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Best Electric Paint Sprayers of 2018

Paint your Best With a New (or Used) Electric Paint Sprayer!

Derrick Zinj



There’s a good chance that at some point in your life, you’ll likely be asked to paint something. Most people complain about manually painting with a paint brush due to the inconsistent brush strokes, difficult activity, and just an overall time-consuming chore. However, when painting with an electric paint sprayer, you can expect a much easier experience. For starters, users can expect to have a consistent, even flow expelling from the adjustable nozzle, making it a smart decision from the get-go. Additionally, it has been said to save a considerable amount of time while using an electric paint sprayer due to the fact that you never need to stop painting and re-dip for more paint (unless your paint sprayer runs out of paint all-together).

However, it should be noted that an electric paint sprayer isn’t a perfect solution for every paint-needing scenario. For some smaller and more fine-tuned projects, a hand brush might just be what you’re looking for.


Features Considered When Buying An Electric Paint Sprayer

Although many questions were asked from curious customers, a few features really stood out as to what consumers were truly curious about. These features are discussed below in detail. We spent a considerable amount of time searching various websites and marketplaces to find this unique and detailed information to help you be the most-informed shopper possible.

  • Customizations (nozzle size/ pressure/ Types of Spray Patterns) – It seems that most people interested in picking up an electric paint sprayer were interested in the amount of customization overall (not limited to the nozzle/spray size, spray pressure, and spray patterns provided by the electric sprayer. This implies that people interested in buying one of these paint sprayers are looking to use this tool on more than one occasion. If this is true for you as well, be sure to look through the amount of customization available.
  • Ease of Cleaning – People were quite curious and concerned about the topic of cleaning after use. Of course, no one wants to have their tool break because they simply missed a few paint spots and now that the paint is dry, the paint sprayer won’t work.   Thus, many people wanted to know more about the proper cleaning procedures and (if possible) removing the tub that stores the paint before its actually applied to whatever you’re painting.
  • How Much Paint Can the Paint Sprayer Hold – Others in the marketplaces wanted to know how large the paint-storage container was, as refilling the container every thirty seconds would be a pain. A good thing to know is that most of the recommended paint sprayers above have quite a large container making it a breeze to work with.
  • Price – Finally, people seemed to be curious about the overall price of the paint sprayer. Some people wanted to pay less money (albeit with fewer features), while others had a larger budget and/or wanted the extra features integrated into the product.