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Best iPhone 5 Battery Replacements of 2018

Find the Most Popular iPhone 5 Batteries and Battery Replacement Kits

Derrick Zinj






Unfortunately, our cell phone’s built-in lithium-ion battery starts to wear down over time. As we continue to charge and drain our iPhone’s, the charge gradually deteriorates. In order to help combat this and bring back one’s iPhone 5 battery life, many people choose to open up and replace their existing battery. doing so can void the warranty However, if done correctly, you can expect your cell phone’s battery life to return to how it was when you first purchased the phone.

Below, we’ve listed some of our recommendations for the most popular and well-respected brands and iPhone battery replacements. Out of all the kits available online, we found that these batteries and replacement kits (specifically for the iPhone 5) listed below are the most popular and highest-rated on the market today.


#1: ScandiTech Battery Model iP5

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if you’re planning on replacing your internal battery by yourself, you’re going to need the proper tools. The screws and strips inside your phone are incredibly small. Thankfully, ScandiTech has brought all the required tools into one cohesive set and sells it with a 1440 mAh iPhone battery. If that wasn’t enough,this battery comes with a 1 year standard warranty. What could be better than this?


#2: 4 Smarts iPhone 5 Battery Replacement

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Assuming you’ve got all the necessary equipment to handle the deed, the 4 Smarts battery is a cost-effective solution. There are dozens of positive reviews and quite a few happy customers. Save money and grab only what you need with this standard 1440 mAh battery for your standard iPhone 5.


#3: HoneyBull Replacement Battery iP5

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For those who need all the tools to disassemble and replace their internal iPhone 5 battery, this is a perfect. Inside, you’ll find everything you’d need to complete the replacement with ease. Although this replacement kit has created an impressive customer rating, there simply arnt enough reviews to make this product go to spot #1.


#4: DAXTROMN Replacement Battery

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Looking for a battery replacement kit that goes above and beyond? If so, look no further than the DAXTROMN replacement kit. Not only will you find a replacement battery and all necessary tools, users will thoroughly enjoy the detailed instructions and included 24-month (thats two years!) warranty.


#5: IMILITIS Battery (For 5S/5C)

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In the event that you landed on this page looking for 5S or 5C battery replacement kits, we’ve listed this product specifically for you.  this battery replacement kit comes with a big 1560 mAh battery and everything needed to complete the job with ease. Please keep in mind that this battery is only for 5S and 5C iPhones.


Final Thoughts

If you’re serious about replacing your iPhone 5 battery, the above-mentioned products will surely help you get the job done. However, its important to note that there are many other alternatives. It should be noted that opening up your iPhone can void the warranty, so its best to consider all options before pulling the trigger on any thing irrationally. For example, you can have apple replace the battery for you. Sure, it might cost a little extra, but the repair will be under warranty and if they screw anything up, they’ll be on the hook to fix it. Additionally, there are a number of battery cases and portable chargers that can help you keep your phone charged and powered on throughout the day.