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Best Outfield Baseball Gloves of 2018

Play your Best With a Highly Effective (Baseball) Outfield Glove!

Derrick Zinj




Features to Consider When Thinking About Buying a New Outfield Glove

When I was younger, I never thought of all the things to consider when buying an Outfield Baseball Glove. I always had the impression that you just needed to find a glove that best fits your hand.Now that I’m older, I understand that what I once thought was wrong and there are particular things to look for when purchasing a baseball glove such as the material, the overall size, web style, back-style, and pocket. All of the things listed are very valuable when looking for the correct glove. Without the right glove, how else will you be the star of the game?

The material in a glove is very important, you don’t want to get a glove and then realize after 3 games that the glove isn’t good or of quality.The reason you shouldn’t go for a cheap baseball glove is that when you’re catching the ball its gonna come at you heavy and fast, you don’t want to risk hurting your hand. Also, the material is important for gripping the ball. You don’t wanna catch the ball than when you do catch it, it falls out of your hand and you’re penalized. A glove of quality should last at least 500 games or more, to keep your glove in good condition you should oil it and clean it after each game.

Web-style is always an important factor when choosing the right Outfield baseball glove.My advice would be to try on the glow and spread your fingers apart while your hand is in the glove. You want to make sure you have enough room in the club for your hands, wearing an extra tight glove is not recommended. You also don’t want a glove that has too much room inside of it, just a secured web style design is best when choosing.

The pocket of your glove, where all the support of your hand is the key component of the entire glove.This part of your glove is where the ball will land. The packet and material of the glove tie in together, you want to make sure that the pocket slot has a thick material and is easy access to put on.When you get a new glove you might have to break in the pocket so it’ll be more comfortable to slip on. If you don’t want to break in the glove I suggest searching Youtube for a few videos on how to make the pocket of the glove larger then what it was. The back style of the glove should be pretty strong as well if the ball happens to hit the front of your hand, the back style of your glove would be extra support.Having a back-style that’s very strong and thick would make your glove very suitable to play in and safer as well.

Shopping for a baseball glove should all pertain to safety before anything. The price or who it’s by shouldn’t be the main priority when it comes to a potential threat. Besides your safety you should think about how comfortable you want to feel during the game, you don’t want to worry about if the glove you selected was secure enough and hesitate to play your full potential.


Outfield Glove Brands You Cant Go Wrong With

  • Rawlings
  • Wilson
  • Mizuno
  • Easton