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5 Best Bicycle Mirrors


Rearview mirrors are an extremely important part of all vehicles. However, they are surprisingly missing from bicycles on a regular occurrence. This neglected accessory is quite cheap and easy to purchase but is extremely important for the safety of both road and urban cyclists. If you’re interested in picking up the best bicycle mirrors for your bike, keep reading. You’ll learn about which bike mirrors are the best to buy, how to choose a pair of quality bike mirrors, and what to avoid when shopping for them.  


Top 5 Best Selling Bicycle Mirrors


What Type of Bike Mirrors Exist?

Since they are not an included part of a bicycle, people tend to forget about them or don’t give side mirrors the importance they deserve. Similarly, aesthetics also play a major role. Many cyclists feel that including rearview mirrors on their bicycles would make it look uncool. In many countries, installing side mirrors on a bicycle is an actual requirement of the law, but the rule is rarely enforced. 

There is a huge number of side mirrors available in the market. The development of high volume manufacturing technologies like injection molding has allowed manufacturers to introduce different styles with each of them targeting a certain section of bicycle users. For example; there are many designs that focus on aerodynamics while some bulky designs are available with wide-angle lenses.

While the above examples particularly deal with the shapes, bicycle mirrors get classified in different types according to the surface they are adhered to. Some of the most common types of bicycle mirrors are:

  1. Handlebar mirrors: The most common and the safest types of mirrors. These adjustable mirrors get attached to the bicycle’s handlebars and can cover a wide area.
  2. Helmet mirrors: These mirrors are a part of the helmet itself. Their main drawback is that they cover a smaller area.
  3. Eyewear mirrors: Eyewear mirrors are very small mirrors that can be attached to the glasses of the rider. They cover a very small area and can cause migraines and neck pain when used frequently.
  4. Arm mirrors: As their name suggests, arm mirrors are attached to the arms of the riders with a Velcro strip. They are very difficult to get used to but are great for people who use different bicycles.

In this guide, we’ll focus on handlebar mirrors because they are most commonly used and are also the safest option. A section is also dedicated to the top 5 picks in terms of both price and functionality. The other types of bicycle mirrors do not have so much variety.  


Choosing the Best Rearview Mirror for your Bicycle

There are a few factors that you must take into consideration before buying a mirror for your bicycle. In the following list, we’ll try to explain some of those factors and how they affect you.


  • Material: When buying a bicycle mirror, it is extremely important to take care of the frame’s build material. Handlebar mirrors especially come in contact with vibrations and shocks in case you fall down. If they are fragile, they’ll keep on breaking. Nowadays, the mirror frames are made of carbon fiber and other strong plastics. Although they are a bit more expensive, it’s better to spend your money once rather than buying new mirrors every other week.
  • Shape: The shape of the mirror is another aspect that customers should consider before purchase. Round and oval are the most common shapes in the market. For handlebar mirrors, the oval shape is preferred. It covers a wider area and gives a certain aerodynamic look to the bicycle. If you want your bike to look cool even with side mirrors, check out the oval designs available in the market.
  • Type of lens: Side mirrors either have a flat lens or a convex lens. Both of these types have their own advantages and disadvantages. Flat lenses will provide you a better measure of the distance between you and the vehicle behind you, while a convex lens will cover the whole road. If you are accustomed to convex lenses, it’s better to buy them because they are the better choice. All vehicles have convex lenses in their mirrors due to their coverage and it will only take a few days for you to get used to them.
  • Adjustability and mounting: These are also important factors that customers often overlook. Side mirrors must have a certain degree of adjustability if you want them to function properly. Your height, sitting position, and other physical factors influence the angle and position of the mirror. So, it is natural that the mirrors that provide a greater degree of freedom are more popular. Mounting options are also important for the convenience of the users. It would be easier to mount and dismount the mirrors and use them on multiple bicycles.


Safety Measures

It’s extremely important to consider the following safety measures before you start riding your bicycle. You can have the best mirrors in the world but they would be of no use if you don’t adjust them properly. Similarly, you must make it a habit to check your mirror periodically, especially when changing directions.


Top Bike Mirror Brands Available

Mirrycle bike mirrors

The Mirrycle bike mirrors are specifically designed for mountain bikes. It features round-shaped lenses installed on a durable frame. The bike mirror is suitable for a variety of handlebar diameters and the installation wrench is also included in the packaging.

Hafny bar-end bike mirror

This is an incredible product due to its stainless steel frame and an arm that can be rotated up to 3600. The foldable frame is extremely sturdy and does not break even if the bike falls down.

Sprintech bike mirrors

The Sprintech bike mirrors are the most intuitively designed product on this list. Their shape is extremely aerodynamic and the seamless integration into the bicycle’s drop bar makes your bike look beautiful. Another aspect that makes this product stand out is its weight. Due to composite materials, a set only weighs 4.3 ounces which makes it popular among racers.


Final thoughts

Bicycle mirrors are getting popular because more people are slowly realizing their importance in regard to safety. There are thousands of different designs and models available in the market, so you’ll surely find something you’ll love to see on your bike.  


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