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5 Best Bike Covers

If you own a bicycle, then you might have faced issues while parking it in open spaces. Extreme sunlight, wind, dust, snow, and rain will definitely damage the bicycle and will cause it to wear and degrade over a period of time. Bicycle covers are a cheap and easy solution to this problem. There are various kinds of bicycle covers available in the market for different purposes. Some of them are to protect bicycles when they are parked outside for a brief period while some protect the bicycle for a longer period of time.


Most bicycle covers are made of high-quality thick polyester which protects the bicycle from sunlight, wind, water, snow and other unfavorable environmental conditions. The prices of bicycle covers are also dependent upon the material grade. The most expensive covers are made up of 600D polyester, while the less expensive ones are made up of 400D and 200D polyester. Another factor that is considered while purchasing the bicycle cover is the ease of using it. Some bicycle covers are also made up of nylon which is less popular. The covers which are supposed to cover the bicycle for a longer period of time have straps that can be taped down to cover the bicycle in case of a windstorm.


Best-Selling Bicycle Covers

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Most Important Features of Bicycle Covers

A bicycle cover is like any other automobile cover which is made up of reflective polyester or nylon and is wrapped around the bicycle. Most of the covers have straps on them which can be tapped down to protect the bike from the high-speed wind. The material of the bicycle cover is reflective and offers maximum protection against the harmful rays of the sun. The cover is also resistant to water, snow, dust and all the harmful components which can reach in and damage the bicycle causing it to wear and degrade. Some covers can only protect one bicycle at a time, while some larger covers can protect multiple bicycles simultaneously.

Additionally, the covers also offer ventilation which removes any moisture content which can cause the bicycle frame to rust and degrade. A storage bag is also provided with the cover which is used to store the cover when not in use. The cover is easily foldable and conveniently stored inside this storage bag. The bicycle covers which are supposed to be used for a longer period of time offer many lock holes which help to access the front or rear wheel of the bicycle to lock it with a pole or any other hanging. The lock holes are often made up of high-quality rust-proof metal and do not degrade with the passage of time.


What Should I Look For When Buying a Bike Cover?

There are many considerations that should be kept in mind before buying a bicycle cover. Below discussed are some points which can help when buying the cover to make the whole process a bit easier:


Bicycle covers are available in many sizes. Some can accommodate only one bicycle inside them at a time, while some of the bicycle covers can accommodate many bicycles. If the bicycle cover is to be used frequently, then a smaller cover should be purchased which is easy to use and take off. On the other hand, if the bicycles are to be covered when they are not supposed to be used for a longer period of time, then go for larger covers that can accommodate multiple bicycles at a time to save money.

Strap Locks and Ventilation Holes

Strap locks and ventilation holes are the basic things that every bicycle cover should feature. The strap locks or buckles are often designed to go at the bottom of the bicycle frame and are supposed to keep the cover locked to the frame in case of heavy wind. The covers with two or three buckles or straps are the preferred ones. Ventilation holes are another consideration that must be kept in mind when purchasing a bicycle cover. Mostly ventilation holes are placed near the bicycle handle and allow the passage of air to condense any moisture or water present inside.

Price and Warranty

Price and warranty are the two things that can be decisive while buying the bicycle cover. Many covers are available for sale which do not provide you with as many features as compared to their price bracket. A good bicycle cover will cost you roundabout 20-30$ depending upon its size and material. Also, do check that the manufacturer is providing a good warranty tenure with the product. Most of the covers are offered with a warranty of two to three years.


Below discussed are few best selling bicycle covers in the market:

BlueMart Waterproof Bicycle Covers

BlueMart is a well-known company when we talk about bicycle covers. It is made up of high-quality 190T nylon which can withstand sunlight, dust, rain, snow, etc. and protect your bike. It also features plastic covers to lock the cover and to keep it at the place in case of high wind. BlueMart bicycle covers also provide ventilation holes for the passage of air through it. The dimensions of the cover are 78.7″ x 27.5″ x 43.3″ which is suitable for bicycle or even a motorbike.

Ohuhu Bicycle Cover

Ohuhu bicycle cover is made up of 210T nylon which is durable enough to protect your valuable bicycle from water, dust, sunlight, and snow. Its best feature is the buckles located on the top and bottom which ensures the security of the covers on windy days. It also offers the anti-theft hole through which the bicycle can be chain locked easily to the nearest pole or tree. So, ohuhu bicycle cover is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

YardStash Bike Cover

Yardstash Bike cover is a large cover that can accommodate two bicycles at a time inside it. It is 82 inches long and 30 inches wide which is enough to accommodate two bicycles at a time. It is made up of thick polyester with ventilation holes which prevent the corrosion of the bicycle frame. YardStach bike cover also features metallic buckles which ensure the security of the cover in windy conditions.


Concluding Remarks

So, a bicycle cover is a less price compromise to protect your expensive bike from harsh weather conditions. There are many options available in the market according to your need and convenience, so definitely buy one for your bicycle to increase its lifetime.

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