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best hdtv indoor antennasbest hdtv indoor antennas


Best Indoor HD TV Antennas of 2018

Who Doesn’t Love Free TV?

Derrick Zinj



In order to get local channels, you’ll need to pick up a digital tv antenna. If you’re looking to get free local channels once again, you’ll find some of the best selling and most popular HDTV indoor digital TV antennas. Once plugged into your tv, you’ll once again be able to scan and find the channels that you’d previously enjoyed before. People who have previously purchased one of the above-mentioned antennas have remarked how easily these antennas are to use and setup. Furthermore, it becomes quite apparent that people enjoy free tv! Be sure to test various places around your tv to find where you get the best signal. This will allow for optimum viewing pleasure, offering more channels, fewer disconnects, and a clearer picture overall.

However, before purchasing an indoor HD TV antenna, we highly recommend that you spend some time researching the channels that are available in your area. There is a nice Site, TVFool, that can help you.


Important Features to Consider

  • What is the Range of Signal? – Depending on the antenna incorporated into the device, you can expect a wide spectrum of ranges. Some digital antennas feature dozens of miles while others are much less powerful. If you’re looking to grab all the channels you can, you might want to pursue an indoor HDTV antenna that has a huge range.
  • What is the Length of Coaxialcal Cable? – Ultimately this matters only if your setup is huge. Some people simply put the antenna behind/next to their tv and it works great. Others will want to place the antenna within the optimal location to get the best reception and get the most channels possible. If the optimal location is far away, you may want to find an antenna that has a long coax cable.
  • How Easy is it to Setup? – Generally speaking, it’s not difficult to set up an indoor HDTV digital antenna to your tv. Simply plug the antenna into a power outlet (if applicable) and attach the coax cable to your TV. the complex part comes with setting up your tv to scan with the attached antenna. It should be noted that some antenna setups may be more complex.
  • What are the Dimensions and Overal Size of the Antenna? – Again, this is something that matters only if you only have a small space and how you want to use the antenna. Typically this isn’t a major issue as most indoor HDTV antennas are small enough to not get in the way.
  • Is There Wifi / Netflix / Hulu Connectivity Compatibility? – Technology can get confusing. Some devices offer wifi extension and can make your internet stronger over wifi if you’re far away from your wireless router. Simply put, most digital tv antennas do not offer wifi connectivity or offer Netflix integration.
  • How Many Channels Do I Get? – This is a major point people are curious about. While some antennas only offer a small number of channels, others offer a wide array of channels that can be picked up. Be sure to take a close look at the product description to see if it offer the number of channels you’re looking for.


Popular Digital HDTV Antennas for Indoor Use

  • Vansky
  • Maison-Market
  • Sobetter