cleaner is smaller than the regular vacuum cleaner and creates a strong flow to remove the dust particles from different places of your computer and other accessories. The airflow created by computer vacuum is totally safe to be used on sensitive circuitry and delicate electronic components. Computer vacuum is also multifunctional as it can also be used to clean other electronic devices such as professional cameras, DVD players, printers, smartphones, inaccessible areas of the cars, etc.


Features to Look for in a Computer Vacuum

A computer vacuum is a small device that can be used to clean your computer even the sensitive circuitry items because the airflow created by a computer vacuum is totally safe for sensitive parts. The computer vacuums can also be used as a blower which makes this device multifunctional. Computer vacuums are designed to be lightweight and compact so that they can be carried easily and should occupy large storage space.

Usually, ABS plastic or high-quality rustproof metal is used to fabricate the body which is waterproof and dustproof to protect the sensitive circuitry of the device. They are offered in wired and wireless models. The wired models are capable of producing more power, so they are preferred for long usage. The wired vacuum cleaners are available in both 120V and 240V AC operated models to be used in different parts of the world.  The wireless computer vacuums can be a charger and can be used according to the battery capacity. The charging of such computer vacuums can be done through the USB cables or AC adapters.

A computer vacuum is offered with a variety of accessories that are required for the proper cleaning of a laptop, computer, printers or any other electronic device. They come with multiple tools which can be used to clean places of the computers which are inaccessible. These accessories include nozzles, brushes, air pipes, etc.   Some small handheld cleaners are also available in the market which can be charged and used. They are quite small but effective in picking up the crumbs and hair stuck in between the keys of the keyboards or the grills of the fan. The dust cups of computers are also easy to disassemble for emptying and cleaning up. The filters can be replaced but most of the computer vacuums come with washable filters so this handy device is quite economical to use.


How Do You Use a Computer Vacuum?

Vacuum cleaning the computer is really easy these days with the availability of specialized computer vacuums. Yet you are supposed to follow the precautionary measures to clean your computer or any other electronic device without damaging it. Following below-mentioned steps, you can safely clean up your computer:

  1. Shut down your computer or laptop before cleaning
  2. Unplug all the components for cleaning the computer. It is preferable to take a photo of all the connections so that you don’t face a problem in connecting them back.
  3. Take off the back cover of your computer or the side cover of your laptop.
  4. Now take the brush or the nozzle which is supposed to be used.
  5. Turn on the vacuum cleaner and use the brush to direct the dust particles into the hose of the vacuum cleaner.
  6. Make sure that the vacuum cleaner itself should not touch any part of the circuit or computer
  7. Clean the fan of the computer in a similar fashion.
  8. Use the blower option to blow off the remaining dust at inaccessible places.
  9. Other electronic items can be cleaned by repeating similar steps.


Best selling products in the market

Following mentioned are some of the bestselling products in the market:

Metro Vacuum MDV-1BA DataVac Pro Computer Vacuum/Blower

This computer vacuum is manufactured by one of the leading companies DataVac Pro. Metro Vacuum MDV-1BA is considered to be one of the flagship products of DataVac Pro. It is compact yet powerful to blow off all the dust of your computer, laptop, printer or any other electronic device both at home or office. It is a wired vacuum cleaner and the length of the cord is suitable to carry it around without any worry. Its 19-inches hose is perfect for creating suction to suck the scrambles and hair of your keyboard and fan grills.

Moreover, the device can also be used as a blower so it is a replacement for the conventional air tanks which are carried for blowing purposes. The airflow created by Metro Vacuum is safe for the sensitive circuitry and electrical components. It is offered with a cleaning kit featuring an airbrush with soft blisters for cleaning the dust and some nozzles for sucking the dirt. So, if you are looking for a durable cleaning option, this handy device introduced by DataVac is a no-brainer at an affordable price.

Meco Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner

This small handheld computer vacuum is attracting a lot of customers towards itself due to its compact design and powerful motor. This small vacuum cleaner is best for keyboards but can also be used to clean other components of computers, printers and digital cameras. Meco computer vacuum features 2000mAh Li-ion battery which can be charged with a USB cable and can be used for long durations. It features two sets of nozzles for sucking the paper, dust, hair, ash, etc. from your sensitive device easily. The filters of this device can easily be removed and cleaned after usage. Thus this device in addition to being compact also provides an economical solution to the dust problems faced by your valuable devices.


Closing Thoughts

So, a computer vacuum is a handy device available in the market to tackle the dust problem faced by your computer, laptops and other devices. The cost of this device is quite less as compared to the hefty fees of repair specialists. Computer vacuums are available with different features and can be selected according to the user’s requirements.

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