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Top 5 Best Wood Burning Kits

Art is an expression of self that can be conveyed through any medium such as paper, canvas, collages, and even wood! But molding a piece of wood to the desired shape is a difficult task, one that can, fortunately, be easily achieved through wood burning pens. To simplify things, wood burning pens, sometimes called pyrography pens, are small pen-shaped devices that can be used to turn wood pieces into canvases. The tips of pyrography pens get heated enough to leave an impression on the piece of wood.



Most Popular & Best Wood Burning Kits


Features to expect from a Wood Burning Kit

Wood burning pens can trace designs and engrave them into the surface of materials such as wood, leather, plastic, etc. they comprise of a highly heated brass tip pen that gives you more control over the design. Using these pens on different types of woods will give you a different effect. Furthermore, different tips can determine the markings and depth of the design. The pressure applied and the angle used to hold the pen can also greatly affect the outcome.


Characteristics to look out for when buying a Pyrography Pens

There are a variety of wood burning kits available in the market. The following is what you should keep in mind before purchasing any to have a satisfying experience:

  • The price: Wood burning tools depend entirely on their target market. If a wood burning pen is targeted towards beginners, it will be extremely cheap. On the other hand, it may provide limited detailing ability or may not include other types of tips compare to the more costly ones that are targeted to professions.
  • Pen tips: There are different types of tips for a variety of effects on the wood. You need to be aware of the tip/tips that are being provided with the wood burning tool kit that you are planning to purchase. Be aware of the difference between fixed tips, which heat up quickly and are consistent, and polished tips, which have variable temperature tips and are extremely smooth.
  • Heating Time: The time required for the tip to reach your desired temperature is an important factor that must be taken into consideration while buying any wood-burning kit. Top rated woodburning kits come with the capability of reaching their operating temperatures in seconds while other models take a little time.
  • The accessories: If you’re a beginner, try buying kits which include instructions, carbon paper, stencil designs, and colored pencils. These accessories will help you get a good idea about how the tools are meant to be utilized and what additional item you may require.
  • Safety: Safety is an extremely important factor that many people usually overlook. There are several pens that are not well insulated and get heated along with the pens. Similarly, the tips of some models can get extremely heated which is quite excessive. Make sure that you are buying your wood burning kit from a trusted source and the model is designed while taking operational safety into consideration.


Some top-rated Wood Burning Kits

There are tons of wood burning kits available in the market. Here are some of our top picks.

The Walnut Hollow Wood Burning Tool Kit

The wood burning kit comes with variable temperature control as well as a heat shield for user protection. It also includes a stand and a comfort grip! With 11 interchangeable tips, it allows you to have a ton of variety in your design. It is well designed and suitable for different surfaces such as leather card and paper.


  • Easy to use
  • Heats quickly
  • Interchangeable points


  • Heat dial is placed inconveniently
  • Tips burned out quickly

The Weller Wood Burning Kit

Weller wood burning kit is great for hobbies and projects. It is affordable and also extremely easy to use. It comes with a stainless steel barrel as well as a heat and impact resistant handle. Furthermore, it includes a complete project book.  With 9 wood burning tips, a hot knife and a stand, you are well equipped to make your desired shape.


  • Affordable
  • Comes with an impact resist handle


  • The handle can get too hot
  • Loose tips
  • Other quality complaints

The Sona Enterprises Wood Burning Pen Kit

This set is well balanced and extremely reliable.  It also comes with tons of accessories.  The wood burning kit features 34 wood burning tips and includes ten assorted soldering tops as well as 15 assorted wood tips. Other accessories include a stand and four tweezers for more control over the wood’s design.


  • Well balanced
  • Comes with tons of accessories and burning tips


  • Hot handle
  • Loose tips
  • It not actually not hot enough for bigger projects

The Walnut Hollow Creative Wood Burner

If affordability and reliability had a name, it would be the Walnut hollow wood-burner. The pen comes with a pen that heats up to 750 degrees which is ideal for operation. The burner comes with an on/off switch and a mini flow point. However, there are a few problems with the burner. The wood burner comes with no extra tips and there are some complaints regarding the existing tip.


  • On / Off switch
  • Mini flow point
  • UL approved


  • Faulty tip


Final Thoughts

We have tried to compile a list of possible choices in order to satisfy your inner artist but there are thousands of other options available in the market. Be sure to decide the features you want from your wood burning in order to make an intelligent decision.

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