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5 Best Selling & Most Popular Mortising Machines

best mortisers and mortising machines

A mortising machine is a great device that is used to cut the rectangular or square cuts of the required size in your wood piece. The working process of the mortising machine is similar to drill, but it uses two tools which are the auger and the chisel which works in a combined fashion to cut out a square or rectangle holes in your wood piece.


Most Popular Mortising Machines


What is a Mortising Machine Used For?

As a woodworker, you might have experienced the difficulty in cutting the neatly finished square or rectangular cuts in the wood pieces to make a good mortise and tenon joint. Most of the craftsman uses the regular drill machine by using specialized chisels for making the square holes. But the customers are not satisfied with the finish quality and complain about the workers.

The best solution to this problem is the purchase of a mortising machine which is specially designed to cut out a perfect square or rectangular holes in the pieces of woods. Usually, a mortising machine is used to excavate holes in timber, softwood, plywood, etc. The mortising machine is offered with a set of chisels to cut out the holes of different sizes.

The chisels used for cutting a square hole are quite different. They work in a pair with a tool called an auger. The auger is fixed inside the chisel and it spins out removing the waste wood product, while the chisel excavates the way deep the wood creating a perfectly shaped square or rectangular holes inside the wood. The usage of the mortising machine is quite easy.

You just have to fix the chisel right onto the mortising machine head and the auger is locked into the jaw or chuck of the machine. But both of these tools are supposed to be inserted together in the machine. If you are lacking any of these tools, the operation will not be performed perfectly. The setting of the tools mainly depends upon the width of the workpiece and the depth of the cut required in the workpiece.


Main Features of a Mortising Machine

You might be thinking that what is different in a mortising machine which makes the holes so perfectly cut. That is all because the design of the mortising machine is specially done for cutting square holes. This machine is operated by a high powered motor that is capable of rotating the head making the way through the wood piece. The rpm of the mortising machine is the decisive factor which decides the neatness of the cut hole.

The machine is offered with a medium rpm motor so that the machine remains in the user’s control and the cut should be neat and thorough. The mortising machine is made up of high quality cast iron or steel which makes it durable. The table offered with the machine can move in two axes the X-axis and the Y-axis. The table moves left and right in X-axis and up and down on the Y-axis.  The table of modern mortising machines can also be tilted up to some angle for proper working.

There is a vise attached to the table which is used to clamp and center the wood piece for a proper and neat finish. Some modern mortising machine has the ability to auto center the wood piece for excavating the hole. Mostly the head of the mortising machine utilizes the famous rack and pinion mechanism for working on the workpiece. The mortising machine is also offered with a set of tools consisting of a variety of chisels and the augers. The chisel and auger work in a pair together to excavate the perfect holes inside the workpiece. Chisels swirl through the wood piece making perfectly shaped cuts and the auger removes the excess waste of the wood for proper working. Manufacturers have introduced multifunctional mortising machines for the consumers. You can use these multifunction machines either to excavate the cuts or to fully cut the workpiece of certain widths.


Who Can Use the Mortising Machine?

The mortising machine is not at all difficult to operate. With the basic precautionary measures, anyone can be able to use this extraordinary machine. Mostly, the use of a mortising machine is restricted to craftsmen dealing with furniture or other accessories made up of wood. The mortising machine can make the mortise and tenon joint which has great applications, especially in cabinet making. But many engineering institutes are teaching the use of a mortising machine to their students in workshop courses to familiarize them with the basics of this machine with many uses.


Additional Best-Selling Mortising Machines

Following mentioned are some of the bestselling mortising machines in the market:

Powermatic Tilt Table Mortising Machine

This mortising machine is widely accepted by the customers due to its tilting table. The table of this machine can be tilted by up to 35 degrees to work with a huge range of angles. The machine is powered with a 1.5HP motor which is available in both 240V and 120V operable models. This 27000 RPM machine can mortise the wood piece with a maximum depth of 4-inches. The Powermatic mortising machine can both excavate a cut and fully cut the wood piece by using its flawless tools. The machine is fabricated from high quality cast iron so the durability of the machine is not an issue. When we talk about the chisel and auger sets, the manufacturers offer a limited variety of tools. But they can be purchased externally and can be used with this wonderful machine.

DELTA Professional Bench Mortising Machine

This machine introduced by DELTA is specially made for professional woodworkers. With an adjustable dovetail and removable head, this machine can be used to mortise anywhere in addition to the base. The base is made up of cast iron and is offered with a center hole so that the cut can be made through the workpiece. This machine is powered by a 1HP copper winding motor which provides decent RPM for the performance of the mortising operation. The professionals prefer this machine due to its durability and features which are not offered by any manufacturer at this price.


Final Remarks

So the design of the mortising machine and its features is making it a no brainer to own for the woodworkers. The functions of the mortising machine and its work quality not only satisfies the craftsman but the customers as well.


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