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5 Best Ice Cream Makers of 2019


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Whynter ICM-15LS Ice Cream Maker

What We Liked
  • HIgh-quality materials, Easy to use, Durable composition, great positive feedback.
What We Didn't Like
  • This ice cream maker certainly isnt the cheapest on the market. We wished it was a little more affordable. Additionally we wished it could make more ice cream per single use.

If you consider yourself to be a true ice cream fanatic, you’ll likely want to pick up your own ice cream maker. Having your own ice cream maker at home allows you to make unique ice cream flavors while saving a considerable amount of money. Not only is it fun to create your own flavors of ice cream, but you also have the freedom to put virtually any ingredient you wanted into the ice cream. Furthermore, it’s a smart way to save money.

5 Best Ice Cream Makers for Home Use

Below, you’ll find our top 5 ice cream machines for home use. We spent a considerable amount of time looking through hundreds of products, reading thousands of reviews, and taking a close look at a few of them in person. Be sure to do your own research before you purchase.


Ice Cream Maker (Home Use) Shopping Guide

Ice cream is one of the most favorite desserts of people. Ice creams are available in many flavors like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry etcetera and are easily available in markets. But one must want to have an ice cream maker at their home. Before buying an ice cream maker you must want to know about the features and information about it. Here we are going to give you guidelines to buy an ice cream maker for home use. You will learn here what features to consider before buying an ice cream maker and what methods these machines use to produce an ice cream.

For those who simply cannot get enough of ice cream, an at-home ice cream maker is a no-brainer for a gift or present. Not only can you make healthier and more delicious ice cream from the convenience of your home, but you can also make virtually any style or flavor of ice cream imaginable. Ice cream makers are loved by ice cream aficionados and families alike, proving to be a smart financial decision and a fun activity for those at home. There are dozens of ice cream makers available for home use, and today we’re going to break down some of the most important features (in our opinion) and help make your life just a tad easier.

Key Features of Ice Cream Makers

  • Capacity and size of the machine
  • Time to prepare Ice Cream
  • Types of machines with their methods of working

Capacity and Size of the Machine

For an ice cream maker capacity and size are two different things. Capacity means what’s the filled size of bowl/container is, where the size of the machine means what space it covers in the kitchen.

So, we start with the capacity, ice cream makers come usually in two standard bowl sizes 1.5 quarts and 2.0 quarts. The most selling is 1.5 quarts, but it depends on you that what quantity of ice cream you want in one go. If you are a little family you must buy 1.5 capacity machine, if you are a big family or your use is bigger you should go for a bigger one. So, select one that fits best with your family size.

Now come to the second-factor‘ size of the ice cream maker’. Size of the machine is related to the space you have in your kitchen (or where you want to) to place it when it’s not in use. So, must consider the size of ice cream maker you would never want to buy a machine that takes a lot of space and is troublesome to store.

Time to prepare Ice Cream

A very important aspect to consider is ‘time’, the time machine takes to prepare the ice cream. There’s a very commonly used type ‘pre-freeze bowl’ in this type you must freeze the ice cream in advance for almost 12 to 14 hours. Let’s see this kind of machine is hell time consuming, what about when you are just in the mood to have some ice cream, but you have not frozen it before. Sure, you must not want to purchase such type of ice cream maker. You must want to know about dissimilar types I apprise you that there are ice cream makers which have built-in freezers, but they are slightly expensive than ‘pre-freeze bowls’.

Types of machines & How they Work

Extra Freezer Bowl: This is 1.5 quarts container ice cream maker. Its a kind of pre-freeze bowl with an extra bowl that’s why its perfect for large families. It’s fast in working and prepares the ice cream just in 15 minutes. You need to make a custard of eggs and milk, let it cool up and then pour the custard into the machine, grind it for 15 minutes add your favorite flavor and grind for a minute again. It could be your desired cookies, chocolates or frozen fruits.

Electric Freezer: This kind has a built-in freezing component, so there is no bowl to freeze. It is conceivable to utilize this kind of ice cream producer to deliver many clusters of dessert in one go. This sort of ice cream creator is bigger and costlier and is normally made for a business use. So, you may skip buying this because it is not suitable for house use.

Mini Ice Cream Maker: This is little in size machine, very easy to carry and store. It has plastic exterior and an aluminum inner bowl. The best thing about this type of ice cream maker is it’s very easy to use. All you have to do is add your desired ingredients, press the button on the top of the machine and it will mix all the flavors together and you will get a delicious yummy ice cream. Its best for single or short family use it hardly takes any space in the kitchen.

Gelato Ice Cream Maker: This is also little in size. Its working is little bit resembling ‘extra freezer bowl’ but it’s very unlike to that in size and shape. It is available in silver /grey color.

Orbit Ice Cream Maker: This is the shortest of all the different ice-cream makers. Its low weight, easy to carry and store. It is also an example of pre-freeze bowl ice-cream makers. It has a locking system which locks the container/bowl when it’s grinding the solution. Its available in white color.

Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker: This is a unique type of ice cream machines its disparate to all above described machines. It produces a different type of ice creams. Actually, it makes cone ice cream.  A company named as ‘Cuisinart’ develops this machine. It has the same functionality as others, have a bowl which needs to be filled with yours created solution of ingredients. The difference is it produces cone like ice cream. It’s messy and tough to use. It is big in size, heavier than all upper described. Cuisinart develops it in white color.


Hence, we can conclude capacity, size, time to prepare the ice cream are essential aspects to consider before buying an ice cream maker. There’s diversity in physical appearance and usage of the machines it depends on the buyers’ need what type suits them best. One thing is cleared that most used type of ice cream makers is ‘pre-freeze bowl’ and almost all the companies use this technique to develop ice cream machines. We’ll personally suggest you ‘Extra freeze bowl’ machine because it has an additional bowl, so you can prepare more ice cream at a time. But for single or short family use Orbit and Gelato ice cream makers would be better. One finally advise high prices are not guaranty for a high-quality product. Sometimes a buyer has to see just a brand sticker on a machine with no prior quality performance. That’s why we suggest you consider the above-mentioned aspects when buying an ice cream maker.


Honorable Mentions

Yaylabs Softshell Ice Cream Ball (Interactive Ice Cream Maker)

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If you’re looking for a unique, memorable way to make ice cream with your family (or friends), you should consider taking a look at this bizarre ice cream maker. unlike traditional ice cream makers, this ball-shaped product allows you to create unique and delicious ice cream by placing the ingredients into the ball and then shaking it and spinning it. Not only is this a fun way to get some extra exercise, but it can also be considered a smart, cost-effective solution to help you make ice cream at home.

Hamilton Beach 68330N (Automatic Ice Cream Maker)

View Product

We wanted to mention this ice cream maker because we felt it has a lot of potential but isn’t the newest product on the market. By adding the ingredients to the middle chamber and filling the outside chamber with ice, you can watch as your ice cream is made. Add virtually any ingredient you can think of finding your favorite ice cream flavor that is unique to you! Not only is this ice cream maker affordable, its loved by seemingly hundreds (or thousands) of people around the globe.


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