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5 Best Bluetooth Alarm Clocks

A Bluetooth alarm clock is an amazing gadget that can be connected to your smartphones through Bluetooth and can play any music or tune as the alarm tune which is present on your phone.

Not designed to operate only as alarms, Bluetooth alarm clocks can also serve the purpose of a personal portable stereo which can be useful in a party or can be used for attending the calls.


Best for Budget – Night Light Bluetooth Speaker Clock

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Designed for consumers who are looking for a functional alarm clock on a low budget. This clock comes with all the necessary features that can make your life easier. You can set up multiple alarms on the clock for you and your family. You can use this clock for other things as well, for example setting up an alarm for only weekdays and checking the temperature and humidity conditions.

From an aesthetic point of view, this Bluetooth alarm clock is one of the best options. The stylish design comes in multiple attractive colored lights and occupies a very small space which makes it a great option for a side table. The clock looks so great that it can easily be mistaken for a decoration piece in your room.

The digital alarm clock also gives off a warm light with adjustable brightness that keeps your room lit without putting too much strain on your eyes. The light can also be adjusted to switch on and off with the beat of the music being played by tapping the speaker mesh.

Overall, the night light Bluetooth speaker clock by SHAVA is a cost-effective and functional product that comes with all the bells and whistles needed. It also comes with a full product warranty by the manufacturer so you can purchase it with a peace of mind.

Best Overall – JBL Horizon Bluetooth Clock Radio

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Beautiful and futuristic, the JBL Horizon Bluetooth Alarm Clock is an incredible product that can start your day on a positive note. Augmented by the powerful surround sound speaker, this alarm clock is a perfect replacement for your room’s speakers. It comes with the capability of connecting with your phone, tablet, or any other mobile device wirelessly or through a 3.5mm audio jack to give you the ultimate experience with most freedom.

JBL is a world-famous company producing high-quality audio products that are used in automobiles and can be purchased separately. This time they have introduced a new model of multifunctional Bluetooth alarm clock and named it as Horizon.

Horizon is an alarm clock that blows off the traditional clocks out of the equation. It features high-quality speakers which are known for their amazing sound quality. Moreover, the LCD display is flawless. It displays time, date, day, weather conditions and to-do list of the day if you have connected your device to your smartphone. The USB slots offered in the device can be used for the charging of your phones and smartwatches. Last but not least don’t forget its LED lights. The lights have ambient colors that brighten up according to the time of the day. JBL Horizon not just adds to the aesthetics of your room with its compact design but can also be used as a portable party speaker by connecting it to any of the audio playing units via Bluetooth.

The clock part of the JBL Horizon is equally intuitive. It comes with a complete digital display and an extremely attractive ambient light that does not strain your eyes in the dark. You can also set the screen set to auto-brightness which allows the clock to automatically set the brightness to the most optimum level. You can set the alarm as a traditional buzzer sound, your favorite radio channel, or any music from your phone.

The design of the JBL alarm is quite sleek as it fits beautifully in any environment it is placed in. The clock can also run on both Li-ion batteries or a power cord. It also comes with two USB ports that support fast-charging for your mobile devices.

Editor’s Choice – Echo Show 5 by Amazon

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More than just an alarm clock, the Amazon Echo Show 5 is an incredible product that is a must-have for a smart home. Compatible with Alexa, the Echo Show 5 is a compact 5.5” smart display that can help you manage your meetings, get in touch with friends and family, get news and weather updates, stream videos and do much more. Similar to every smart-home product, the echo show 5 can be easily controlled with your voice and integrate seamlessly into your house.

If you want to stay in touch with family, the Echo Show 5 can make skype calls with a simple command. In addition to that, you can also pair another Echo device with yours to ‘drop-in’ and check up on your family.

Amazon is aware that your privacy is extremely important, so the Echo Show 5 comes with a control button that can turn off the internal microphone and camera. Even when the button is not turned off, the device will only record your conversation after hearing the command word ‘Alexa’.

iHome iBT210WS Bluetooth Dual Alarm Clock

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Intuitive and simple, the iHome Bluetooth Alarm clock looks old but does its job perfectly. The dual alarm clock comes with the capability of waking you up with the sound you want. You can choose between a standard alarm sound, any radio channel, or your favorite song.        The powerful speaker installed covers the whole room and will be enough to wake you up from the deepest sleep. Similar to the commonly available alarm clocks, the iHome iBT210WS Clock allows you to have customized alarms for weekdays only.

The power requirements of the alarm clock are really low and it can be operated with a regular battery that can last a long time. However, if you decide to charge your mobile devices by using the 1-amp USB socket given in the alarm clock, the battery life will be reduced.

Similar to any Bluetooth speaker, the iHome alarm clock can connect with your mobile device to play your favorite music. There is a sensitive internal microphone as well which can capture your voice from the corner of the room and assist you in making a call when the device is connected.

Digital Alarm Clock Radio by FitFirst

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Reasonably priced and filled with state-of-the-art features, the Digital Alarm Clock Radio by FitFirst is a great choice for anyone annoyed with getting late for everything. The alarm clock comes with a calendar function that displays your entire week. The digital alarm clock can also be connected with your phone to play music, set up conference calls and do much more.

This alarm clock has a 4.2” digital display that has adjustable brightness. The clock mode can be changed to either 12 or 24 hours setting depending on your preferences. In this Bluetooth alarm clock, you can also store your favorite music in a memory card which can replace the need of connecting your phone every night. The Bluetooth range of the alarm clock by FitFirst is about 10 meters, which is enough to cover any average room. You can easily connect it with your phone to enjoy music during your morning stretches, exercises or even while cooking.

Finally, the alarm clock can also replace the plethora of wires for your mobile devices. We often have a single electrical port near our bed and often have to rely on electrical extensions or multi-switches to charge all of our devices. This alarm clock comes with two USB outlets that allow you to charge your phone, tablet or smartwatch easily.


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Witti Beddi is one of the most reliable products when we talk about the Bluetooth alarm clock. Most of the alarm clocks require to be set up again if removed from the power input socket. But Witti Beddi has an internal memory that automatically regains all the settings when plugged back in.

The front of the clock houses the stereo speakers and the LCD display unit displaying the time, date and weather in attractive figures. The LED lights brighten up closer to the time of the alarm. Moreover, the Bluetooth feature can be used to listen to the latest news, music or updates by connecting the watch to your phone. White noise is another attractive feature of Witti Beddi. If you are facing trouble in your sleep, tune in to the soothing tracks and feel relaxed.

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What is a Bluetooth alarm clock used for?

If you are a lazy person and waking up in the morning is always an issue for you, then you definitely will be using an alarm clock. They will serve the purpose of waking you up so you don’t get late on that all-important business meeting or job. But in this era, multifunctional products are in. Wouldn’t you like a device that can wake you up with your favorite music on the alarm tune or which can help you in soothing and sleeping with the aromatherapy relaxing you and helping you to sleep?

Most of the people will answer this question in a YES and luckily these devices are also available in the market these days. They are called Bluetooth alarm clocks and are readily available in the markets and e-commerce websites in a variety of designs and features.



The Bluetooth clock is a small compact device that pairs up with your smartphones, allowing you to select your favorite music from the phone’s music list as an alarm tune. Moreover, some models feature LED lights of attractive colors that mimic the sunrise helping you to wake up from your sound sleep.

The Bluetooth alarm clocks also offer the solution of the snoozed alarm sleep which ends up after 30 or 40 minutes when you are already late. You can also choose the models from the market which are snoozed after solving a mathematical problem or a puzzle which helps you to wake up and get ready for your daily day dealings instead of lying in bed snoozing your alarms.


Design and features of a Bluetooth alarm clock

The Bluetooth alarm clocks are offered in many designs in the market. You can choose the ones which attract you the most and adds to the aesthetics of your room. Different designs definitely have different features, the common ones are described below:

Phone charging USB slot

One of the features of the Bluetooth alarm clock is the USB slot it offers for your device charging. The alarm clock is either powered by a heavy-duty battery or a socket plug. In both cases, the alarm clock can be used as a power bank to charge your device. So, you don’t have to plug in your phone in a socket away from the bed. Just use your phone in the bed and plug it in the Bluetooth alarm clock for a quick charging boost.

Multicolor LED lights and display

The modern Bluetooth alarm clock features a relatively larger display screen. The display screen is used to primarily display the time, day and date. But most of the models offer the added feature of adding the weather in your area, important tasks, and other things onto the screen. Moreover, the Bluetooth alarm clocks also feature colorful LED lights that are lit according to the timings of the day. They will gradually dim out at night and will brighten up as the day approaches. Furthermore, the severity of the light brightness increases as your alarm time approaches helping you to wake up more refreshed and energetic. Some also mimic the sunlight to wake you up effectively.

Music streaming

Most of the models of Bluetooth alarm clocks also feature FM radio which can be used to stream music on your favorite radio station. They also contain large speakers with good sound quality, so you can always pair up your smartphone with the alarm clock and enjoy your favorite playlist making it a portable stereo player with a clock. The alarm clock can also be used to hear the news and traffic updates of the city, so it’s a good option in your room telling you important news and traffic updates while you are getting ready in the office.

Snoozing options

You people might have faced the situations where you snooze the alarm to take that unnecessary rest of five minutes which can turn up into the rest of 40 minutes or more eventually making you late for the day. The solution to this problem is presented in many of the Bluetooth alarm clocks. Many of them have fed puzzle games and mathematical problems which should be solved in order to turn off your alarm, so you can’t snooze it. Moreover, the alarm noise increases as time passes waking you up from your sleep in any case.


Concluding remarks

So, a Bluetooth alarm clock is a wonderful device and should be an integral part of your bedroom. The features and compact design of this device make no problem for placing it on the side table with other accessories. The flawless device is not only multifunctional but also adds to the aesthetics of your bedroom.

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