5 Best Dog Backpack Carriers for Hiking


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K9 Sport Sack AIR PLUS

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  • Proven product in the market, comprised of durable and long-lasting materials, a large amount of padding for comfort for you and your furry friend, and an aggressive money-back guarantee.
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  • There are only a few size options and color choices, we'd like to see more variety to express yourself and your dog.

Backpack carriers are designed to make carrying heavy weights for longer distances far more comfortable than it would be in your arms. With the load is evenly distributed all muscles help bear the burden. If you’re interested in picking up the best dog backpack carrier for hiking, you’ve come to the right place. Look for carriers with padded straps, especially hip belts. According to some chiropractor’s weight should be supported mostly by the hips so if you’re interested in a carrier, look for one with this feature.



Backpacks aren’t just for human babies anymore. Many people who aren’t comfortable leaving their pets at home use them too, so they can comfortably take them anywhere. Nowadays with service dogs being welcome in so many places, it makes sense to use a backpack carrier. When on a leash service animals are often approached by strangers who may want to pet them, and just about the only way to avoid that is by keeping your small to medium dog in a carrier instead. When one of them isn’t tangled up in a leash this leaves both hands conveniently free.


5 Best Dog Backpack Carriers for Hiking

Different Types of Backpack Carriers

Before you buy a carrier for your child (or dog), consider what made you think about getting one in the first place? There’s a lot to choose from on today’s market as far as design or style and that’s a good thing but it can also be very confusing. If you’ve never bought one before just make sure it’s supported by a substantial solid frame and you can’t go wrong. Backpacks enable you to carry more than just your child. Depending on the design you choose there will be plenty of space for water, diapers, and snacks as well.

Service dogs aren’t the only ones that like to go hiking around town or in the country with their masters. Keep in mind if you’ve got an old backpack carrier your child no longer fits in it was designed for a human child and not a small pet. Your child may have ridden in it comfortably but that doesn’t mean a dog would enjoy the ride. Though built differently, one thing good all good carriers have in common is the frame. Make sure you have a sturdy one and your pet will ride in style, safety, and comfort. Here are two examples of what you should look for in backpack carriers meant for humans, and two for your four-legged babies.

The Breathable Infant Carrier by Evenflo – Made of “breathable,” sturdy mesh fabric over a light metal frame, it weighs very little on its own and easily carries babies from 7 to 26 pounds as well as needed supplies tucked away in convenient pockets. If you’re a first-time buyer rest assured that the added padding, back straps that automatically adjust for comfort, and locks you can trust all for $17.99 is considered a good deal by people who have owned several. It comes with a manufacturer’s warranty but that must be requested from customer service.

Ergonomic Baby Carrier – This one is slightly more expensive but comes with features that are well worth the price. With six different positions, you decide what’s comfortable, not the factory it came from. Designed for infants from 3 to 36 months it has a capacity of 44-pounds and features a waist belt of 48.8”. Stretched over a sturdy frame is durable 3D mesh fabric which greatly increases the comfort factor. Widened shoulder straps help to ease the strain, and the front zipper pocket is roomy enough to carry supplies while you are out. For $50.00 this one would be worth a second look even if you do have to contact the seller directly for warranty information.

PetAmi Deluxe Backpack Carrier – A good fit for small dogs and cats, the ventilated design allows all the airflow they need for a comfortable ride on your back. This well-built carrier even has a zip-up mesh window, so your pet can enjoy the view. Made of durable polyester over a reinforced frame, your four-legged friend will ride safely with a buckled strap preventing any escape attempts. All of that for $37.99 is one reason this carrier rates as an Amazon top seller. Side pouches are roomy and as with so many others, the Seller must be contacted directly for warranty information.

The Serapis, Approved By Airlines – Back support is cushioned for your comfort, and two-sided entry makes convincing your pet to climb inside much easier. Designed for pets up to 15-pounds this sturdy little carrier is collapsible for easy storage, and durability is a given with the 600D oxford cloth it’s made from. This is another one you must contact the seller for information on its warranty. However, considering what you’re getting for $27.00 it’s more than worth a call. Keep in mind pet backpack carriers should be chosen as much for length and height of the occupant as weight.


Closing Thoughts

The reason for backpack carriers hasn’t changed much since the days when they were mostly thought of as a way to carry equipment on a hike while leaving your hands free. You’ll still see people making use of them for that purpose but look around next time your out in a crowd or just going for a walk in the neighborhood. Chances are you’ll see just as many people wearing one with a baby inside as there will be with people keeping their small pets tucked up safe. Do you really need a backpack carrier? Yes, you do. When you’ve got one hand on a child or leash, and the other is full of bags how do you open the door without letting something go?

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