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best professional salon-like hair dryerbest professional salon-like hair dryer

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Best Professional Salon Hair Dryers of 2018

Derrick Zinj



Looking to upgrade your beauty technology? Why not upgrade your current hair dryer for a higher-quality, professional salon-like hair dryer? Sure it might cost a little more money, but the amount it can help you looking your best can be priceless.


Things to Consider When Buying a Profesional Hair Dryer

A hairdryer is a must-have in anyone beauty regime. Not all hair dryers are the same. There are things that you should look for. These include:

  • The Power – You may be wondering why the power is important. It is the power that makes the difference in how long it takes to dry your hair. When looking at hair dryers choose one that has 1800 wattage or higher. The shorter time you use to dry your hair the healthier your hair stays. Professionals use dryers that have wattage as high as 3600. While the higher wattage dryer may be more expensive it will save you money in the amount of time it takes to dry your hair. Since they do not take as long it means less damage to your hair.
  • Ceramic and Tourmaline – Ceramic and Tourmaline help control the heat so that it is distributed evenly. The ceramic helps control the hear while the Tourmaline smooths the hair. It helps keep the hair from being frizzy. The Tourmaline also helps the hair to retain moisture.
  • A Cool Shot Button – A cool shot button helps to set the style. After your hair is dry, turn on the cool shot button to seat the cuticles of your hair. By sealing the cuticles you will hair will be shinier and have a long-lasting hole.
  • Attachments – Attachments are another important part of your hair dryer. Your dryer should have a nozzle. The nozzle helps the flow of the air. If your hair is curly then the nozzle helps spread out the air. A diffuser is another attachment that helps with air flow. The diffuser spreads the heat over a larger area. While a nozzle may come with your dryer you may have to purchase the diffuser separately.
  • Heat And Power Controls – The dryer also needs to have multiple settings for the heat and power. You use the higher heat to dry your hair. Then you use the lower heat to set your style.
  • Short Drying Time – Short drying time means that you will not have to spend a lot of time drying your hair. It will save you time and save your hair from being damaged.
  • Comfortable Handling – When drying your hair you want one that is comfortable to handle and has convenient features. Comfort is not dependent upon the weight. Some hairstylists have found a heavier one easier to use because the weight is evenly distributed.When purchasing a hair dryer that has the above feature you can also use it when traveling. A travel hairdryer does not have these features so you are liable to spend more time drying your hair. You just have to make sure that it dual voltage.

Note: You should also read the safety instructions as well as the warranty so that you know exactly what to expect from your hair dryer. While a good hair dryer may cost more you will save money in the time it takes to dry your hair. By checking if the dryer you are looking for has these feature you are guaranteed to have one that will last a long time.


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