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Top 10 Best Foosball Tables of 2018

Spend Countless Hours With Your New Foosball Table!

Derrick Zinj




Important Features to Consider When Foosball Table Shopping

When it comes to at-home entertainment, foosball has the ability to cure the boredom of teenagers and adults. Foosball is a table-top game which is basically table football, or table soccer. Several stores carry foosball tables like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Pottery Barn, Walmart, and there are several online sites you can shop for a foosball table from like Billiard Factory, PBteen, YLiving, Thos. Baker, etc. Depending on what type of foosball table quality you are looking for, you can buy an all gold foosball table for $24,000 on YLiving, or you can buy a decent quality foosball table for as low as $80 on Amazon.

When picking a foosball table quality is an important feature, because it is the quality that will allow you to have a good time. When a product works seamlessly and effortlessly then that is when it is considered money well spent. Tornado Elite would be the chosen one for having the greatest quality. It is made of a thick and sturdy material, and the 225lb weight sets a perfect foundation for all professional foosball players. The smooth-playing fields and the strong solid chrome steel rods with wooden handles allow a much smoother and faster gaming experience making it ideal for all competitive players. Of course, with all things being of great quality also comes the price of $1900 on Amazon.

When talking budget-friendly, the Hathaway Playoff is a great foosball table if looking to spend under $120. This foosball table is also very lightweight at 40lb, and its colorful playing field along with the rubber handles and chrome-plated steel rods, this is an ideal foosball table for beginners. When buying a foosball table the main thing is the function, make, and durability of the product. When offering a smooth playing field in which the ball glides smoothly between players, the players offering good ball control and not breaking easily, and the cabinet itself being made of sturdy California Air Resources Board (CARB) certified Medium-density fibreboard (MDF), then I would say that a foosball table at $118 is a hot deal not to be missed.

When looking for a professional foosball table for intermediate to expert players that is cost-friendly by being under $1000 and is also lightweight at 195lb then look no further as Warrior Professional Foosball table is the answer. This is definitely comparable to the foosball table Tornado Elite except it is much cheaper. The laminate playing field design facilitates excellency, the thick grip makes the game more controllable, and the Warrior men are made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) which is a very durable plastic. This foosball table, though suitable for intermediate to expert players, is designed to be learner and kid-friendly as well by featuring a unique Rod Guard system. The Rod Guards prevent any players from being struck by the fast-moving rods, are an added safety feature when used around young children, and best of all this safety feature does not affect the smooth gliding of the rods. Adjustable Leg Levelers is another must feature that allows the foosball table to be adjusted on any surface, even or not. The swivel design Adjustable Leg Levelers give the ability to raise or lower the corners of the tables to ensure an even setting of the foosball table, and also prevent any type of movement of the table by providing a 5″ rubber base.

Spending any amount of money on a product is easy when offered a warranty. Warranty ensures that the manufacturers will stand by their product should anything go wrong, and this a big deal when considering to splurge on an expensive item. The Warrior Professional and Tornado Elite beat all by giving a 1-year warranty, and the Hathaway Playoff may be a budget-friendly foosball table, but the 90-day warranty will have me reconsider. Not many brands offer a decent warranty, so the best foosball tables to go with will be the Tornado Elite if the price is not an issue or the Warrior Professional which is budget-friendly as well.

Assembly is no picnic either, but you are always given the option to get the product assembled by a professional, which in my opinion is always the best way to go. One thing all foosball tables have in common is the difficult assembly, so when choosing a foosball table also consider spending a little extra and getting the table set-up by a professional.

Foosball is a great way for people of all ages to entertain themselves and their friends without the help of a screen. This is a fun and interactive way to spend time with friends while also being highly competitive for those who love to compete. This is a game not only for professional players or only adult players, rather it is also for beginners and young teenagers who are interested to play.


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