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5 Best Log Splitters Under $1000

I wish I’d known about automatic log splitters a long time ago. The amount of energy I’ve invested into splitting logs is embarrassing. I could have saved myself a considerable amount of time and energy if I’d invested in an automatic log splitter. If you find yourself loosely in a similar boat, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’re looking through some of the best selling and most popular log splitters that effective, easy-to-use, reliable, and under the price point of $1000 dollars.

Best Log Splitters Under $1000 Bucks

Affordable Log Splitter (Under $1000 Dollars) Shopping Guide

Log splitters are also known as woodcutters, it is a splitting device that helps in reducing the heavy and tedious task of splitting logs. They help in saving energy and time needed to split a log.

Log splitters are essential tools for people that deal with wood cutting. Are you into wood cutting, chopping or slicing of logs into different sizes of your choice? Then you will need to carefully pick a log splitter that will ideally help you in making the task easier. Log splitters come as electric, hydraulic, and gas, you can pick your choice based on the length of your workspace.

As a professional in lumbering activities, there is a need for you to carefully select an ideal log splitter to make your work easy.

With the help of a log splitter, there is no need for you to go through the stress of using devices like axes, hammers, mauls etc.

We have put up this guide in order to help you with your shopping process and help you decide on a log splitter that suits you best.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Log Splitter


There are three different types of log splitters that you can get, they are all ideal for wood splitting but you can also make your choice depending on the number of logs you will be splitting and your needs each year. The machines are either electric, gas or hydraulic log splitters.

Electric Log Splitter

This machine or kind of log splitter is ideal for those who intend to go for an all-year-round consumption of close to 10 cubic meters of wood. Electric splitters work in a practical way due to the fact that they are energy efficient, less hazardous from pollution and extremely silent. It has the capability to split logs close to 40cm in diameter and its shaft can also weigh 10 tons. It allows to also split 30cm logs with 5tons minimum weight. You should also note that the engine power varies with respect to the model. They come with power usually between 1500 watts (W) and 3500 W.

Gas Log Splitter

The Gas Log Splitter is ideal for professional users who are into splitting large numbers of wood in the frame of more than 12 cubic meters a year. This type of log splitters is exclusively designed to give maximum output and offer more than enough vigor because of the 4-stroke engine it is made of. They begin to make a push or drive at approximately 11tons, with 505horse power, or alternatively 9000W. The strongest splitters have the capacity to go up to 22tons and also split log close to 60cm in diameter.

Hydraulic Log Splitter

The hydraulic log splitter is exclusively designed to work with the aid of a tractor’s grip force. Except you own a tractor, then there is no way you can make use of the hydraulic log splitter so you much know what you want before purchasing a log splitter.

They have thrust that generally starts at 11tons. It gives room for 35cm log splitting, with the ability to be configured with enough force. Hydraulic log splitters are made sturdy and dependable, which makes them have the ability to cut through close to 12 cubic meters per year.

Log Splitter: Vertical or Horizontal?

Not minding the type of engine you decide to use, log splitters can either be vertical or horizontal it is left for you to carefully make your choice depending on your needs.


With this type of model, there is an added advantage of boasting the table where the log can easily be set down. Note that the only difficulty you are likely to face is that there is a need for you to physically lay the logs on the table, and this requires that you put additional effort in ensuring that the log is well lifted.

There is also a limitation in the diameter as this model is ideal and suitable for logs less than 50cm.


The use of the vertical model requires less handling and will be ideal or suitable for larger logs that exceed the length of 50cm. There is also an attachment for holding the log in position with this type of splitters.


The role cost of a log splitter plays in picking your desired product cannot be overemphasized. In fact, it is one of the most important factors we must put into consideration before purchasing our choice of log splitter.

We should note importantly that the effectiveness of a log splitter determines greatly the price and vice versa. If you need it to carry out less job then you can go for a less effective with low price that requires less power, force, and thrust to complete your work but on the contrary, if you are a professional lumbering worker then you will need to pick ones with more advanced feature just note that what you pay for is what you get.

Other considerable characteristics for choosing a log splitter

Once you are done with assessing your log size, supply and timber consumption estimation, and also have an idea of the force and power needed for your log splitter to effectively carry out its work, then you can also make a thorough check of the under listed features or characteristics:

  • The size of the splitting wedge
  • The available height settings for vertical splitters
  • The splitting cycle time, how fast can it split a log
  • The speed – very similar to the cycle time
  • The number of decibels (dB) – especially for 4 stroke engine
  • The pull start cord for gas splitters
  • A tiltable table for horizontal splitters
  • The frame’s resistance and finish
  • Weight for non-towable electric models
  • Its dimensions expressed in width, length, and height.

Five Important Tips for Choosing Log Splitters

If you intend to purchase a log splitter and you are keen on making the right choice, then it is important that you pay attention to the following:

  1. The splitter’s power
  2. The number of cubic meters produced per year
  3. Engine power
  4. The thrust expressed in tons and relative to the splitter’s power
  5. Ergonomics, vertical or horizontal

One other important tips you need to note is that your electric installation must be equipped with a breaker to cut the power in case of an accident if you are using or dealing with an electric log splitter.


In conclusion, settling for a log splitter that will ease your wood cutting stress is also stress on its own. We hope this guide will aid you and help you to decide on what will be more beneficial to you.

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