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5 Best Professional Hair Salon Hair Dryers

Looking to pick up a durable and long-lasting hair dryer that evokes a professional style and also doesn’t break the bank? If so, this article is for you. Today, we’re taking a closer look at some of the most popular and best-selling hair dryers on the market for those looking for a more professional design.

5 Best Professional Salon Hair Dryers

Professional Hair Salon Hair Dryer Shopping Guide

Looking good is everyone’s business, but having to create lovely hairstyles on a daily basis can be so stressful and discouraging to do.

However, having a personal stylist to help make your hair look shiny and beautiful can be a great way to ease yourself the stress – that is if you can afford the cost. Well, if you don’t have the luxury of getting a personal stylist, with the right blow dryer, you can still get your hair styled the way you want.

We do know getting the best blow dryer can be difficult since there are hundreds of different brands in the market, and choosing one out of them can be a difficult task. Hence, the reason for this shopping guide that should help you make the right choice and help you save plenty of time.

Meanwhile, we should also know that what might be perfect for someone else might not be a good choice for you, since there are different hair type and getting one that fits your hair type is paramount.

Check out the shopping guide that we hope will help you narrow your search and choose a blow dryer that will suit you best.

Features to Look Out For When Choosing A Hair Blow Dryer


The construction of a hair blow dryer is very vital since it plays a major role in how the dryer works. The ceramic and tourmaline are the most popular materials of the blow dryer in the market. The ceramic uses an infrared heat that keeps the hair from damage. The tripled baked ceramic dryer is better since it brings better result with its even distribution of heat. While the tourmaline that is made from iron and aluminum also uses the infrared heat and don’t create frizz. An infrared type is a good choice since it has high settings for heat and gives less damage.


A blow dryer is used by holding it with just one hand. The way it is used makes the weight an important feature to look out for. Generally, hair dryers come in about 1 to 3 pounds which is not too much weight. But the smaller hair dryers are lighter and can be a better choice when dealing with long hair that takes time to dry off. Also, the smaller ones are easy to pack when traveling or it helps you save space.


The hair dryer type always determines the amount of power it will have. Technically, the higher the wattage, the higher the heat which can be bad for the hair by causing damage. For hairs that are light and thin, about 1200-1500 watts is enough to dry the hair, medium size or normal hair can stick to about 1300-1800 watts while the thick and curly hair uses dryers with 1600-2000 watts.

When you use the right wattage for your hair, it is beneficial for your hair and gives you a fast blowing time. Note, you should be careful with super-hot blow dryers that have a higher heat setting which can damage your hair. Also, thick and curly hair can also use a dryer with a lower wattage and still get good results depending on the product and the person handling it. Professionals can handle a dryer like Conair Infiniti Pro 1875 Watts, and will still control it effectively on any kind of hair


The filter helps to protect the dryer’s motor which in turn extends its life. A lot of blow dryers have this feature and it shouldn’t be difficult getting one with this. Filters need to be cleaned frequently since it gathers hair, dust, and other debris it comes in contact with while using. For easy cleaning, you can get the one that comes with hinges.

When the airflow of the dryer stalls or when it becomes too hot, this might signify that the filter needs cleaning. You can easily vacuum the cleaner if it comes with removable grills or removes the dirt with tweezers.


Most hair dryers come with heat and speed setting. However, some dryers do come with a three heat setting with two speeds but others range from two to seven-speed settings. For people with thick and long hair, they should make use of the high-speed, high-heat settings for a shorter drying time while the low-speed, low-heat setting is quite enough for fine hair.

When you make use of different combination of speed and heat, it doesn’t suggest that your hair would get damaged but it is important to pay close attention to how responsive your hair is to the setting to enable you to protect the hair. For people that are quite familiar with hair dryers and how to handle them, going for dryers with more settings is a good choice.


The drying time is determined by the motor of the hair dryer. The combination of good heat, wattage, and pressure will give a fast dryer which will quickly dry your hair fast without any damage. Dryers with high-torque motors and AC motors move through hair quickly, making them a good choice for a dryer.

Some high quality and professional dryers with AC motors like the BabyblissPro Carrera 2, can give up to 40% faster airflow that can last up to 3 times longer than the regular dryer. For people that will be using hair dryer a lot, doing for one with a motor that is highly durable is a smart move to make.

Special Features to look out for

Cool-Down button

One important feature of a hair dryer is the cool shot button. The cool shot button uses cooler air to seal in the style after blowing your hair with the high setting of the seat. This feature is also great for protecting your hair from overheating. Always use the cool shot button till after your air is about 80% dry.

Ionic technology

The ionic technology is added to hair dryers to break down water molecules by creating negative ions. It makes hair dry faster despite using less heat. Some professional dryers make use of additional technology to get a more effective result. The product like Revlon’s Pearl hair dryer uses an infused ceramic with crushed pearls to seal in silkiness in hair by creating micro conditioners.

Concentrator and diffuser attachments

Professionals frequently make use of two hair dryer attachment. Buying dryers with these attachments for home use is also great. A dryer diffuser helps prevent frizz by enhancing the natural hair texture while the concentrator gives you a more precise drying, and also reduces frizz. Concentrator will come in handy for people that want to get waves.

In conclusion, the prices of hair dryers don’t always determine the quality of the dryer. Some might come expensive and will not give you the value of your money while some will come less expensive and won’t be that bad. It all borders on getting one that suits your hair type. We hope the above shopping guide will guide you in finding the right hair dryer for you, good luck!

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