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Top 5 Best Scientific Calculators

A scientific calculator is a device that is capable of solving problems related to science, engineering, and mathematics. The scientific calculator is quite advanced than the ordinary calculator and solves the problem requiring the input values from tables making your task easier.


Most Popular Scientific Calculators


What is the Point of a Scientific Calculator?

Are you afraid of those long equations and trigonometric problems that require you to learn all those lengthy formulas and the table input values to get the results? The ordinary calculators are definitely not capable of finding those large stress or strain values in an engineering problem or those logarithmic values without the graph. Don’t worry because, in this technological era, the ordinary calculators are being replaced with the scientific calculators.

The simple scientific calculators are capable of solving those large equations, matrices, trigonometric problems, logarithmic values, square roots, etc. which requires a lot of time and skills to be solved by hand on paper. The display used by the simple scientific calculator is a single line but they offer more digits for the float decimal points and to display the large sum of values. To overcome this issue, many companies have introduced multiline display scientific calculators. They display the equation in the first line and solution in the second, but they are a bit out of the market due to less demand.

Some scientific calculators are also capable of plotting the graphs between two variables displaying their characteristics. Most of the scientific calculators are handheld designed and are compact as well as lightweight for easy carriage. If you are weak in solving fractions or converting the mixed into improper or vice versa, a scientific calculator can also serve this purpose. With the soft keys, you can type in the equation or any other problem and leave it on this magical device which will solve the lengthy problems in a matter of seconds.


Who is a Scientific Calculator Built For?

Scientific calculators can be used by students studying algebra, geometry, calculus, etc. This device can reduce the time by solving complex problems within seconds. Moreover, engineers can also use scientific calculators to perform their long calculations of stresses, strains, resistances, etc. The functions offered by scientific calculators don’t require you to memorize the values which can be a huge burden for some students. Scientific calculators can also be used to plot graphs between different variables, functions and tabulated data. This can enable the students to understand the concept clearly.


Features and Designs of  Scientific Calculators

A scientific calculator is similar to a simple calculator in appearance but with a lot more keys and a larger display unit. The ordinary calculator only contains the numeric keys and the keys related to basic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. But a scientific calculator is an addition to these basic operations.

It contains the keys for trigonometric functions, fractions, equation input, matrices input, logarithmic functions, exponential functions and much more depending upon the model of the calculator. These keys are quite soft and can easily be pressed which reduces the calculation time significantly.

Talking about the display system of the scientific calculators, the older and simpler ones still deploy those single line display unit. But with the passage of time, some manufacturers have introduced the multiline display units. These units not only display the problem on one line but are also capable of displaying the calculation steps which can be toggled with the toggle keys.

These calculators are a bit expensive and less common in the markets. Some of the modern scientific calculators are also capable of displaying graphs between two variables, inequality graphs, and graphs of tabulated data. So these calculators also have a large display unit and are a bit expensive. The scientific calculators usually work on alkaline batteries which are heavy-duty and can easily be replaced when out of power.

Similarly, some come with an integrated solar panel that is capable of storing solar energy and can operate the device with it. The calculator is also offered with a protective case that protects the sensitive circuitry from water and other harmful environmental conditions. Moreover, the cover also prevents the dust to enter the keys which can malfunction and can cause you a problem.


Best selling models of scientific calculators

Casio fx-115ES PLUS Engineering/Scientific Calculator

Casio has continued its legacy by introducing this scientific calculator for the consumers. With over 240 functions and 40 metric conversions, this scientific calculator is perfect for an engineering student or the college student studying algebra, geometry or any other science subject requiring lengthy calculations. This calculator is operated by an alkaline battery and some advanced models have integrated solar panels on the left side of the screen. If you have made an error in the previous calculations then don’t worry because Casio fx-115ES has the replay key which can take you back to the previous solutions with the data input which can be changed to get the right results. Its dual-line dot matrix display is large enough to properly see the equation and its input on the first line and the answer in the second line. This model of Casio calculator is offered with a sliding cover that protects the keys and circuitry from water, dust and unfavorable environmental conditions.

Texas Instruments Nspire CX CAS Graphing Calculator

This calculator introduced by Texas Instrument is the best one to date. Its large display screen has a color display and the ability to display the graphs of equations, algebraic variables, functions, trigonometric identities, etc. It has a large display screen of 320×420 pixels which is used for color coding the equations, points, lines, etc. which is required by students, engineers, mathematicians for better understanding.  This calculator works on rechargeable batteries which can work for almost 2 weeks on normal charging. The programmed chips used in Texas Instruments Nspire CX CAS Graphing Calculator is capable of solving complex problems within seconds. Its unique display and features are making it one of the most widely demanded products in the market.


Concluding Remarks

A scientific calculator is a remarkable invention as it can solve your lengthy problems in a matter of seconds. The minimal power requirement makes it an economical tool to have in your bag. Furthermore, it’s lightweight and compact design makes it easy to be carried around.

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