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Top Selling Best Toy Phones

In this era where technology has been so much developed, the mobile phone is a small portable workstation in your hand. You carry the mobiles to almost all places doing some important work such as replying to an important mail or text, calling your acquaintances, checking your social media feeds, etc.

The same is the case with toddlers. They are so accustomed to seeing the phones in their parent’s hands that they want a phone for themselves to pretend to be an elder. Infect, toddlers these days are more familiar with the latest technologies as compared to their grandparents.

Some toddlers have their own smart tablets or cell phone which they use to play games and watch cartoons, but there is a discussion that buying a child his own cell phone at such a young age will definitely affect his cognitive abilities and his brain development. Moreover, handing your expensive smartphone to your child to keep him busy is a big risk to both the safety of the child and the device itself. The ideal solution to all these problems is to buy a toy mobile for your toddler.

The concept of toy mobile is not quite new but with the advent of smartphones, new toy mobiles are more likely to be their replicas. The design of toy mobile phones can range from the simple replicas to the complex models which have inbuilt games for the development of children’s brains.


Best-Selling Toy Phones


Generic Design of a Toy Phone

The designs of modern toy mobile phones resemble the latest smartphone, infect they tend to be their replicas as the market is adapting the items around us. As the device is made for children so the manufacturer selects the material carefully.

Most of the toy mobile phones are made up of BPA free ABS plastic which is 100% safe for your children. Moreover, the material is also selected so that the toy phone can sustain the fall from some height. Some of the toy phones are just replicas and don’t feature any lights or sounds. But most of the toy mobile phones feature bright lights, attractive music, and other options.

Toy mobile phones can be a great way to develop your toddler’s brain. Many of them feature counting or spelling games which can be great for your child. They are also capable of playing attractive music for toddlers by pressing the screen or buttons.

Some toy mobile phone also features the option of recording so that the child can record and hear to his daily lessons. Similarly, they also feature the options of camera shutter sound to entertain the child as he is taking the photos with his smartphone.

The design and color of the phone also attract the children as they hold them pretending to be living an adult life, talking, pressing the buttons pretending to be texting, etc.

Things to keep in mind while buying a toy mobile phone

A toy mobile phone seems a device that should be quite straightforward to buy. But there are some things which should be checked before buying this incredible toy for your child:


The safety of the toy is the first thing that must be checked when you are buying a toy for your child. As the toy is for the toddlers so make sure that the toy doesn’t have small removable accessories that can be swallowed and can cause choking. Similarly, the battery cover should be fitted so that the children cannot access the batteries or the circuitry of the toy themselves. It is better than the toy is manufactured according to the international safety standards so that your child is not harmed while playing with it.


Features should also be checked before buying a toy mobile phone for your toddler. Some of the phones are just simple replicas of the latest smartphones and don’t offer you the bright lights and musical melodies that can entertain your child. Similarly, toy mobile phones can be used for the basic education of your children as they feature the inbuilt games of counting or spellings which can enhance the knowledge of your children. So, look for the toy mobile phone offering maximum features to your children.


Price is another aspect that can be decisive in the purchase decision. Some toy mobile phones are a bit expensive as compared to their features and built quality. So, do search the market before buying a toy mobile phone for better choices.


Best selling products in the market

Leapfrog Chat & Count Phone

This toy mobile phone introduced by leapfrog is the best product if you want to enhance the knowledge of your child along with entertainment. This toy phone features attractive lights and multimedia speakers for music which attracts the child towards it. The phone also has an option of number speaking, spellings of various words, etc. by pressing specific buttons. Similarly, the phone also produces a shutter sound if the child touches the camera icon so that he can feel a real phone in his hand. Moreover, this phone is made according to international standards and is manufactured from high-quality BPA free plastic which is shockproof and is totally safe to be used by children.

VTech Little Smartphone

This toy mobile phone manufactured by VTech is one of the best selling products in the market. It is made up of plastic which is tested to be safe for children’s usage. The buttons from 0-9 play different melodies upon pressing which is quite useful for teaching children the basic counting. Similarly, by pressing the call to attend and rejection button, the character says hello and bye which teaches the child the basic etiquettes of calling. The build quality of this phone is strong enough to sustain blows and falls from certain heights.


Concluding Remarks

So, a toy mobile phone is a very useful product if you want to save you an expensive smartphone from your toddlers. This toy is not only suitable for playing and entertainment but the buttons and inbuilt games prove quite useful to enhance the basic knowledge or skills of your children.

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