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best nvr systems home and business usebest nvr systems home and business use

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Best NVR Systems of 2018

Derrick Zinj



Network Video Recording systems or NVR systems are a perfect security measure that can make your life much easier. Whether it be piece-of-mind, protections against intruders, protection of valuables, or any other reason, an NVR system can help to beef up your security measures and protect the people and items you care most about. No matter if you’re looking to protect your home or a business, an NVR system should be able to protect your assets. Below, you’ll find an assortment of recommended NVR systems that have been thoroughly reviewed and used. Be sure to scroll down to learn more about important features, brands, and more.


Important Features for NVR Systems

  • Number of Cameras – The number of incorporated cameras can vary between NVR systems. Depending on the size of space you want to be monitored and protected, you may want to think about the appropriate amount of cameras.
  • Night Vision – Nowadays, most NVR systems come equipped with night-vision functionality to allow monitoring even when there are no lights on and its pitch black. Be sure to consider night vision and decide if this is a feature you truly want.
  • Storage Capacity – The amount of storage available on the NVR system typically dictates how long the storage is saved on the device before its permanently deleted. For example, if you want to hold on to footage from a month ago, you’ll likely need to pick up an NVR system that offers a large amount of storage.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Capabilities – Some NVR security systems offer the ability for indoor monitoring while others can feature outdoor capabilities. Depending on your wants and needs, you may want to consider getting the appropriate system. Additionally, some NVR systems do offer both functionalities.
  • Resolution of Recording – Some security systems offer high definition recording while others do not. If you’d like to have a high-level of detail in your recordings, consider grabbing the NVR system that offers high definition recordings.
  • Motion Detection and Remote Viewing – Motion detection and remote viewing while out and about are often sought after features. If you’d like to have the system monitor for movements and motion and record once a motion is detected, be sure to pick up an NVR system that offers this functionality. Additionally, if you’d like to monitor your secured environment, keep an eye out for the product’s ability to remote view. Some systems even allow for mobile notifications depending on sound/motion, which is quite nice to have.


Popular NVR System Brands

The below mentioned security brands are considered high-quality, professional, and extremely reliable. If you’re picking up an NVR system from one of the below brands, you’re in good hands.


Other Things Previous NVR System Customers Considered

  • Camera Visibility – There are many approaches to protect your family and possessions. Some try to prevent theft and burglary with visible cameras. On the other hand, others feel that it’s more effective to hide the cameras from plain sight. Consider what type of approach you’d like to take with your NVR IP camera system. This will help you shape your thought process on the design and color of the cameras themselves.
  • Solar Powering – Oddly enough, some security cameras are now offering the ability to be fully powered by the sun. Simply attach the solar panel to the camera and the rest is history. It should go without saying, but this type of system is starting to appear for outdoor NVR systems.
  • Wired/Wireless Transmission between Cameras – Some security systems offer the ability to transfer footage over wifi while other offer the footage transfer via an ethernet cable.
  • Offsite Backup – If you’re looking to have your footage immediately backed up offsite so that it’s untouchable, you may want to look for this type of functionality. Some systems offer this functionality but almost universally seems to cost the consumer more money and is considered a “subscription” type of expense that renews monthly.