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5 Best MIG Welder Machines for Home Use

Are you considering picking up a new MIG welder (or welding machine) for home use but not sure where to begin? If so, we’ve got you covered. In today’s blog post, we’re taking a top-down view at some of the best selling and most popular MIG welders on the market for sale online. We take the magnifying glass to many MIG brands and models and let you know what people think of certain products. Anyways, let’s get right into it.


Best MIG Welders for Home Use


MIG Welder Shopping & Buyers Guide

MIG welders also are known as Metal Inert Gas welders. They are the most common kinds of welders on the market. They are also the least difficult learn and utilize. It is for this reasons lots of lobbyist and professional welders pick MIG welders as their favorite products when it comes to accessible welding which does not compromise quality.

This is not a surprise because MIG welders offer a lot of benefits. They are portable and don’t need much time to set up. What is more, they are easy to operate, easy to maintain and repair.

But, it is easy to purchase the wrong MIG welder if you are not aware of what to expect and not to expect from a MIG welder. Thankfully, this buying guide will show you all you need to find the appropriate product for you.

If you are ready to learn this, let us go right into it.

How do I know if I am purchasing a good MIG welder?

This is a question which is frequently asked and is also one of the most crucial questions as regards MIG welders. Given how significant and popular it is, this question needs an elaborate answer. Before we head into it, its vital to understand that there is a range of considerations to go into before you choose a MIG welder.

Asides from your budget, no single factor can break or make a welder. Now, let us take a look at these factors below.

Choosing a MIG Welder – Factors to Consider

Multifunction or Flux-cored/MIG Welders

MIG welders could either need a gas cylinder, be flux cored, or have the ability to do both. For a lot of people, Flux core welding may be attractive because you don’t have to attach your cylinder to a gas cylinder. However, flux core develops a layer of slag which you have to chip off.

Majority of the welders on the market come alongside the flux core or MIG capabilities. But, some welders only come with one of these. For peak diversity, it is best to choose a welder that offers both of these functionalities.

Input Voltage

MIG welders come with various voltages so that may not work with the electrical outlet in the location you want to weld. Majority of the welders could be 110/115/120V while some are 220/225/230V. However, there are some that have the capacity for both.

110/115/120. These welders with lower input voltage are ideal if you weld as a hobby. This is because you will be able to plug them in any power outlet in your home. The only drawback is that the output power is limited and you would be unable to weld denser metals without having to increase your amperage and power.

220/225/230. If you have plans to work on denser metals, you will require a welder of 220volts. This means you will need to install a 220V power outlet. These welders are great if you are doing industrial welding or in remote locations where you may not be able to get a power outlet of 110V.

Output Power

You will require a range of diverse output power depending on what you want to weld. Lots of producers will add a chart alongside the welder to aid you in choosing the appropriate settings to support you in getting weld of peak quality.

Transportability and Size

When selecting your welder, the ease of movement, as well as its weight and size, are essential considerations. If you have plans to leave it in your workshop, then you may not need to consider weight so much. But if you have plans to work in numerous locations, then there is a high possibility that you would desire a welder that has a handle that is not too weighty to move about.

If you require a powerful and large welder, you will be able to store it in a cart on wheels. However, the bulkiest welders will still be difficult to move on concrete even with help. The smallest MIG welders of great quality weigh 25lbs. These come with inverter technology which significantly minimizes the weight in comparison to bulkier models. The more massive welders may come with a weight of over 200lbs.

Spool Gun

If you have plans to weld aluminum, you will have to purchase a welder with the capacity to fasten a spool gun. Lots of smaller welders are unable to do this so ensure you look out for this. If you want to purchase a spool gun, its best to get one that has a quick release feature.

Warranty and Brand

It’s best to go with a trustworthy and reliable brand when choosing your welder. Manufacturers of welders offer several support levels, but for quality, you will observe that Lincoln, Miller, Hobart, and Everlast are great options and also quite durable.

Always go through the welder warranty and don’t risk purchasing a cheap welder that has a poor warranty. Longevity and Hobart welders offer an amazing warranty for 5-years. Although the welders are of excellent quality, the warranty offers you additional insurance in your purchase. If you have plans to purchase welders from less popular options, then ensure you go through testimonials and reviews properly.


Pick a welder with a price that suits your budget and is best suited for your requirements. Note that the costliest is not always the best for your needs. Also, do not aim for the cheapest products you can find. If you know what you are searching for, or have a planned budget, then you will be able to correctly choose a welder that would aid you in saving the most cash and offer you peak performance.

Final Thoughts

Lots of individuals end up purchasing a welder that failed to meet their requirement.  If you know what you want in a welder, you can easily prevent this. The guide above can help you in picking the best MIG welder for your needs. So why wait? Go shopping now.

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