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5 Best Massage Chairs Under $1000

best massage chair under 1000

Looking to upgrade your sitting situation at home? A massage chair might be the perfect solution for you, offering a more comfortable chair, tension-removing massagers, and maybe even your new favorite place to squeeze in a nap. However, there are far too many massage chair brands and individual products in the market today. In light of this, we’ve spent way too much time doing the market research and finding the best selling and most popular massage chairs under $1000. Let’s dive into it:


Best Massage Chairs Under $1000


Massage Chair (Under $1000) Shopping Guide

Coping with the one’s everyday busy life is always difficult especially when you have to go through the hectic day over and over again. It is always important to take a step back and relax in the comfort of your home in order to perform better and to stay healthy.

Having a good massage chair is a great step to take when you want to ease and relieve you of your daily stress. It is always refreshing to know you are retiring to it when you are out and about. You get to relax on the chair even when you take a nap, read a book or watch a movie. What can be more relaxing than that?

Buying a massage chair can be a difficult task to do since there are quite a number of them in the market with different features but the sole function of relaxing you though. We have carefully put up this guide in order to aid you with your search for a good massage chair that will suit you and are very cost effective.

A Complete Shopping Guide for Massage Chairs

Generally, massage chairs do come in different sizes, materials, features, and prices. Getting one can be hectic but our complete guide for shopping a massage chair should help you decide which is right for you.


This borders on the type of decoration you have in your home or if you wish to keep the chair in your office. Most people always go for leather design rather than the cloth massage chair. However, if the massage chair you are going for comes with a heating element, then the leather won’t be too comfortable because it might become hot or makes you sweat when you are using the chair.

If you are looking for that softness that comes from cloth upholstery, then going for the cloth material will be okay. Since it works effectively to conduct heat and provides more stability. Although, the leather material still makes a great massage chair.


Massage chairs come in varieties of styles to choose from, ranging from the traditional recliners to the modern and compact style. The chairs are usually designed big to contain your whole body and do a perfect job, it’s quite obvious It wasn’t designed to have fancy looks but designed for utility.

Choosing the perfect style for you depends on where you will be keeping the massage chair and how you will be using it. If the massage chair is meant to be used occasionally, then the size shouldn’t be a bother since it can be tucked away and be brought out whenever you want to put it to use. However, if you will be needing the chair frequently, then you should choose a smaller size in order to make your room more organized.


Just like the saying, “nothing good comes easy” a lot of massage chairs you will find in the market are quite expensive. It will be very important to look out for the warranty on the chair you are choosing. Warranties are offered, ranging from a year and even up to five years.

Check thoroughly in order to be on the safe side and know that you are getting enough protection from your investment.

Extra Features

Despite the fact that a massage chair has one sole function- which is to relieve stress, manufacturers are always developing the chairs to bring extra features in order for them to stand out among other products in the market. Check out the below additional features you can find in a massage chair.

Pressure Point Detection

This is a great feature that will enable the massage chair to scan your back and present you with accurate acupressure points. This feature can only be found in some massage chairs since it is a costumed feature that gives a precise placement of pressure for a more effective relaxation

Zero Gravity

The zero gravity feature allows for effective relaxation and spinal alignment. The body is placed in a position of virtual weightlessness when the legs are elevated above the heart which increases systemic balance.

This feature can also relieve pain when placed in a zero gravity formation. It can imitate the sense of weightlessness as the pressure is removed from your back and knees.

Customization Options

Always know the customization of the massage chair you wish to shop for. Ranging from the settings to the program, it is important you familiarize yourself with them especially if you are going for a massage chair with a high level of customization.

Some massage chairs offer the customized and control only options, some in pre-set programs, and others in preset massage programs.

Built-in Audio

A lot of massage chairs comes with built-in speakers to enable you to integrate with your choice of audio. You can relax and enjoy good music, nature sounds, and white noise, for the enhancement of your relaxation ride.


For you to stream audio directly from your phone, the Bluetooth integration feature is provided for that enjoyment. The built-in speaker system in the massage chair allows you to listen to your favorite songs or movies directly from your phone, as you sway through rollers and motors.

Also, you can also control and customize the massage chair directly from your phone if the remote or massage chair panel is not within your reach.


In conclusion, If you fall under the category of people buying massage chairs for relaxation or fun or you are getting one because of a medical ailment, it is always important to buy one that suit you best.

We do know that massage chair comes at different prices but it will interest you to know that price is not all that matters most times, the price of some chairs might be on the low side but will serve you perfectly to no fault while you might still buy some expensive chairs that won’t be too much of help to you. Hence, the shopping guide we provided is aimed at massage chairs that are under $1000 and will still serve its primary function of relieving your stress. Enjoy!


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