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5 Best Dungeon Crawler Board Games

best dungeon crawler board game

If you fancy long board games that carry hours of fun for you, your friends, and your family, you’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands around the world look forward to and genuinely enjoy playing board games. To take it the next level, many board-game players pick up dungeon crawler games, which add a level of randomness, complexity, and overall strategy. If you’re interested in picking up a new board game, we recommend taking a look at some of the best dungeon crawler board games listed below!


5 Best Dungeon Crawler Board Games


Dungeon Crawler Board Game Buying Guide

With the everyday busy schedule of everyone, a little fun time with friends and family is sure a great way to ease that stress and catch up on each other’s’ life.

Speaking of board games, it might prove difficult to be able to settle for one when there are thousands of board games that you can find in the market. You start to ask yourself which one is more fun or worth playing.

With a series of hours researching on board games, we have been able to come up with this shopping guide to ease your stress and make the choosing process easy for you. If you are just looking for a simple board game to play with family and friends, or you want the hard-core game, we do hope that this shopping guide is helpful. Check it out!

Choosing the best board game

There are some factors to consider while choosing the best board game to suit your needs. Not all board games can be played by everyone; some are limited by the age of the players and others, the numbers of players. Also, the rules vary, you just need to identify the one that is easy for you or if you are the type that loves challenges, then you go for the harder ones.


For first-timers who are unsure of how accessible the games are, board games are very accessible. Unlike some games that seem very easy to play but becomes a difficult challenge to overcome during the game. However, some board games will look overwhelming when you unpack them, but you shouldn’t be wade off by mere looking at it, when you get to play them, you will realize it’s easier than it looks.

There are different rules guiding every game, and they are designed to be simple for the players but if you are still finding it difficult to key into the game, you can check the instructional manual, check online to watch instructional videos. Checking online is very helpful since you get to see instructions and rules guiding the game from players that are already good with the game.

The Types of Board Games

There are different types of board games which can easily fall into many broad categories. Sometimes, a particular board game can fall into different categories despite the fact that we games are generally grouped into few categories.

Take, for instance, there are player elimination games that are very conflicting and competitive to play since the main aim of the game is to be the winner or find a way to eliminate players from the game in order to create a winning spot for you.

On the other hand, cooperative games are quite different from the elimination games. It requires more of teamwork where you get to work together, perform tasks together, focus on each other’s strength, and excel in missions in order to achieve the goal and win together as a group.

The Eurogames are also known as the German-style games. This game requires no direct player conflict but instead, it centers on using different strategies like building, acquiring resources, and being industrious.

A good example of a very broad board game that uses the German style is the dungeon crawler. This game has gained popularity over the years and it comes in different varieties with all pack of fun. It mostly involves several key elements. The dungeon is a key element in the dungeon crawler that can be either be a random pick, a procedural one, or one that comes through a campaign. Also, there are baddies and monsters to fill in the dungeon (A player character or a board artificial intelligence).

The upgradable hero characters in board games come with different features that are exciting and fun when you get to upgrade to the next character, the loots and treasures gotten in the game are used to buy the characters. The likes of “Darkest Dungeon”, “Crawl”, and “Rogue” are all good dungeon crawler games.

Knowing the Best Game for you

There is no sure way to know the particular game that fits you best or to know whether you will find the game enjoyable until you actually play the game. But, there are different ways to narrow down your search.

Knowing the number of players, the estimated playing time for the game and a description that summarizes what the game is all about is a good way to start. So before you choose your game, you should know your type of audience that would be playing the game, you should be able to know the game that will best suit your needs or that will interest you best.

You can also check online to see tips, walkthroughs and useful information that will give you better ideas of different games to choose from.

Age Range

All board games are not suitable for all age groups. There are some games that are strictly not for minors or young players because of the graphics or the rules are too complex for them to tackle. Note, the age recommendations for each game is usually set by the creator as a form of guideline but mostly, it is totally up to you to decide on how suitable it is for playing.

Sometimes, the community’s opinion does differ on the suitability of games depending on the player’s age. The fact that some games are listed for young ages like age 8-13 doesn’t mean they are not fun and enjoyable for teens and adults.

In conclusion, board games aren’t new, it has been around for so long and it can always serve as a great addition to a holiday or picnic pack especially in this new age when there is an increase in reliance on digital screens. Board games make us know the value of having friends and family members when you gather round and have quality time.

Ranging from miniature wargames, deck-builders, RPG dungeon crawlers, and Disney card games, there are games perfect and a good choice for everyone. It can also serve as fantastic gifts for friends and family, hence the need for this shopping guide.


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