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A Guide To The Best Biometric Rifle Safes You Can Buy Online

Within recent years, we’ve seen exponential growth in technology and how it can improve our lives. Not to be excluded, gun safes continue to improve their security and easy of access from those who are authorized. A new type of gun safe is starting to emerge and many are starting to test them out. The traditional way to open a safe is to use the included key. However, thanks to some new technology that has emerged, users can program their rifle safes to identify themselves via their fingerprint. Thus, people are starting to purchase biometric gun safes. Today, we’re exploring some of the best biometric rifle safes that you can pick up and purchase online!


Our Top Picks

Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

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The quick access biometric safe can accommodate a rifle. Your home will be secure after getting safe and weapons. It is a DOJ approved safe that come with 120 fingerprint module. An optional silent mode makes it easy to retrieve an item without other people knowing. You can rely on stealth so that you can surprise an enemy. The silent mode makes it easy to surprise your attacker. It is big enough to store up to four rifles. Solid construction assures users the highest level of safety and durability

Features and Specs

  • Secure storage – Many people are after buying rifle safes that can guarantee them the highest level of safety. The rifle safe is built to guarantee excellent results. Up to 120 fingerprint biometric module makes it easy for homeowners to access the rifles easily. You can apply an optional silent mode to make gun retrieval stealth.
  • Stores four rifles – The safe is built to accommodate up to four rifles. There are cases where family members would like to have rifles in safe locations. The rifle safe is built to guarantee them a great performance. The accessory attachments and the removable shelf make it very practical in everyday applications. The safe is built to allow users to enjoy great results in their typical applications.
  • Solid construction – The rifle safe comes in high-quality construction. It resists different forms of forced entry. The use of solid steel walls and the tamper-resistant edges assures users excellent performance. It is built out of pry-resistant steel deadbolts, making it very reliable in everyday applications.
  • Easy to mount – The unit comes with predrilled holes making it very easy to mount. It will take a few minutes to get it into position. Many people prefer it due to its excellent design. It is safe that will make your work easy. Many homeowners prefer a safe that they can install themselves. Remember, nobody should know where the safe is installed. The ability to install it yourself adds to the safety of a home.


Moutec Large Rifle Safe

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The large rifle safe can accommodate most of the long guns. Quick access avoids unnecessary delays when trying to get your weapon. The storage cabinet is built to assure users great results. Silent mode assures you quick and stealth gun retrieval to surprise an attacker. A separate lockbox assures users of great results. A high-security level assures users of great results; the safe comes with an electronic keypad for secure locking. The easy to install design make many people prefer it. It is built to allow you to enjoy the best experience.

Features and Specs

  • Larger and deeper safe – The safe is made out of highly reliable materials. The larger and deeper safe design makes it very reliable in everyday applications. A separate lockbox is included in the safe to make it easy when organizing important items. Users can apply it to store valuables at home or in office setups.
  • High level of security – The safe is made out of high strength steel for great durability. The solid structure makes it very reliable when trying to secure your items. A reliable lock mechanism assures you great results as you lock away items. The electronic keypad and the pin code combination makes it easy to secure the unit. The ability to instantly unlock it makes it easy to access the guns during an emergency.
  • Easy installation – The gun safe comes with predrilled holes that make it easy to mount it. It will take you a few minutes to get the unit ready. A bottom attachment makes it easy to attach it to the floor; you can install it in any location in your home.
  • Complete accessories – All the accessories you need to keep the safe in operation are included. It is safe that takes into consideration different features to allow you to enjoy the best experience. Two spare keys are provided to make it easy when trying to access the interior box.


Moutec Large Rifle Gun Safe

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It is a gun safe that allows quick access to the rifle. A five gun design makes it ideal for family use. The security cabinet and the rifle scope section makes it a great addition to your home. Biometric fingerprint access makes it very secure in everyday applications. It is large and deeper to allow for the fast handling of guns. The silent mode and other features in the safe make it very practical. You will improve the defense of your home after you decide to go for the gun safe.

Features and Specs

  • Separate handgun lockbox – The safe is deep to handle rifles and a separate section for handguns. You will always feel proud of handling the gun safely. It is built to meet the highest standards making it very practical in everyday applications. It can fit up to five rifles and a handgun. Your guns will stay organized after buying the safe.
  • High level of security – The safe is built to be tamper-resistant and pry proof. It is made out of steel and solid construction to achieve the highest level of security. Smart biometric technology assures you great results. It can store up to 100 fingerprints making it very reliable in everyday applications. The pin and fingerprint lock makes it easy to prevent kids from applying with weapons.
  • Quick firearms access – For instant home defense, it is necessary to keep guns safely and simplify getting them. The rifle safe makes it easy to store guns and access them any time you feel like. Silent mode allows easy access to the guns without the intruders knowing.


Moutec Large Biometric Rifle Safe

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The large biometric rifle safe comes in a new and improved fingerprint technology to assure users of the highest security level. The quick access to guns makes it very practical in everyday applications. It can store up to seven rifles, making it a total homer defense unit. A lockbox makes it easy to handle handguns within the safe. You can apply a silent mode to make the rifle scope assure you excellent services. The safe is built to incorporate the highest safety standards.

Features and Specs

  • Up to seven rifles – The safe is built to accommodate a lot of guns. It can accommodate enough firearms to secure your family in case of an emergency. The ability to accommodate up to seven rifles assures users enough firearms to protect a home. The instantly unlock feature assures users of the safe, great results. A reliable code combination makes it very secure.
  • Tough and rugged – The safe incorporates the latest security features. The body is made out of solid construction that makes it very reliable. It will assure you great results as you try to secure your items. The corrosion-resistant materials ensure users’ great results. It will serve in strong firearms in your home for a long.
  • Predrilled mounting holes – The gun safe is easy to install. It will not require a professional. All the installation holes are predrilled to allow you to screw it into position. Users can install it on the floor or secure it against the wall. It is easy to enhance the security of a home after buying the gun safe.
  • Three access ways – You can apply a smart align biometric scanner, four-digit keypad, or auto illuminating to access the guns. The gun safe employs the latest security features to make it easy for people to access the gun’s features. It stands out in assuring you of the highest security levels.

Bonnlo Biometric Gun Safe

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The quick access rifle safe assures users great results. It is a fingerprint gun safe that is built to allow users to enjoy great results. A lockable box makes it easy to handle a handgun and ammo. Quick access biometric gun safe technology assures users great results. It can accommodate up to five rifles making it big enough for average family use. The hardware comes with predrilled holes for easy installation.

Features and Specs

  • Quick access biometric – The biometric technology applied makes it easy to access guns. Many people are after gun safes that can allow them to access the firearms as fast as possible. Quick access to firearms is necessary to protect a home in case of an emergency.
  • Five rifle gun capacity – The gun safe can accommodate up to five guns. It is large enough to allow family members to enjoy quick access to guns. The safe comes when already assembled to allow for easy installation. Many people are buying it ends up installing themselves.
  • Three modes of entry – You have different ways to access guns. You can apply for biometric access, PIN combination, or use a key. The gun safe incorporates different entry methods to make it easy for you to access the guns when you need them easily.
  • Durable construction – Solid metal body and other safety features assure users great durability. The gun safe is built while taking into consideration the latest security features. It is a great way to enhance the safety of your home. Pry resistant technology assures you the highest security for your firearms.
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