best bluetooth shower radio

Best Bluetooth Shower Radios

Do you like to sing in the shower or if you’re simply looking for something that will change up your boring morning routine then you need to get the shower radio. It is a radio that has been made water-resistant or waterproof so you can jam out to your favorite tunes while taking a shower. The best type of shower radio is the Bluetooth one, this allows you to connect the radio to other devices as well. They can usually be mounted to the wall with the aid of a hook or even suction cups, or they can be placed in the dry spot of the bathroom.

Bluetooth shower radios can often come with more features than just letting you play your favorite music or playing the FM, some of the modern versions also enable the user to make and receive calls from the bathroom as well.


Sangean H201 Shower Radio

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If you are looking for a smart waterproof radio with good sound quality, then Sangean H201 is the right choice. Being 100% waterproof with the JIS7 standard, it is ideal to use in bathroom, kitchen, veranda or in the garden with its water-resistant speakers. Thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity, you can stream audios from your Bluetooth enabled laptop or phone in the living room and enjoy your favorite music in the bathroom with this shower radio. In addition to this, the H201 also features a nap/egg timer function. You can set the timer between 1 and 120 minutes and works great for boiling eggs. Use this egg timer in the kitchen or let this H201 radio wake you up from a quick afternoon nap.

Moreover, it is ideal for campers, the radio comes with built-in bright emergency LED torch and buzzer. Press the buzzer to alert people that you need help in the bathroom. The Sangean H201 receives FM/AM signals with wired antennas for both and 25 presets. It requires 2D batteries to work portably in your bathroom. Plus, you can take it anywhere you want, this radio measures 2.2 x 9.3 x 5.5 inches and weighs only 2.3 pounds. Other features include the real-time clock and large backlit LCD which is easy to read.

Overall, a great shower radio to sing along to favorite songs while you’re in the shower.


Sony ICF-S80 Shower Radio

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Enjoy your desired radio station or songs while showering with the Sony ICF-S80 shower radio. Being splash-resistant and extremely portable, you can take it anyplace like beach, spa, sauna, poolside, etc. The shower radio features an easy-grip design that won’t slip from your hands. Plus, it comes with 20 random presets with an automatic off timer that allows you to set the radio to turn off itself. By the press of a single button, you are able to retrieve up to the minute weather information that keeps you updated.

Thanks to the large speaker, you get a high-quality loud sound that you can hear while the water is running. For easy operation and convenience, all controls are located at the top of the radio. It comes with a rubber strap that allows you to hang this portable radio into the shower with ease. The 2 AA batteries allow a long battery life of about 100 hours.


OontZ Angle 3

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Surprisingly loud sound from a small compact waterproof speaker! Yes, with OontZ angel 3, the volume goes with very high considering its small size of 5.3 x 2.8 x 2.6 inches. Plus, the sound will fill wide-open space with 10 watts of power offering high-quality crystal-clear stereo sound. This enhanced audio clarity is due to the precision dual stereo drivers and rich bass from the downward-facing passive bass radiator that offers distortion-free and well-balanced sound even at maximum volume. You get great bass, mids, and highs from this small speaker. Amplify the bass significantly by placing the speaker on a hard surface.

A perfect speaker for beach, shower, and poolside, thanks to IPX5 water resistance. It is rain, sand, splash, and dust-proof. Though it is lightweight and easily portable, it features durable and stylish construction. Using wireless technology, using the Bluetooth speaker brings the music to your bathroom. You can even answer or make calls using the built-in speaker and microphone without disconnecting your device. Besides, one-touch pairing allows you to any device up to the range of 100 feet. With up to 12 hours of playtime from a full charge. To converse battery, the speaker is designed to power down after 15 minutes of inactivity.


AGPTEK Shower Radio

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The AGPTEK shower-friendly radio has a circular shape with a single loudspeaker. The IPX5 waterproof rating makes it splash, dust, shock and water-resistant. Listen to FM radio anywhere, it can save up to 50 stations. With its dual function as shower radio and speaker, the 5.0 Bluetooth wireless technology offers superior connection to Bluetooth enabled devices to a range of 12m. Apart from radio and device connectivity, you can also listen to the list of your favorite songs. Thanks to the built-in TF card slot that uses an SD card with 128GB expandable memory to enjoy the desired audio in the shower.

A passive subwoofer and 5W strong driver provides enhanced bass and strong sound field. More to this, you can use this portable device to answer calls with the integrated microphone for hands-free call operation. There is also a redial last call feature to avoid missing important calls while showering. No need to worry about recharging every day, it offers 12 hours of runtime with its powerful large 2000mAh battery. An LCD screen on the front display 24-hour clock time and also has an alarm feature. You get silicone easy-access buttons on the front to operate the shower radio for multiple purposes. To easily hang this radio anywhere, it comes with a lanyard and suction cup.

On the whole, this small yet durable and loud radio speaker is a great shower, beach, climbing, and picnic companion.


Hydro-Beat shower radio

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Hydro-beat shower radio is a great choice for all who prefer listening to their radio channel or song while on the go or in the bathroom. Its powerful 5W speaker produces excellent volume with a steady, balanced sound that packs both punchy bass and distortion-free treble. In addition to great stereo sound, it is IPX7 waterproof that allows you to use it anywhere. You need to worry about water splashes anymore! This radio is fully submersible in water. Plus, it is shock and dust-proof that assures this Hydro-Beat radio is built to last. Not only does it come with built-in radio, but it also comes with Bluetooth 4.0 technology to listen to melodious music by connecting to devices like smartphones, laptops, iPods, and more within the 24ft range.

To provide hands-free access to your music, it comes with a detachable suction cup that sticks to any smooth surface and provides strong attachment. Additionally, the buttons on top provide a user-friendly interface to set radio stations, volume, and play/pause. To a continuous music feast, it offers 6 hours of playtime with its large capacity 3.7V rechargeable Li-ion battery.

Durable construction, high-quality sound, 10 multi-colored LED lights mode, fully waterproof makes Hydro-beat shower radio perfect for swimming, showering, fishing, and camping.


Other Shower (BlueTooth) Speakers/Radios

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Do you really need a Bluetooth shower radio?

Does buying a Bluetooth shower radio seem like a bit of a weird thing that gives the impression of being completely extra and pompous? That is not the case, a Bluetooth shower radio can prove to be extremely useful and fun for the user as it enables you to multitask even while preforming the least fecund task of the day, taking a shower.


What to look for in a Bluetooth shower radio?

Here are a few things that you’ll want to keep in mind while shopping for a new Bluetooth shower radio:

Battery life

The most Bluetooth shower radios run on AA or AAA batteries which makes them extremely portable and easily manageable. While shopping for a new Bluetooth shower radio it is important to take into account the battery life of the Bluetooth shower radio as you would not want to charge it over and over again.


There is a huge difference between water-resistant and waterproof but many people mistake it for being the same while purchasing a new-fangled Bluetooth shower radio. make sure you get the waterproof Bluetooth shower radio and not the water-resistant Bluetooth shower radio as the water-resistant Bluetooth shower radio is more likely to get spoilt quickly and don’t offer dependable longevity.

DAB connectivity

Even though going for a Bluetooth shower radio with DAB connectivity might increase the price of your Bluetooth shower radio but its defiantly a feature you’ll want on your Bluetooth shower radio as the DAB connections provide you with a larger range of channels when compared to an FM radio.

Structure and display

Different shower radios have different displays as well as interfaces, although the most shower radios are easy to use and manageable with more features and functions it might get a bit complicated so you have to find out what type of shower radio you would be comfortable using.


To avoid endangering your smartphone and putting it at risk of getting spoilt in the bathroom the Bluetooth shower radio manufacturers often add a microphone to the shower radio. Make sure that the Bluetooth shower radio you are planning to buy has a high-quality microphone so you can receive and answer calls while you’re in the shower.

Mounting option

Keep in mind the mounting process of the Bluetooth shower radio, most of the shower radios offer suction cups or hooks. The Bluetooth shower radios with suction cups are predisposed to get damaged easily as the moisture of the bathroom often causes them to lose their hold on the wall and fall off, but on the contrary; the Bluetooth shower radios offering hooks or other structure for mounting often require a base to be hung on and this can become a hurdle in relocation as well as proper placement in the bathroom.


Buying a Bluetooth shower radio that also has a feature to display the time is a lifesaving tip, it can make you punctual when you get lost in the tunes and start to spend a bit too much in the shower in the morning so you won’t get late for work.

Additional features

Additional features on a Bluetooth shower radio can include LED lights so you can get entertained in the shower by a bright light show, a Bluetooth shower radio can also have a preset feature so that you can save your favorite channels.

Sound quality

The most crucial thing about any Bluetooth shower radio is the sound quality. Of course, you’ll want to get a Bluetooth shower radio that has a powerful speaker as well as a great stereo sound quality.


Expected Features to Look for When Shopping for Bluetooth shower radios:

A Bluetooth shower radio should have the below-mentioned features:


Depending on the features offered by any shower radio the prices often vary from $10 to $50. These prices usually are set according to the functionality of the shower radio, for instance; an analog shower radio can be bought under $10 but it will not be able to offer many functions whereas for $25 you can get a Bluetooth shower radio that allows the users to relish more utilities. Some Bluetooth shower radios having many additional operations like LED display, weather alerts and presets can cost you up to $50 but they also offer a whole other range of controls as compared to cheaper models.

Bluetooth connection

You will definitely want to buy a shower radio with Bluetooth connection because without it you will have a very basic and boring device to work with. Bluetooth shower radio offers way more options than the analog shower radios. Bluetooth shower radio allows direct streaming of tracks and tunes from your devices like your phone or computer.

Safety Precautions

Although it is highly unlikely and no one has really experienced or complained about that the fact that they got electric shocked by a Bluetooth shower radio, it is important to keep the shower radio out of reach of direct contact with water to avoid damage, for this purpose you can just put a plastic bag on your shower, it might muffle up the sound a bit but you’d rather be safe than sorry.

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