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Top 5 Best Outdoor Stair Treads

Outdoor stairs can be quite tricky to use especially for the elders and toddlers who can slip off and can cause damage to themselves. Generally, there are railings installed with the staircase to ensure the safety of the users. But nowadays non-slip outdoor stair treads are popular which have an adhesive end which can be attached to the stairs providing extra grip to the elders and toddlers preventing them to tumble.

Treads can be both used for indoor and outdoor stairs. But outdoor stairs due to the environmental conditions require the treads. The outdoor stair is made up of high-quality fabric or rubber which can withstand the heavy movement. Outdoor stair treads not only provide an additional grip to climb the stairs, but they also protect the stairs from any damage.

The outdoor stair treads are made up of high-quality material which not only can sustain the heavy feet traffic but also can sustain the harsh environmental conditions including the direct sunlight, heavy rain, snowfall, etc. The outdoor stair treads can be attached to the stair surface by an adhesive such as gum, epoxy resins, etc.

The users generally prefer the thick outdoor stair treads for their house, stores or any other place which cannot move easily and sit into the place providing the advantages they are being used for.


Popular Outdoor Stair Treads


Design of outdoor stair treads

Outdoor stair treads are similar to a mat with increased thickness. They are usually attached on the stairs to provide extra support and grip to the user which prevents tumbling off. The outdoor stair is manufactured from high-quality fabric or rubber with an appropriate thickness which can withstand the heavy feet traffic.

Outdoor stair treads are more manufactured with more precision and care because it has to withstand harmful environmental conditions such as dust, sunlight, rain, snow, etc. The design of outdoor stair treads provides easy drainage to water and slush. The other side of the stair treads is attached to the stairs with the help of adhesive gums, epoxy resins, etc. Some modern outdoor stair treads don’t require any adhesive to attach them to the stairs. They have a sticky end which can stick to any place providing the required grip.

The design of the stair treads is also skid resistant. The anti-skid design gives a sense of security that you will not skid off the stairs given the weather conditions. Usually, in snowy or rainy conditions, the importance of outdoor stair treads increases considerably. These are the conditions when most of the accidents occur.

The material of the outdoor stair treads varies from heavy-duty fabric to rubber. The rubber outdoor stair treads are quite sturdy. They can sustain a high amount of force without moving of its place. But the rubber stair treads require extra adhesive substances to stick them to the stairs. Whereas the fabric ones can stick themselves to the stairs.

The fabric outdoor stair treads seem to be more aesthetically sound when compared with the rubber ones. Some companies are also offering aluminum stair treads for outdoor heavy usage. These outdoor contain anti-slip particles and are less common. Usually, you can see the metallic stair treads outside a hospital or subway station. The rubber and fabric ones are the most common ones which are used for domestic purposes.


Things to consider while buying an outdoor stair tread

There are quite a few considerations that can be helpful in buying an outdoor stair tread. Below mentioned few points can really be helpful in making a purchase decision:


The material of the outdoor stair tread will be helpful in making the right decision. Generally, stair treads are made up of rubber or fabric. The rubber ones are specially designed for outdoor heavy usage as they can withstand heavy force and feet traffic without moving from its place. The fabric ones are aesthetically sounder. They can also sustain the heavy traffic but are not as effective as the rubber ones. So, if the stair treads are supposed to be used for providing grip and avoid slippage, go for the rubber ones. On the other hand, if stair treads are supposed to be used at a less busy place and for décor purposes, the ones made up of fabric can be purchased.


Outdoor stair treads are supposed to sustain harsh environmental conditions such as dust, sunlight, rainfall, snowfall, etc. Water can damage the surface of stair treads if not drained properly, so the designs of the outdoor stair treads should allow for the free drainage of water and slush.


Price can also be a decisive factor that can make your purchase decision easy. Some outdoor stair treads are available for sale whose quality doesn’t coincide with their cost. So, do look for the outdoor stair treads which offer the maximum features at a minimum cost.


Other Popular Outdoor Non-Slip Stair Treads

Following discussed products are one of the bestselling products in the market:

The Puchan Outdoor Black Scrollwork Rubber Non-Slip Stair Treads

This elegant nonslip stair tread introduced by Puchan is a cost-effective product that not only provides extra grip to people but also provides the required cutouts for proper drainage of water. This outdoor stair tread is made up of high-quality odorless rubber which can sustain quite an amount of force without moving off its place. The product looks durable and sturdy which is the basic requirement of stair treads. The design of this outdoor stair tread is quite elegant which also adds to the aesthetic of your stairway.

Bungalow Flooring Waterhog Indoor/Outdoor Stair Treads

This fancy stair tread is introduced by Bungalow flooring is one of the widely demanded products when we talk about the stair treads. One of the reasons for its sales is its ability to be used in both indoor and outdoor conditions. The fiber is sturdy and thick enough to move when sticking around with adhesives. This stair tread is available in various colors and designs according to the surroundings of your home. Bungalow flooring stair tread can absorb 1.5 gallons of water for every square yard of flooring providing you the best weapon to fight against damping caused by footwear, rain, etc.


Concluding Remarks

So, outdoor stair treads are a must-buy product to enhance the safety of your stairs. The anti-skid feature of outdoor stair treads provide extra grip to the elders and the toddlers and prevent any accident which can occur in case of wet stairs or any other case.

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