5 Best Propane BBQ Grills for the Money


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Master Cook Propane Grill

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  • Awesome price and hundreds of positive reviews to back this propane BBQ grill. Built with high-quality material to help the grill last a significant amount of time. Amazon Prime is a nice addon.
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  • The thermometer isn't the most reliable for some.

Buying a propane BBQ grill is a good way to have a place to cook on your deck or backyard. The grill could become the fixture in your backyard that you were hoping to find, and it might be the place that you prefer to make most of your food during the hottest months of the year. The grill gives you a reason to get outside, and it is one of the simpler ways to cook when you are using it correctly. You simply need to find a grill that will meet your needs without overwhelming you.


5 best propane BBQ Grills for the Money

If you’re looking for the best value-driven barbeque (propane) grill, here are the grills we suggest. Be sure to take a look at a few and see if any fit your needs.

5 Best Propane Grills under $1000

Perhaps you’re in the market for a higher-end propane grill that offers new and favorable features not seen in cheaper priced grills? If so, this below list of grills may suit your needs.

Features to Consider in a BBQ Propane Grill

The propane grill that you purchase should come with the attachments and features that you know you need. You might cook so much that you need the special warming station on the side, the special side-eye, and a storage cabinet underneath. You could use a propane grill that has a smoker attachment, and it burns off the wood you have chosen at a specific temperature so that you get the rich low smoke that you need to create flavor.

Grills that have attachments often have upper racks, and those upper racks are places where you might warm buns or place vegetables that you do not want that close to the flame. The grill that you have chosen might come with a special vent that allows you to release heat while the cover is closed, and you will find that you can better regulate the temperature in this way. The same is true of anything that has a smoker function.

Grills that have side eyes usually run just like the gas stove in your home. That one eye could allow you to work with a pot that holds your sauce, or you might need to boil something that will help you add to the dishes you are working with. The warming station simply has a cover that heats to about 100 degrees, and the storage cabinet gives you shelves that can be used to store all the grilling accessories that you use during the course of the year.

What Types of Barbecue Grills Exist?

There are propane grills of varying sizes, charcoal grills, and special smoker grills that usually have a smoker attachment. You might choose a smoker on its own, and you could use something that is nothing more than a simple clay pit. There are some grills that you might simply lay a rack over, and there are others that Come with more attachments that you could imagine including a storage cabinet and side burners. You need to decide how much you plan to cook outside before making a choice.

Size Of The Grill

The grill that you choose should be large enough for you to cook for the number of people you have in the house. A large grill helps large families or people who hold large parties. You might need a large grill if you plan to make more than one meal at a time, and you could use a small grill if you are simply cooking for you and your spouse.

The size of the grill often determines how big the cabinet will be, and you should look into the storage space that is under the grill before making your investment. There are many sizes of the grill that you could choose from, and you might want something that fits into your lawn. If you have very little space, you might want to take a measurement before making your purchase.

Material Used In The Grill

Grills are typically made of aluminum because they conduct heat well while also providing you with a lightweight body. The grills themselves often have stainless steel racks, grates, and interior shells that are easier to clean. The legs are also made of stainless steel, and it is much more stable than normal.

Overall Price

Your grill should be purchased for a price that you believe is fair, but you can do some comparison shopping before making your final choice. You must get the most value from the grill, and that does not always entail buying the most or least expensive grill.

Note About Maintaining a Grill

Maintenance on your grill includes a full cleaning of the shell and racks after every cooking session. You might check the connections for your propane tank, and you should clean the spouts inside the grill that start the flame.

Popular Barbecue Grill Brands

You could choose from a number of popular brands, and these brands will provide you with the assurance that they will work for many years to come no matter how many people you have over for a cookout. In today’s day-in-age, most grills are built with high-quality materials that will help extend the grill’s overall lifespan. We suggest that you don’t focus so much on the overall brand of the product. However, there are a number of reputable and high-selling brands in the BBQ grill market not limited to Weber, Broil King, Char-Broil, BroilMaster, Coleman, Dyna-Go, Kenmore and KitchenAid.

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