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Best Pursonic ToothbrushesBest Pursonic Toothbrushes

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Best Pursonic Toothbrushes of 2018

Make your smile look its best with a new Pursonic Toothbrush!

Derrick Zinj




Thinking about picking up a new Pursonic toothbrush? Not only are these effective types of electronic toothbrushes, they offer extra convenience and potential for a greater clean during each and every use.


Things to Consider When Buying a Pursonic Toothbrush

  • Dentist Recommended – when buying toothbrushes it’s always an added bonus to have the brush recommended by multiple dentists. You know you are picking a good brush for yourself when your dentist recommends certain electronic toothbrushes that may be better than others. It’s a good feeling knowing that a professional in the field has done the research for you and know you are getting a good brush. Research can take a lot of time and energy. Knowing that it’s already been done by professionals in the field saves a lot of time for you to focus on other things in your life.
  • Pricing – it’s always important for any product to have a fair price for consumers. It’s been pretty well established that electronic toothbrushes clean teeth better than manual ones. The price can still affect whether or not people buy a manual one or an electric one and also which electric one they choose. Another thing to keep in mind is usually the electric brush heads need to be replaced after a certain number of months and that can really add up. Depending on how much each head replacement is can affect people’s choices in which brush they choose.
  • UV Bacteria Sanitization – Toothbrushes can be a fairly large breeding ground for bacteria. Knowing that the electric toothbrush comes with a UV bacteria sanitizer helps ease minds that the brush that you are putting in your mouth is clean from bacteria and other germs.
  • Rechargeable VS Batteries – With some people convenience is very important to them. Having an electronic toothbrush that requires batteries could be a deal breaker. That can get back into the pricing issue of what kind of batteries does the toothbrush take, how often will the batteries need to be replaced and if you happen to have the batteries that you need in the house or if you will have to go out and buy them. When the batteries start to die in the toothbrush it will also usually start to slow down and not be as effective at cleaning your teeth. With a rechargeable electronic toothbrush it is always plugged into the wall and as long as you put the toothbrush back on the charger it will always be ready to use at full power every single time.
  • Brush Head Sizes – Electronic toothbrushes come in all different sizes for their brushing heads. It’s good to keep in mind that if someone has a smaller sized mouth that they should pick a smaller sized head versus picking a larger one that they may have trouble fitting in their mouth. A good example of this is with children, they need smaller brush heads, the larger ones will not work as well with them. Same issue with someone that has a larger sized mouth. They may want to pick a larger sized brush head to more efficiently brush their teeth.
  • Bristle Comfort – Soft verses medium bristles for one’s toothbrush is very important to keep in mind. The majority of people would choose a more soft type of bristle for their teeth, especially with sensitive teeth. Young children would need the softer bristles as well. Others may prefer the medium bristles or they might need those to more efficiently clean their teeth and its a good idea to keep both of those in mind when purchases an electronic toothbrush.