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Best Laser Hair Removal Machines of 2018

Remove That Pesky, Unwanted Hair!

Derrick Zinj



Unwanted patches of hair can be annoying and embarrassing. If you’re like millions of other people around the world looking to get rid of embarrassing hair on your body, you likely understand the annoyance and self-conscious effects one can get from unwanted hair. Thankfully, there are many products on the market that have proven themselves to be effective, reliable, and efficient at removing unwanted hair. Above, you’ll find an assortment of hair removal machines that aim at making you look your absolute best while removing any unwanted hair on your body.

One other point we’d like to make is that laser hair removal isn’t the only solution. Be sure to consider looking at new and traditional systems on the market including (but not limited to) razors and Bluetooth technology.


Important Features to Consider

  • Price – As expected, laser hair removal systems are offered in a wide array of prices depending on added features and integrated technologies. For example, some people are simply looking for an easy-to-use and effective hair removal system, while others are looking for a more sophisticated and technologically advanced solution.
  • Portability – Much like price, the dozens of quality hair removal systems found on the market range in their levels of portability. Depending on if you’re looking for a solution to bring with you on the go, or if you’re looking for a stationary system that isn’t battery operated, We’re confident you’ll find the perfect solution. However, it’s important to consider what your portability needs and desires are in the first place to help you narrow down your selection.
  • Permanent Hair Removal – While some laser hair removal systems offer a temporary solution, newer tools have arrived in the marketplace offering longer-lasting approaches to keeping unwanted hair away. Be sure to read through previous customer feedback as well as understand the technology integrated into the product before picking up your new hair removal kit.
  • Technology Used – Going hand in hand with permanency, there seems to be a number of new technologies being integrated into hair removal kits. For example, we’re seeing more Bluetooth-enabled devices, along with razor-less solutions that can target the hair follicle deeper into the skin and provide longer-lasting results.
  • FDA Cleared Product – Some products on the market have been given the “OK” from the Food and Drug Administration, making them look more reliable and effective in terms of removing unwanted hair. If you’re looking for an FDA cleared hair removal kit, be sure to read the product description to find out the details.


Popular Laser Hair Removal Machine Brands

Truth be told, there are a large number of hair removal machine manufacturers nowadays. However, there are a few that stand out from the rest and should be considered as top quality.