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5 Best Shower Radio Speakers to Buy

If you want to enjoy music or listen to the news while showering, you must consider buying a shower radio. This radio can be hung on the shower pipe or installed on the wall by using a suction cup.

A shower radio is similar to a conventional radio with the added exception of being waterproof. It is meant to be used in bathrooms and near swimming pools. These radios are mostly battery operated as AC adapters are not integrated within the design to provide a safer user experience. Shower radios also lack the headphone jacks and external antennas to prevent damage to the sensitive circuitry of the radio set.


Shower radios are available in a variety of colors to match the surrounding atmosphere of the area. These shower radios are known for their battery timing and loudspeaker as well as their compact and weightless design. These shower radios also come with a variety of features. Now most of them also offer you an analog or a digital clock as well as a long-range Bluetooth connectivity feature, allowing you to listen to your own playlist. This, along with the conventional feature of pairing with FM transmissions for news, talk shows, and music, make shower radios a brilliant accessory to own.


Top Selling Shower Radios


Main Features of a Shower Radio/Speaker

Shower radio is a great device for the people who do not want to miss the morning transmissions while getting ready for their work. Just like conventional radio sets, they are designed to be compact and weightless so that they can be carried easily from place to place. The casing of the device is specially designed to prevent the passage of water into the radio damaging its speakers and circuitry.

The usage of this device is not restricted to your shower rooms, but instead, can be used in the gym, near pool or in kitchens. Shower radios differ from the conventional radio sets in antennas as shower radios neither offer an external antenna, nor the headphone jack, unlike conventional radio sets. This is to prevent water from reaching the sensitive components of a radio set it can damage the set and reduce its lifetime.

For the same reason, shower radios do not offer any AC adapters. They work with AAA or lithium-ion batteries which can be plugged out and recharged. The batteries usually take about 2-3 hours of charging time depending upon their capacity. The older shower radios were just used to listen to music, news or talk shows playing on the FM transmissions. But, recent models come with many additional features. Many of them now offer clock and Bluetooth connectivity so that the consumer can enjoy their own playlist by connecting his/her phone or iPod with the shower radio set.


Who Should Own a Shower Radio?

As the name of the gadget indicates, this device is for music lovers or for the people who are news freak. People can hang it on their showers or install it on the wall of the bathrooms with the help of suction cups and can listen to music, news, talk shows, and other programs while showering. Shower radios are a great source of entertainment at pool parties.

The Bluetooth connectivity feature in modern radios can eliminate the use of dangerous wires near pools. You can simply connect your phone to the shower radio via Bluetooth and can listen to your playlist while showering, partying, exercising, cooking, etc. Some shower radios offer the handy strap which can be used to hang them on the shower or some other place. Others are offered with a suction cup so that they can be installed on windows or walls of washroom, car, gym, etc.

The long battery timing of the device is another well-appreciated feature by the people who like to carry entertainment devices from place to place. This handy gadget is also suitable for elderly people who do not want to miss the new broadcast, radio shows, etc. while bathing. The specialized casing prevents the passage of water which increases the lifetime of the product.


Most Important Features in a Shower Radio

There are many shower radios available in the market which makes it a bit difficult to choose. However, there are a few characteristics enlisted below to keep in mind  while searching:

Battery timing

Different shower radio sets offer different battery timings depending upon the storage capacity of the batteries. The usage of the customer will be decisive in making the right selection of the product. If the shower radio is to be used just during the shower, radios with small batteries can serve the purpose. On the other hand, if the shower radio is supposed to be used in night long pool parties, ones with bigger batteries should be purchased.


There are many sets of shower radios with a variety of multifunctions but the price of these sets increases as the functions being offered increases. If the shower radio is supposed to be paired with FM transmission to listen to the radio, a basic shower radio is an appropriate choice. Whereas, if the shower radio is supposed to be used in parties and you want to listen to your own playlist, the ones offering Bluetooth connectivity are the more appropriate choice.


There are many shower radios available in the market with features and quality not according to the price tag in which they are available. Thus, thoroughly search for the products and look at their features and reviews when you are going to buy one.



This handy device is a perfect gift for your friends, parents, spouse, etc. who like to listen to music or news while bathing, exercising and partying. The specialized casing of shower radio removes the wires and external antennas which makes it easier to carry around.

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