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5 Best Syrian Hamster Cages

Syrian Hamster Cages

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Living World Deluxe Habitat Syrian Hamster Cage

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  • Multiple size options depending on your preferences and needs, designed with safe and durable materials, large enough to customize the cage to your liking, fast shipping, and high previous customer ratings.
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  • Could have provided more color choices and or layout options (for example, where the door is)

If you’re looking to pick up a new hamster cage for your Syrian hamster, we’ve got you covered. Today, we’re taking a closer look at the best features you should consider when purchasing a Syrian hamster cage and which brands and/or product models are the best for your furry little friend.

There are so many hamster cages out there for sale it can be difficult to weed out the bad ones and find the truly good ones your hamster will enjoy for a long time. We’ve taken the time and trouble to find you some of the best cages for your furry little friend. Continue reading to see what products we recommend.


5 Best Syrian Hamster Cages


Syrian Hamster Cage Shopping Guide

Hamsters are great pets for children and adults alike. They are small, soft and cuddly when socialized correctly from a young age. If you are wishing to own a pet hamster there are many considerations you must concern yourself with before you go out and buy one. Chiefly, since your hamster will be spending the majority of its time inside a cage, you need to make sure that the cage is large enough to allow free movement and play, that it has separate designated areas for food, water, and sleep and that it is ventilated well enough. We have brought you this article outlining the necessary attention that you need to be made aware of when shopping for a hamster cage so that your furry friend can love calling his cage a comfy home.

Firstly, you should know a little bit about hamsters so that you are aware of what type of hamster you have or wish to have so that you can find an appropriate hamster cage for it.

Hamsters are generally available in three different varieties. Chinese hamsters are quite uncommon and are often mistaken for Dwarf hamsters however they are slightly smaller. Dwarf hamsters are more common and come in several varieties such as Russian and Roborovski and again are relatively small creatures. Syrian hamsters are significantly larger and come in plenty of colors. Such names of the Syrian hamster variations include Golden and Teddy Bear. A hamster usually lives for about 2 years and are best housed alone. Different breeds are commended on their different traits, which you can feel free to explore yourself to find the most appropriate pet for you.

There are thousands of hamster cages available in stores and online and some are better than others. We will look at the general differences that you will encounter when choosing a hamster cage, providing you with the advantages and disadvantages of each option.


Despite the small size of your hamster, you should endeavor to provide your hamster with a large cage so that it has ample space in which to explore and run around. Aim for at least 24 inches by 12 inches, and at least 12 inches tall for your hamster but bigger is truly better when it comes to housing your new pet. If you do not have much free space available for a cage, consider buying cages that have multiple levels, rather than ones that span out horizontally. The ladders to different levels provide a lot of pleasure as well as offering clear definitions for sleeping and playing areas.

It is important to note that the more horizontal space that you provide your hamster, the better, as although they love to climb, they tend to drop down rather than climbing back down, and so to prevent injury it is ideal to allow plenty of horizontal running space to entertain your hamster.


Fresh air is important for any animal, and your caged hamster is no exception. With many plastic options available, make sure that there is some form of the ventilation system in place if the cage does not consist of simple wiring. This may be in the form of a mechanical ventilation system or perhaps a wire or mesh top.

Safety Features

Firstly, ensure that any locks on the cage doors are secure and that there are no loose wires or sharp edges on the inside or outside of the cage you wish to purchase that may cause injury to your hamster or yourself.

Also, if you are going to invest in a cage that has multiple levels, allowing your hamster hours of explorative exercise and enjoyment, then ensure there are safety features in place to help prevent the hamster from falling from these heights.

Exercise Wheels

Exercise wheels are a staple in any hamster cage and will provide your furry friend with many hours of exercise. Ensure that any wheel that you buy fits into your cage well and that there are no places that your hamsters head or toes can be trapped.

Easy to Clean

A very important aspect that is commonly overlooked, keeping your cage clean is essential to minimize smells and to keep your hamster healthy and parasite free. Look for a cage that has easy to remove and wash parts and everyone will stay happy.

Type of Cage

There are three basic types of cage materials that are commonly available. Each has their advantages and disadvantages that we will examine below:

Wire Caging

Ventilation is never a problem with a wire cage and you can easily access your hamster at all times. They are less expensive than other varieties of cages and become playgrounds of their own as the hamsters enjoy to climb around on the wires. However, these advantages can easily become disadvantages as the wires may become a chew toy for your hamster and likewise, a well-ventilated space may become drafty and cold during colder months.

Chewing the wires may cause injury to the hamster’s teeth and they may also get their small feet caught if the bars are too far apart. Injury can also occur when climbing a wire cage and falling from significant heights.

Plastic Caging

When you think of hamsters, you probably immediately think of them inside a plastic cage, filled with colorful tubes and gadgets more designed for the children to watch than the hamsters themselves. The plastic cage can be of wire construction or solid. Be careful with sold construction as ventilation becomes a problem. Cleaning these cages does become difficult as all the accessories need to be removed and washed.

Aquarium style Cages

Probably the easiest form of the cage but also the least preferable, an aquarium style of cage is effectively a fish tank which allows for ease of view of the hamster but also not allowing it to chew through the cage. It is not very easy to clean however and it needs to be cleaned thoroughly and regularly to prevent bad odors as ventilation is limited. Remember to include additional toys inside an aquarium styled hamster cage as they will not have the wires to climb for exercise and pleasure.


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