Bissell Robot Vacuum Review – Worth The Price Tag?

bissell robot vacuum review

The Bissell robot vacuum cleaner (EV675) will help clean up messes on the floor and even pet hair. It uses cleaning that is guided by bumping so that the carpet will be cleaned in patterns along a zig-zag and the product also does very well on the hardwood. It has a remote to manually steer it away from trouble areas or to pause if it gets into wires. The robot is very quiet and is hardly audible as it operates. The setup is very straightforward and the product is already assembled. A short manual is included for setting up the time and enabling or disabling the schedule and what the light patterns and colors represent.


Specs and Design of this Bissell Robotic Vacuum

The product has a very easy setup and it navigates around furniture easily. The dimensions are 12.75 X12.75X3.50 inches and it has a product weight of 6.62 lbs. The product has a Lithium-ion battery and provides hands-free unattended cleaning. The Bissell EV675 robot vacuum cleaner also has cliff sensors so it will not fall downstairs. It also has brushes on alternative sides that will effectively sweep debris from edges of walls and corner areas and it includes sensors that make it stop or slow down. It has an easy to empty the dust bin and a brush that is easy to remove any pet hair. It has a triple-action cleaning system and combines dual edge brushes with a brush roll that rotates and strong suction to clean up debris on the ground. Additionally, the user can program cleanings to automatically clean if you are not home. It also transitions between stone, hardwood, and carpet. The filters are easy to clean and it is easy on electric cords and will transition from carpet to tile. The product has sensors to detect stairs and low battery levels so that it can return to the docking station and recharge. It silently cleans debris with up to one and a half hours of automatic cleaning. The product is black with teal accents and it is battery powered. A customer can also use the remote to help find the base station. Bissell’s support is very kind and courteous.


Usage & Other Customer Reviews

Positive Reviews

One customer purchased the product with her roommate. It was easy to set up, fun to watch, and took less than 10 minutes to have it charging before her first test run 6 hours later. The remote is accessible to use and helps if the robot needs some correction for its course. Another customer purchased this as a trial vacuum. They have thick rugs on tile and hardwood floors and the robot did not have any problems going over them and did not get stuck on any transition areas. The robot will move under chairs, goes around legs, and finds its way out each time. It always senses the stair edge and turns around and returns home but sometimes has difficulty. It has a quiet motor operation. The dust bin is always full after each daily cleaning for 1-2 hours. Lastly, the Bissell is more silent and the docking feature works better than the Roomba.



One customer said the product spent 3.25 hours cleaning the floor including the closet and did not get stuck once. He did not have any issues and rates the product a 10/10. Another customer could talk on the phone and hear the TV while the vacuum was running. The maintenance of the machine is very easy. It’s very good at picking up cereal and crumbled crackers. The dust bin is not spacious and if you have not put your robot on a set schedule it needs to be emptied frequently. However, it easily transitions from hardwood floors to a loose rug but sometimes it will get stuck and cannot transition over rugs. Lastly, one customer routinely runs the robot at night to clean the floor while he is cleaning up the kitchen and finds the remote to be very convenient.

One customer wanted to buy the vacuum to keep his area rugs very clean. It picks up a lot of dust and the vacuum runs for one hour. The robot will return back on the docking station when he gets home from work and serves as an active solution for cleaning. Another customer has 2 dogs that shed. The vacuum works well to clean up the dog hair, runs for 2 hours every time and the compartment is easy to empty and holds a lot of material. He recommends using it daily if you have pets that will frequently lose hair. Another customer’s child has asthma so it is helpful on wood floor areas. The robot can maneuver itself from hard floors to area rugs or over towels on the floor and can even fit under furniture because of its small size.

Negative Reviews

While many customers were happy with their outcome others found some room for improvement. Sometimes, it does not quite pick up the cats’ fur and there are times when the robot will do pass the same area on the rug. Some hair came up but the vast majority remained and the performance was below expectations. It frequently misses crumbs and fairly basic items you would expect a vacuum to handle with ease. Additionally, it’s pathfindings are aimless and illogical. It is not for large living spaces and the robot bumps all over the place and ignores some spots while redoing other areas. Unfortunately, you can’t schedule the length of the cleaning time or cleaning days and the areas need to be blocked with wires or it will get tangled up in them. There is also nothing in the manual about using no-go strips or whether they work or not. Sometimes the product gets caught on some furniture and it will leave hair behind after a 90-minute cycle.

The robot is not able to store information that will map the room and will not be able to tell if it finished cleaning every part of the space. Sometimes it will clean the same area 4-5 times. It will randomly beep every once in a while when it is on the charger. You have to move everything out of its way especially area carpets and electric cords. The robot does not have built-in memory for floor maps but it does store start times for a schedule. The robot can usually return to the charging station but sometimes will lose its way in the room and is unable to make it back. In addition, the product manual in the package was written for a different software series and doesn’t address issues that are needed for the vacuum model in the box. It is good for the first month but it slowly loses its ability to clean properly even if you replace the brushes and clean the middle brush that loads the trash bin. The product also needs to be cleaned after every use and it roams around lost with no sense of guidance and the battery life is not good. The unit does not get always get the dust off of the laminate flooring. It can also get stuck at the top of the stairs. The double spinners are not far enough out on the sides to get against the wall and it also has a hard time picking up Kix Cereal.

Sometimes it gets clogged. Once, the robot halted in the center of the room and did not operate for 12 min. The customer had to cancel the process and replace it on the dock manually. There were other times where the robot simply could not return to the dock. Additionally, sometimes the brush arms will cause difficulty in making the transition from hardwood to rugs. They are pointed down and get stuck under the rugs and will stop movement over the rug. It goes in random directions and the suction is not that powerful. The brushes need constant maintenance although it has some tools as long as your familiar with cutting string from a regular vacuum. This is needed for the performance of the robot to stay up to expectations. After some runs, there is visible furniture damage. Unfortunately, the product is somewhat expensive and a traditional vacuum is better than this.


Concluding Thoughts

This is a good product if you do not want to spend too much on a self-driving device. It can miss areas during a normal course of cleaning but the customer can operate the remote to help get those areas. The product setup was easy and is easy to program and have it get started. It does a good job transitioning from floor to rug to carpet. As mentioned, many customers have had a good experience with the product but there are problems with picking up material and directing the product around the room. As a final note, when you buy an EV675 Robot, the company will donate $25 to Bissell Pet Foundation for every purchase (at least at the time of writing this review).


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