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5 Best Zero Gravity Chairs Reviewed

It is time to take comfort to the next level by buying a zero gravity chair. This relaxing is chair is what you require for premium quality comfortable seating. You must be wondering what a zero gravity chair? Relax and say bye to fatigue!


5 Best Zero Gravity Chairs Reviewed

What is a zero gravity chair?

A zero gravity chair is specially designed recliner chair that distributes your weight evenly. Your body is positioned in such a way that you feel zero force of gravity and weightless. It makes you feel stress-free and relaxed by elevating your feet to the level of your heart by reducing strain on the back and improves blood circulation. No more sore muscles and swelling!

They are also known as strain relief recliner chairs. Gravity puts you under a lot of stress every day, so this chair will help you feel energized.

These chairs are meant to set your body in a zero gravity position to support the weight. This is the same position which astronauts use to cop up with the increasing stress in space. A zero gravity chair comes with a lock mechanism to hold you in the upright and reclining positions securely.

Things to consider when buying a zero gravity chair

However, when they are a wide range of zero gravity chairs in the market, it becomes difficult to choose which one is the best. We will assist you in buying the right comfy chair to relieve all-day stress. There are some factors you need to consider for making the right choice.

Weight capacity

Nobody would want the chair to break after 15 minutes of sitting. So, weight capacity is the first thing you need to keep in mind. When you buy a zero gravity chair, make sure that it can easily support your weight to avoid breakage. It should fit your body type for maximum comfort. Most of the chairs have a weight capacity of about 300-350 pounds which is quite good for many people.

Shape and size do matter! If you are short or tall, go for the chair that matches your height perfectly and have an extendable leg rest for a comfortable sitting. Some chairs also have adjustable parts to accommodate people of different sizes.


The next thing is considering how much and how you are going to use it. There are different types of zero-gravity chairs that are intended for indoor and outdoor use. If you want to take it to the beach or outdoor camping, then look for a chair that is light-weight, portable and comes with a canopy for sun and rain protection. Zero gravity chairs are outdoor use also comes with a weatherproof covering. They also have additional features like cup holders and side trays. If you are looking for comfortable furniture to add to your living room, then go for a zero gravity chair with a leather covered seating and is durable. They also come with massage features and pillows for additional comfort.

Adjustability and locking mechanism

The purpose of a zero gravity chair is to relieve stress by keeping the chest and feet level same, so look for a chair that comes with many adjustability options at various angles and reclining positions. Some chair models allow you to change recline position with the help of remote control while others do it manually with a lever to set the chair at a preferred angle.

Also, having a strong locking mechanism is important for a good fix rest position and unexpected back shift. Zero gravity chairs come with a single and double lock systems. It’s better to buy a double lock one to avoid breakage and a secure reclining position.

Fabric quality

A faded fabric will not be so appealing to anyone. That is why fabric quality and durability is important to keep in mind when making a purchase. For the indoor purpose, opt for a chair that has faux leather or leather avoiding synthetic fabrics as they are more prone to tear and damage. It is also vital that the chair fabric is breathable for easy air flow.

If you want a zero-gravity for outdoor usage, then make sure the fabric is UV resistant and does not cause the seat to be heated under the sun.

Construction and materials used

Construction is a way too important factor when it comes to zero gravity chairs. The chair frame should have extra strength to bear your weight. Some of these chairs have a steel frame because of its high durability and strength. But, they are a little heavy and rust corrosion is the main issue. Ensure that the steel frame has a powder coating before buying. The aluminum frame is also common for outdoor zero gravity chairs.

In addition, it is light-weight and rust resistant. Some of the outdoor chairs include a PVC, polypropylene, polyethylene, and textile construction as they are weatherproof, light-weight, easier to bend for storage and portability. Make sure that the chair handle is not made of plastic or wood but not metal as it heats up so quickly.

For indoor use, hardwood construction is the best choice as it is strong, heat and moisture resistant. Prefer to buy a zero gravity chair that comes with an adjustable pillow or a headrest for maximum comfort.

Timber Ridge Zero-Gravity Locking Patio Outdoor Lounger Chair

The best zero gravity chair for you by the Timber Ridge offering a fully adjustable curved design for a complete zero gravity experience. Furthermore, it supports up to 350 lbs and comes with extra useful features like a removable padded pillow to support waist and head and a pre-installed cup holder.

This chair offers a very comfortable reclining experience with a full foam padded polyester fabric seat, back, and a wood armrest. Lastly, this Patio lounge chair has the dimensions 30 x 37 x 6 inches and weighs 24.2 pounds.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable foam seating
  • 350 lbs weight capacity
  • Well-built
  • Powder coated steel frame is rust resistant
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Patented lock system
  • Adjustable reclining options


  • Heavy to move around
  • No extended leg rest
  • Cheap quality levers


All in all, there is no good spot to relax than a zero gravity chair when you come back from a stressful workday. All your stress and fatigue will slip away with just 15 minutes of lying down on the zero gravity chair. Relax fully by bringing recline chair home to feel no gravity pressure on yourself.


What is the best way to clean an outdoor chair?

Just use a warm damp soft cloth and a detergent for cleaning. For rattan or plastic material, use a solution of vinegar and warm water to clean an outdoor reclining chair.

The best material for outdoor zero gravity chair?

The best option is wrought iron, aluminum, and wood as they are waterproof, rust and UV resistant and can withstand high storms and winds.

Can you use it post surgery?

Yes, it is beneficial for post surgery usage as they maintain your vertebrae, back, and legs in a relaxed position. Moreover, it improves legs

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