Best PTO Generators of 2018


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NorthStar PTO Generator 13k Watts

What We Liked
  • Backed by a powerful and reliable brand, utilizes industry standard inputs, and offers four unique 20-amp 120v outlets to get the job done. If you need to reset the breakers, simply press a button.
What We Didn't Like
  • Little pricey (but worth the money in our opinion).

Many people who live on a farm or ranch are starting to pick up a PTO generator due to many benefits. For example, PTO generators offer increased portability, the decreased amount (and cost) of maintenance, and ease of backing up your home. If you’re interested in finding the best PTO generator, you’ve come to the right place.

Power take-off generators are perfect for those operating within the agricultural environment, offering affordable prices, ease of portability, minimalized maintenance, and convenience of backup power if something knocks out your power.

We’ve created this page in the hopes that we can point you in the right direction for which PTO generator is the best for your needs. You’ll find an assortment of popular PTO generators that offer a wide array of features and/or benefits that you might enjoy. Please feel free to look through these products and see if any of these generators peak your interest.

Please Note, if you’ve never purchased a generator before and would like some quick tips on what to look for, please refer to this below video, which breaks it down perfectly.


Top 5 Best PTO Generators


How to Select a PTO Generator?

In case you haven’t previously dealt with generators, we’d like to offer you a quick buying guide. One of the first things to consider is the engine size. This is vital for you to make the correct decision. Once you’ve figured out the appropriate engine size, its time to consider the preferred electrical phase (either 3 phase or one phase) as well as the overall RPMs the engine is capable of. Of course, there are many other things to consider, but following these concise steps will help you narrow down your choices. Beyond this point, you can be more picky with colors, additional features, the preferred size of the unit, and more.


What Does a PTO Generator Look and Sound Like?

Some people are newly into the market and might be quite unfamiliar with what a traditional PTO generator actually looks or sounds like. If you’re looking to get a broad sense of the look and audio of one, refer to the below video. You will notice the PTO generator is being used to start the engine of an older tractor.


What Size Generator Is Right For Me?

In the world of generators, it’s important to note that one size does NOT fit all needs. Sure, PTO generators are considered to be larger due to the agricultural nature, but they still range in power. If you’re not sure which one to pick, please refer to this below video which will help illustrate the factors you should consider before picking up your next Generator.

PTO Generator Resources

Looking to learn more about PTO generators but not sure where else to look? If you’re looking for a concise and super helpful resource, we recommend this PTO Generator buyer’s guide. Additionally, feel free to browse the below list of resources.

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