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Top 10 Best Home Coffee Roasters of 2018

Upgrade your Coffee Obsession with a Home-Use Coffee Roaster

Derrick Zinj



Thinking taking a steep deeper into the coffee world and grabbing yourself a personal coffee roaster? If so, you’re in luck – on this page, we’re showcasing some of the most popular home-use coffee roasters on the market. No matter how you like your coffee beans roasted, you’ll find a few options that might interest you on this page. We took a considerable amount of variables into our research and are happy to showcase the results. Above, you’ll see the top 10 coffee roasters on the market at this given time. Be sure to continue reading to figure out what features you may want to consider before grabbing your next home-use coffee roaster.


Important Features Considered When Home Coffee Roaster Shopping

  • Price – Pricing can often be a deal breaker for customers that were originally interested in a product. Different people have different budgets and wallets for them to work with. They need to examine Home Coffee Roasters that suit their needs and make a decision based on the price. People are buying coffee makers to give them more options for a drinking experience. A wealthy person probably isn’t as concerned to buy a coffee machine that costs hundreds of dollars. Though, there may be a person that is poor and can only afford a coffee machine that is $50. There are options for both people that they can buy.
  • Available Options for RoastingCoffee – The most common type of coffee maker uses coffee beans and water filter. Companies have been making these for decades and will always an appeal to the older generation. As time passes there are going to be advancements in technology. New products are made so that even a child can get the coffee that they want. You can open the machine, insert a cup pod, and have your coffee made in less than a minute. Even better, is that you can use varying coffee pod ounces in machines. At least, that applies to most of the machines that use pods.
  • Size available for Beans Roasted – Some coffee machines have entire glass dedicated to how much it gives the user at one time. A small coffee pod machine may be available at a bank or an office where people. The appeal of this is there is a massive audience of adults who drink coffee. Having a coffee maker that can only make a cup at a time, is going to be less productive than one that makes coffee for a few liters.
  • Heating Options – More options means that things can be spread to a wider audience. Generally speaking, people want that. Modern coffee machines allow their user to have hot coffee. The machine heats up the water and filters that through the coffee. Some machines have a warm heating option, a room temperature options and most have a hot coffee option. Some people don’t have a machine with this option. Some of the older machines use the temperature of the water. While this may not be an issue for you, it can be a problem for someone that is pressed for time and wants to drink coffee.
  • Durability of the Home Coffee Roasters – The pod machines that most people use can break easily. Now, everyone should read the manual, but the common worker in the office isn’t going to. A manual will usually tell the user the limitations of the device. People from the older generation may not understand how a pod coffee machine works. Someone may break it by accident. For that reason, and that reason alone, maybe you should take a look if there is a warranty available for the machine. There is nothing worse than an essential part of the machine breaking, but the rest is fine.